#ablecaw14 Week 5: Familiar Pattern

Oh my, it's week five already of the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge! I'm so happy that there's still many weeks left for the challenge though, since I feel like we are just getting started... 

This week the challenge has the themes Familiar Pattern and Something Borrowed, and I decided to start with the familiar pattern. At first I didn't have any clear idea for this since pretty much only familiar pattern that came to my mind was Marimekko Unikko and I have done Unikko nails couple times already, so I didn't want to do those now. After looking around a bit I decided to go with a pattern that is very familiar to me, but probably not to all of you guys. 

First I painted my nails with two coats of Essie Mint Candy Apple. Then I did all the patterns freehanded with a nail art brush and using Essie Bottle Service, Sally Hansen Go Gold and OPI Jade Is the New Black.

And as for my pattern inspiration:
The pattern is from two storage boxes that I use to store some of my nail art decorations and also some of my untried polishes. Like I said, these patterns are probably not familiar to you, but they are quite familiar to me since I've had these boxes for years and I keep one of them next to my laptop. So I'm seeing the pattern every day, and I quite like it! I have also always wanted to a manicure inspired by it, but somehow I've never done it, so I decided this challenge was the perfect opportunity to finally do it.

I think I could still use some more practicing of freehand painting since all my nails and details aren't as neat as I would like them to be. All in all I still enjoyed this manicure quite a lot and I'm so happy that I finally did it! I love that pink and those greens together with the addition of that gold, I think it's quite nice combo.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab*
Essie Mint Candy Apple 2 coats
Essie Bottle Service*
Sally Hansen Satin Glam Go Gold*
OPI Jade Is the New Black
Color Club Top Coat

Disclosure: I have gotten Essie Bottle Service, Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Go Gold originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


  1. Tosi kauniit ja ihanat kynnet! Heti tajusin, että nyt on kyllä kyse siitä the laatikosta :D

    1. Kiitoksia! :) Jep, the laatikko. :D Hyvä jos tunnistit heti, ehkä kuviot on sitten ainakin sen verran onnistuneet, että inspiraatio on tunnistettavissa! :D

  2. Nämä on kyllä ihanat! Kuosi ja värit miun makuun ja helposti yhdistettävissä tuttuun boksiin :D

    1. Kiitos paljon! :) Tuo noiden boksien väri ja kuosi on kyllä ihan munkin lemppari, jännä juttu, kun oon ne kerran ostanu... :D