Venice, Ancona, Split and Dubrovnik + Holiday NP Souvenirs

Hi guys, I'm back from our vacation and I thought I'd share some pictures of it with you guys here as well as of course my nail polish souvenirs from the trip too. We actually came back already last week, but we also then spent couple days at my family summer place and got back home on Monday. Then I have mainly just been relaxing on my free time, so it has been a bit quiet here in my blog, but hopefully now I will get back into this blogging business. At least I have sooo many manicure ideas and new polishes to try out!

But first, let's check out those holiday pictures, shall we!?
Our first destination was Venice and it was gorgeous, let me tell you! Even more gorgeous that I had ever thought! It was also funny as so many places looked familiar, eventhough I have never been there before. We arrived in Venice on a very hot Monday afternoon, so we had half day to explore the city and then almost the whole day on next day, since we took quite late train to Ancona. We both thought that the time we had for Venice was enough, since we didn't really have too many sights we wanted to see. The whole point of our visit was mainly to see and feel the city and wander the alleys and there was really plenty of time to do that!

And of course we also wanted to have some a lot of gelato, my favourite ice cream in the world (especially the yoghurt flavor).
These were our first ones, but honestly, we had plenty after this... :D

So after Venice we travelled to more south in Italy, to Ancona where we stayed the next night and pretty much the whole Wednesday since our ferry to Croatia (Split) left in the evening. This wasn't probably the best time to visit Ancona since pretty much everybody seemed to be on holiday. And I don't mean that there were lots of tourists there, no, I mean that the whole town seemed quite empty and it was hard to even find a place where we could have dinner. But they had good gelato! And Kiko store!

But it's quite safe to say that we were both eagerly waiting to get to Croatia. Our ferry ride wasn't the best one, mainly because we were cheap and we didn't book a cabin, so of course we didn't get too much sleep on that night. But the sunrise and the view of Croatia was well worth it!
It was quite early in the morning when our ferry arrived to Split and the sun was still rising and shining through the clouds, so amazingly beautiful! At least I fell in love with Split immediately.

We had total of two full days in Split and we spent the first day pretty much exploring the city and also just sitting and watching people go by. The next day we spend quite a few hours walking in Marjan hill and admiring the great views of the city from above. Let me tell you though, it wasn't really the easiest thing to do to walk around for several hours since it was really hot and there wasn't really too many places to hide from the sun. But again, the views were really so worth it and thankfully we were wise enough to bring enough water. Consequently from all this walking around we then spent the rest of the day on the beach and swinning in the gorgeous Adriatic Sea.

Then it was time for our last destination: Dubrovnik. We had almost four full days to spend here, since we both thought this would be the city that we would love the most. We were actually staying a bit further away from the actual city, in Mlini area where there is some really gorgeous beaches and quite relaxed atmosphere. We did have of course time to explore the old city of Dubrovnik too and you can't really visit it without going for a walk on those city walls. We spend quite some time in the sea too, I don't think I have ever swum as much in such a short time! But yeah, I just couldn't resist the sea since the color of the water was the prettiest I've ever seen and the water was just so clear too.

On one of our Mlini/Dubrovnik days we also decided to explore at least one of the islands and we ended up going to the island of Lokrum since it was closest to Dubrovnik and the ride to the island only took something like 15 minutes. In addition to all the visitors there are also quite a few peacocks in the island and they just wander freely where ever they want. There were also some tiny little peacock babys, how cute! There's also a tiny "Dead Sea" in the middle of the island as well as a former monastery (which as my bf informed me has also been in Game of Thrones, as has the old city of Dubrovnik of course, can you tell that I don't watch that show?! :D).

Knowing that we were going to an island with lots of peacocks, I of course had to change my manicure as I had just bought quite suitable blue from Kiko (474) from Ancona.

And surely I needed a pretty and fun pedicure for our trip too, so prior to leaving home I painted my toes with China Glaze Japanese Koi and added even some black water decals on my big toe nails.

So all in all we had awesome time and we both enjoyed every bit of our vacation! We had really great food, delicious ice cream and plenty of priceless experiences. We also both fell in love with Croatia, Split especially and I'm pretty much already planning another trip there already, lol. We will certainly go to Split again, but there are so many places that we didn't have time to see or visit this time. Next time we also want to finally visit Montenegro too and hopefully also Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But if you ask me whether you should go to Croatia or not, I highly recommed it! I know all the travel guide books are praising Dubrovnik and it's definitely worth of visiting, but be sure to spend time in Split too.

This is such a long post already, but lets check out those nail polishes that I bought also. I promise there isn't really too many of those ;) 
So, pretty much the best thing in Ancona was (in addition to the gelato of course) the Kiko store. I wasn't really even looking for these Sun Show polishes, but they happened to have some, so I bought three: Delicious Mango (469), Dainty Passion Fruit (470) and Luxurious Indigo (474). I didn't bring any base or top coat with me, so I needed some so that I could change my manicure and I decided to go with compined base and top coat just for the convenience. I don't normally buy these type of things, but this 3 In 1 Shine actually seemed to work pretty well.

I also bought some of those regular polishes, from left to right these are Mango (281), Cerulean Blue (295), Gold Rosy Brown (371), Mint Milk (389). Now looking at these I wonder why I didn't buy more... Oh well.

This Catrice Crushed Crystal textured polish Call Me Princess was my only nail polish purchase from Croatia. There were at least some Essence polishes and probably many other brands too, but nothing that would have interested me too much and honestly, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the vacation. But this Catrice one was pretty enough that it caught my eye, so I decided to buy it eventhough I feel like I have too many textured polishes already.

So, what to do you guys think of my holiday haul? And have you visited Croatia or Venice, or are you planning to?


  1. Näyttää kyllä ihanalta ja lämpöiseltä! Osaan kyllä samaistua kun samaan aikaan oltiin Roomassa - kuuma oli kyllä kävellä se 6-8 tuntia päivässä. Kiva huomata, että sun reitin varrelle sattuneessa KIKOssa oli huomattavasti parempi valikoima kun Rooman KIKOissa! :)

    1. Hyvä että näyttää, koska sitä se nimenomaan oli! :) Myö onneksi loppulomasta päästiin aina myös pulahtamaan ees hiukan raikastavaan meriveteen, hirveen montaa päivää en pelkästään kaupungissa ois tuossa säässä halunnut viettää. Tosin kyllä Anconassa oli kaikista kuumin, reilusti yli 30 astetta, eikä siellä päässyt mihinkään virkistäytymään.. :/ Onneksi oli gelatoa! :D

      Eipä tuollakaan Kikossa nyt mikään huippu valikoima ollut, sattu kuitenkin ees muutamia vähän erikoisempia lakkoja. :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my country, Italy :) the KIKO nail polishes are amazing!

    1. I enjoyed it very much, thank you! :) Those Kikos are really great, I wish we had those stores here too. :)

  3. Herkkuja lomaostoksia. Mää oon käyny Venetsiassa ja sielä kyllä voisin käydä uudelleenkin, koska niin kaunis kaupunki!

    1. Kiva että tykkäsit! :) Venetsia oli kyllä ihana nähdä!

  4. Gah, I so envy you this whole thing - the destinations & and the shopping! :)

    Sure, Venice is pretty awesome, but as you said it yourself, there are those "must see" places and after that, that's it for me - it's just too pricy. Although, there are the Murano (and the glassmaking shops) & Burano islands too, both very cute. Besides that, there's soooo much more of Italy to see (duh, I know; but really, there's so many amazing places there). me, the Adriatic coast is the jewel of this trip, lol. Croatia has the best beaches, with clearest and *warmest* water ever (yes, been going there for summer holidays my whole life, since it's just across the border :)).

    Ahem. Sorry for such a lengthy comment, but I really do love all those places and am happy you enjoyed them so much, too. :)

    1. Oh, I envy you for living so close to Croatia! I wish I lived somewhere there too. At least I would visit Croatia every summer, so I'm not surprised that you have been going there your whole life! :)

      I totally agree with you about Venice and Italy. There's so many places to see there too, so I'm glad I've seen Venice, now next time I can visit some other place.

      I loved reading what you think, so don't apologize your comment one bit!

  5. Oh wow gorgeous photos - looks stunning. :-)

    AND great haul :-D

    1. Thank you - it was truly stunning! :)

      I'm glad you like my haul too. :)

  6. I'm really happy you enjoyed your time and gelato here :D less, then, to read in Ancona they seemed all gone. I mean, I can understand if it was a minor city, but since there there's the main touristic harbour to Croatia and Greece...well, in Summer they should be there 24/24 7 days a week.
    We've got the same issues here in Liguri with Genoa and harbours and everything's closed on Sundays, Monday mornings, and everyday after 7PM. If I was in charge of touristic ministry here things will surely be different :D

    So sad you couldn't grab any Mi-Ny in Venice, they're really good quality polishes. But your Kiko haul will surely be a compensation :D

    1. Oh, it was really great! :) Yeah, we really didn't realise that it could be like than in Ancona, but oh well, we managed anyhow, so no worries! Though I think you'd make a perfect tourism minister! ;D

      We didn't really have time to shop in Venice, but like you said, the Kiko haul was pretty nice compensation! :) It even made Ancona better. ;)