#ablecaw14 Week 10: Marbling

I know this challenge theme is - well - challenging for many, but I happen to love anything marbling related, so I was really happy about this second theme of week 10. I love water marbling and I love drag marbling, so it was a bit hard to decide what do to, but I finally ended up going with water marbling since I don't always have time to do it as often as I would like.

I just received the whole Cirque Burlesque collection for review (oh man, I'm soooo excited about this!), so I thought I should use some of those polishes for this manicure. I will of course share my swatches of all these four Burlesque lacquers later, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to use them for this manicure.

These colors and polishes reminded me somehow a bit of art deco, so I thought I should do a manicure with some art deco type of stylistics. I did a water marbling design for all my other nails with Cirque Harlow and Josephine and for my accent nails I did a stamping decal. I tried do make the design look a bit like stained glass feature as I thought it would fit the theme, but I'm not too sure if I succeeded with this... Anyhow, I used both of the same Cirque lacquers for the stamping decal as well as the other two from the Burlesque collection: Boudoir and Trocadero. The design is from MoYou London Pro Collection XL plate 06.

I'm not totally sure if this manicure is fully my style, but at least I think it's something different and I haven't done anything with this style before. It's quite interesting that you can use the exactly same nail art techniques for so many different things, just by changing the colors. 

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Cirque Harlow
Cirque Josephine
Cirque Boudoir
Cirque Trocadero
MoYou London Pro Collection XL Plate 06
Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat

Oh and I'm certainly in love with all these Cirque Burlesque collection polishes, but I'll tell you more about them in detail in another post. You can buy Cirque polishes directly from Cirque (www.cirquecolors.com) or from different stockists (www.cirquecolors.com/stockists).

Do you guys like water marbling or have you ever tried to do it?

I have gotten all the Cirque polishes, Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and MoYou London stamping plate for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.



  1. Tykkään näistä kynsistä kovin! Kiva, että pääsit heti kokeilemaan näitä uutuuksia, näyttää hyvältä! :)

    1. Kiitos! Näistä on vielä tosiaan swatchit tulossa, ovat kaikki kyllä aivan ihania! <3

  2. This looks really gorgeous <3 Love it :-)

  3. Vitsit miten ihania värejä, tosi kauniit kynnet! <3

    1. Kiitos paljon! Mukava kuulla, että tykkäsit! <3 Nuo lakat on aivan ihania. :)

  4. Tosi hienot! Odottelen innolla tuon kokoelman swatcheja, näyttää hienolta! Mä innostuin nyt tämän haasteen myötä kokeileman vesimarmorointia ensimmäistä kertaa, ja olen oikein tyytyväinen lopputulokseen, vaikken tietenkään näin tasaista ja kaunista jälkeä aikaan saanutkaan :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! :) Swatchit on tulossa toivottavasti jo tänään, kunhan saan postauksen kirjoiteltua. :)

      Ihan mahtavaa, että haaste on kannustanut kokeilemaan uusia juttuja! Kävin kurkaamassa nuo sun vesimarmoroinnit ja olit kyllä upeasti onnistunut. :)