Wear It Pink - My Pink Nail Polish and Manicure Favorites

As tomorrow is Pukeudu pinkkiin (Wear It Pink) -day here in Finland and since it now is the breast cancer awareness month, I thought it would be nice idea to share my favorite pink lacquers and also some of my pink manicures that I have done over the years. First I thought I would just grab couple of my pink polishes, but I soon realized that I looove my pinks and I have quite a lot of them. So there's going to be whole lotta pink polishes in this post as well as some pink-ish polishes as I just couldn't rule those out either. 

I got my inspiration for this post of course from the breast cancer awarness theme and the color pink, but also from Zigi from ZigiZtyle who just recently did a gorgeous post about fall nail polish trends and favorites. I thought it was really great idea, so I borrowed that a little to this post. 

I will start with all the pink lacquers, but there's also some pink nail art inspiration at the ned of this post since I did a pink nail art collage from my previous pink manicures, so keep reading to the end! :)

Essie A Cut Above Pink glitter topper, looks almost like rose gold colored
Zoya Tiffany Peachy pink foil
Essie Bottle Service Dark pink neon
Misa Genie In This Bottle Pale lavender grey with heavy pink shimmer
Zoya Aria Muted deep pink with flecked shimmer
Cirque Dear Dahlia Hot pink jelly with shimmer

Revlon Popular Light pink with silver glitter
Essie Flawless Muted pink creme
Zoya Dot Light pink creme
Emily de Molly Bellissima Glitter topper with round pink and holographic silver glitter
Zoya Gloria Rose pink with warm pink and gold shimmer
OPI DS Reflection Warm pink holographic

Essie Romper Room Soft pink creme
Cadillacquer Pinkman Light muted pink with shimmer
China Glaze Ahoy! Deep jelly pink with golden shimmer
Kiko Strawberry Pink (641) Warm pink texture with lots of golden shimmer
Zoya Faye Warm pink mauve with gold sparkle
El Corazón Magic Charmer Pink jelly with crimson microshimmer

Zoya Gilda Hot pink with iridescent shimmer
KBShimmer It's Razz-ical Rasberry pink jelly with holographic glitter and shimmer
Color Club Halo-graphic Muted pink holographic 
OPI Girls Love Ponies Bright pink creme
Essie Madison Ave-hue Bright berry pink with tiny silver shimmer
OPI Steady As She Rose Greyed-out pink creme 

Zoya Wendy Bright warm melon pink
China Glaze Strawberry Fields Medium pink with golden shimmer
Essie Go Ginza Soft lavender toned pink creme
Essie Bachelorette Bash Fuchsia pink creme
OPI Let Me Entertain You Dark magenta pink with shimmer
A England She Walks In Beauty Rose pink glitter with gold shimmery base

Zoya Kimber Dark red pink with golden shimmer
Essie Virgin Orchid Muted soft pink with golden shimmer
Orly Miss Conduct Dark magenta pink holographic
I Love Nail Polish Angel Burp Glitter topper with soft pink and iridescent glitters
China Glaze 100 Proof Pink Medium pink with glass fleck shimmer
Kiko Hot Pink (642) Hot pink texture with shimmer

Whew, that was quite a lot of pink! I know i know, they don't all really qualify as trough pinks but I just pretty much added what I thought might go as pink or something similar. I do still have some pink-ish polishes that I didn't include here, but there's really the majority of my pink collection in these pictures. And yeah, I looooooove all my pinks! 

I have of course also done some nail art with these pink polishes (and with some others too), so I thought a collage with some of these manicures would go nicely with this pink theme too, so here it is:

So tell me guys, did I manage to include any of your pink polish favorites to this post? Or do you have some gorgeous pinks in mind that you didn't find here? Which manicure is your favorite from all my pink manis? 

And more importantly, are you wearing pink this month?


  1. Gosh! They are all amazing.... I can't choose one among them to be my favorite!

    Eva - www.adegadeesmaltes.blogspot.com

  2. Hyvä postaus! Ja näyttäs olevan paljo ihania pinkkejä lakkoja ja lakkauksia kollaasissa.
    Mää tykkään pinkistä ni pitäähän sitä pinkkejä lakkauksia aina välillä tehä.

    1. Kiva kuulla, että tykkäsit tästä! :) Pinkki on kyllä nätti väri, erityisesti kynsillä. :)

  3. Great post. I need to add some of these to my ever growing wishlist...

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it and found something to add to your wishlist! :)

  4. What a nice selection of pinks :-D