Cirque Burlesque Collection Swatches and Review

Provided for review*

As I told you yesterday, I just recently got the whole Cirque Burlesque collection for review (oh my!) and today I have my swatches of all the polishes to share with you guys! If I haven't seen my water marbling nail art with these polishes yet, be sure to check out yesterday's post too.

This Burlesque collection consists of four linear holograhpic polishes that all have gorgeous dark jeweled tone. These do have quite strong holographic effect (not too strong to lose the color of the polish), however I had to do my swatches in my light box as usual and since I haven't seen the sun for something like over a month now, I don't really have any sunlight holographic pictures to show you. These are so gorgeous colors that I still wanted to share them with you as soon as possible and they do look really stunning even with little less holographic effect going on, and that's pretty much how they look in shade/in indoor lighting anyhow. Hopefully the sun will show up at some point here too and I'll be able to share some sunshine swatches of these too.

Boudoir is a vampy burgundy with a rainbow holographic finish.

This is such a beautiful tone, just stunning! Though to me the color is more like reddened grape purple than vampy burgundy, but anyhow it's gorgeous. I have two easy coats here, no base or top coat.

Harlow is an antique gold with a rainbow holographic finish.

This one has such a unique tone of gold, it leans a bit towards green. It's certainly a beauty and quite unique one. I have two easy coats here too, this time with base coat since I was wearing this as a full manicure.

Josephine is a blackened green with a rainbow holographic finish.

This is such a beautiful forest green shade! I'm not the biggest fan of strong green tones, but this is just so stunning, I love it! I'm pretty sure I don't have anything quite like this either. This is once again two easy coats, no base or top coat.

Trocadero is a navy blue with a rainbow holographic finish.

Oh my, it's impossible to choose a favorite out of these four, these just keep getting better and better! I'm surely in love with this beautiful blue too, it's really such a perfect shade. Also I've been lemming for OPI DS Glamour for so long, this could just be the perfect substitute for it. Of course they are not totally dupes, but close enough if you ask me. And as you probably guessed already, I have two easy coats here, no base or top coat.

These all share the same awesome quality, all of them needed only two coats for full coverage. They don't require any type of special base coat under them, they apply just fine on bare nail and over regular base coat, and I of course recommend using a base coat under these as with any other polish. I do own quite a few holographic polishes already, but somehow these feel pretty unique to me with their vivid deep jeweled tones. They all have also amazing quality and formula and I think they are all well worth of having. It's impossible to me to choose any favorites, I love all four!

The Burlesque Collection from Cirque is already now at Cirque and each polish retails for $13. You can also click here for a list of stockists, there are plenty!

You can also connect with Cirque Colors on Facebook and Instagram.

Which one of these is your favorite?

I have gotten all the Cirque polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.


  1. oi vau, mieletöntä että sait nämä itsellesi! Nätit swatchit kuten aina, lakkasävyt nyt ei sinänsä maatamullistavia ehkä ole mutta Cirquet kyllä yleensä ilahduttaa laadullaan :)

    1. Olin kyllä aika otettu, kun tarjottiin, jee! :)) Kiitos paljon. Mmh, ei ehkä maatamullistavia, mutta tykkäsin näistä kyllä kaikista ihan hirmuisesti. Laadullakin on varmasti vaikutuksensa asiaan, näitä oli niin mukava levitellä, kun menevät minne pitääkin. :)

  2. Lovely collection, I think my favourite is Boudoir :)

  3. Beautiful swatches but.... uh, call me weird but I don't see anything special or interesting in these polishes at all. Sure, they're all beautiful, but I feel like I've seen each one of them already a dozen times. It seems like nobody comes up with any unique holographic polishes anymore. But to each their own and I'm sure many people will be thrilled to have these :)

    1. Thank you! :) I might be a bit biased to say as I do looooove holographic polishes, but I really loved these. I own quite a few holographics and I don't have any dupes for any of these. The colors are surely something that we might have seen before and you're right, it sometimes seems that nobody comes up with any unique holographics anymore, but I think these are so beautiful and have an amazing quality, so I think thy are well worth having. :)

  4. Oh, ovatpa ne kauniita! Tosin, kun mietin, haluaisinko jonkun noista itselleni, niin oikeastaan vain Trocadero tulisi itselläni "tarpeeseen"... :) Täytyypä miettiä!

    1. Todella upeita! :) Trocadero on kyllä loistava valinta, jos olisi ihan pakkopakkopakko valita, niin se ois ehkä munkin suosikki. :)

  5. Nice collection and great photos :-)