Zoya Fall 2014 Ignite Collection - Swatches and Review

As promised I have the stunning Zoya Fall 2014 Ignite collection to share with you guys today. I'm really in awe with this whole collection, it's like they have made this one for me! If I sound like a silly fan girl, it just because I'm really in love with each and every single one of these polishes in this collection and I can't really hide it. I chose these all for review from the whole Entice & Ignite collection, since I knew I would love these metallic shimmers more than cremes. But I'll show you the pictures and talk more about each polish individually.

Autumn is metallic orange copper shimmer. If there's ever a perfect name for a polish, this is it since Autumn looks like Zoya has put fall in the bottle. This is really gorgeous polish and yeah, perfect for fall. I have two easy coats here, the formula was great!

India is a deep burgundy with red/orange, copper and purple shimmer. This has really beautiful depth in it and the shimmer is so pretty! I think it says something about this whole collection if I say that this was maybe my least favorite and I still liked this so very much. I used two easy coats here, but you could almost do just one. Formula was pretty much perfect.

Remy is a stunning deep blue with turquoise and copper shimmer. I could swear that my heart skipped a beat when I applied this one, it's just so stunning! Pictures don't really do any justice for this one, it's one those that you really need to see yourself. If you like Charla or any of its dupes I'm pretty sure you will love this one. Those two are definitely not dupes, Remy is rather like a deeper and darker version of Charla. But seriously, just go and get this one! I have two easy-peasy coats here, but this is practically one-coater and it really applies itself, so the formula is just awesome!

Sansa is dark eggplant purple with strong gold shimmer. This is yet another stunner, just amazingly pretty! Zoya Daul is one of my all time favorite polishes and Sansa is like a deeper and darker version of that, love it! This wasn't quite as pigmented as Remy, but once again two easy coats did the trick and the formula was great.

Teigen is beautiful cranberry pink with strong gold and red shimmer. Another polish, another beauty! Do you guys already see why I'm loving this collection so much?! It has just one stunner after another. Again, I used two easy coats and there wasn't anything to complain about the formula in this one either.

Yuna blue/green toned grey with golden shimmer. This is slightly different looking that all the other polishes from this collection but to me it still suits this collection perfectly. It dries a tad darker than it looks in the bottle. The dark base makes that golden shimmer really stand out. Yuna is certainly yet another beauty in this collection. I have two coats here and like all the others, this was also really easy to apply.

I'm so very happy about this collection, this really could be one of my favorite collections of all time! You all know that I looooove great shimmer and Zoya has definitely delivered some amazing ones with this collection. There isn't single polish here that I wouldn't like, I love them all. If I'd had to pick favorites Remy would be the first one and then maybe Sansa and Teigen, but like I said, I love them all and Autumn, India and Yuna are also really stunning ones.

Tell me, do you guys like this collection? Can you pick your favorites?

Disclosure: I have gotten all the Zoya polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Tänään esittelyssä ovat siis Zoyan uuden syksykokoelman Igniten shimmeriset ihanuudet. Koko kokoelma on mielestäni aivan mahdottoman ihana, tästä tuli kerta heitolla ehkäpä yksi suosikkikokoelmistani ikinä! Sinertävä kaunokainen Remy nousi suosikikseni näistä ja ehkä sen perässä tyrmäävä tumma violetti Sansa ja ihanan kimmeltävä karpalonpunainen Teigen, mutta oikeastaan kyllä rakastuin näistä ihan jokaiseen.

Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa joko suoraan maahantuojalta lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen info@nailcity.fi (lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa) tai useilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. 
Mitä mieltä olette tästä kokoelmasta? Osaatteko valita suosikkia näiden kaunokaisten joukosta?
Lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi. 

#ablecaw14 Week 3: The Heart of Autumn

Another week of the challenge, another manicure! The weather has been more fall-like here lately, so it's perfect time to do the first one of this week's challenges called The Heart of Autumn.

A while ago, I saw this beautiful manicure done by Dimavarien where she had stamped a gorgeous tree on her nails and that image really stayed in my head. I'm still quite bad with stamping and I don't own any plates that would have a whole tree in them, so I couldn't really do that manicure same way that she did. But when I originally saw it, I immediately thought about doing something similar as freehand nail art and with just some nail art brushes, and that's basically what I did for today's challenge. Of course because I wanted to add some color to my autumn manicure, my tree also needed some leaves.

I started this manicure with two coats of Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. Then I did the tree and the branches with nail art brush and Essie Mind Your Mittens. After that I added some leaves with nail art brush and three of those Zoya fall 2014 polishes: Teigen, Autumn and India.

Somehow I have managed to do nice manicures for this challenge so far, and this is really no exception: I really like this one! And I'd say this certainly counts as autumn manicure, doesn't it?! I think the challenge has really made nail art easier, you don't have to figure out inspiration just by yourself as the challenge gives you at least some guide lines on what to do. Now that I said this, I have a feeling that my Something Blue will not be as successful, but we'll see about that later this week... I do have an idea for that manicure too!

By the way, those fall Zoyas are really really awesome! I swatched them all already and I will share my swatches tomorrow. I'm just really in awe of this whole Entice part of the collection, it's so gorgeous!

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Essie Maximillian Strasse Her 2 coats
Essie Mind Your Mittens (tree)
Zoya Autumn, India and Teigen (leaves)
Color Club Top Coat

Do you guys like my idea of The Heart of Autumn?

Disclosure: I have gotten all the Zoya polishes and both Essies for review. I have gotten Sally Hansen Nail Rehab from a goodie bag of our meet. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Fall 2014 Nail Polish Trends

On Friday I had the opportunity to participate in a really fun evening since Sokos Joensuu threw a trend night for some local bloggers. We got the hear about some current fashion, make-up, cosmetic, hair and of course also nail polish trends and I thought it would be fun idea to share some of this information with you guys also. I think you might be most interested about the nail polish trends, so here comes a short overview about those based on the trend night.

Of course some of the trends seem to come and go regularly each year. When fall is approaching at least I tend to reach out for more dark and down-to-earth colors and these also seem to be the trendy ones each fall. Blue toned colors have been very popular lately and this is also the case with fall polishes as there are quite lot of blues in all the fall collections but also blue toned greys or blue toned purples. The other hit seems to be all those different brown colors, especially brown cremes.

In the trend night we heard that fall starts with those down-to-earth dark colors and then later in the year all those darker metallic shades will come to play too. Zoya Entice & Ignite collection is a really good example of all those fall trend colors. I'm always into everything shimmery and metallic, so to me the Ignite side of the collection is a really big hit! I got all six polishes just the other day for review, so I'll be sharing my swatches of those soon. To get onboard with the brown fall trend I also asked to review Nyssa as it seemed like a perfect milky chocolate colored creme. Zoya also has three PixieDusts for this fall and I have one of those to share with you later too.

Essie's Dress To Kilt or OPI's Nordic collection are of course also good examples of all those trendy fall colors. OPI has quite many gorgeous browns in their collection and it also seems that in addition to all the down-to-earth colors, there are also some brighter ones for fall too, like Suzi Has A Swede Tooth, My Dogsled Is A Hybrid and Can't aFjord Not To from the same OPI collection. Essie's Dres To Kilt trusts on those muted earthy colors, but I'd say my favorite from that collection is lightest one called Take It Outside.

Not really surprisingly when we'll move towards the holiday season, there will of course be more sparkling, metallic and shiny colors.
This seems to be the case every year as all these that I just randomly picked out here are from past collections. I'm not one to complain about anything glittery or shiny, so I do look forward for this year's holiday collections.

Another trend that is coming back once again is matte polishes. Those were really big hit few years ago and they really didn't even go away, but now they seem to be coming back even more.
Some brands are making different colors with matte finish or something similar, like satin finish and such. But really the best way to do this trend is buying a matte top coat, that way you can make all the polishes that you already own matte. I currently own two matte top coats. BK Super Matte is from Born Pretty Store and eventhough it is already couple years old, it still works very well. The other one is L'Oreal Matte and I think it also gives quite nice matte effect. I have previously also had Essie Matte About You which works really well too.

On that trend night we also got to see what is currently trendy in fashion too, so of course if you don't want to just paint your nails with one single trendy fall color, you could take some inspiration from fall fashion. At least stripes, animal and other kind of prints are a big hit now and also mixing all those together. Other big trend in fashion seemed to be normcore, but I'm not really sure how one could interpret that on nails, maybe just doing nothing or applying only matte top coat on your bare nails. I surely won't be doing that though, but still, fashion trends can give you some great nail art ideas!

I do love these fall trends and I can't wait to try those Zoya fall polishes, but I also often wear just what I feel like regardless of the nail trends or fashion trends. But I have to say that I was so happy about this trend night even, finally we had a happening for bloggers here in Joensuu too! Thanks again to Sokos Joensuu and especially to Mari for organizing this event!

How about you guys, what do you guys think about current nail trends? Will you be rocking those this fall?

*Disclosure: I have gotten all the Zoya polishes for review. I have also orginally gotten both of those matte top coats for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

#ablecaw14 Week 2: Neon

I have the second manicure of week 2 of the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge to share with you guys today! I already showed you my Peculiar Inspiration manicure as the other challenge of this week, so I have the Neon challenge left. Here's what I came up with for this one:

I have had this one neon and glitter manicure pinned in my Nail Art Inspiration Pinterest board for quite a while and I have been wanting to try it myself for so long. The manicure was made by the very talented just1nail and I did my manicure quite similarly though with a bit different polishes and colors.

So first I started this manicure with three thin coats of China Glaze I'm Not Lion and I also applied couple coats of top coat over it to make it smooth. After it was all dry I taped my middle and ring finger nails with single chevron NailVinyls and then I did the gradient with Essie Sand Tropez and China Glaze Japanese Koi. I did one neon gradient manicure with these two polishes a while ago and I really loved that color combo so I thought it would be also perfect for these challenge nails with the addition of I'm Not Lion.

I really really liked this manicure, I thought it looked so much fun and the combo of sparkling glitter, neon and nude looks really great together! I should definitely wear I'm Not Lion more often too, it's just such a gorgeous polish! I thought these nails were also perfect for cheering up my mood since the weather hasn't been too perfect here in this past week. I did already priefly turn to some more fall appropriate colors, but somehow I feel like these neons suit better for this dark and rainy weather. Maybe though I will try to move towards more fall colors in my next manicures, at least next week we do have a fall manicure task in the challenge.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab*
China Glaze I'm Not Lion 3 coats
Essie Sand Tropez (gradient)
China Glaze Japanese Koi (gradient)
Color Club Top Coat

How do you guys like my take on the neon challenge?

*Disclosure: I have gotten Sally Hansen Nail Rehab from a goodie bag of our meet. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Cirque Kontiki Collection Manicure + Tutorial

I just recently bought all three Cirque Kontiki Collection polishes and I couldn't wait to try them, so I played around with them a bit and came up with a easy and fun manicure. I also did a quick tutorial of this manicure to you guys, so I'm going to share that too in this same post. But first, let's take a look at the manicure I did.

Very colorful and fun, right? The Kontiki collection has three gorgeous polishes in it: Thicker Than Water, Midsummer Night and Dear Dahlia. I used all three in this manicure as well as beautiful glitter from Emily de Molly called Bellisima. I got my inspiration for this manicure from Instagram, from ermahgerdperlish's awesome manicure with Polish Pushers Sheer Perfection collection. Of course my manicure looks quite different since these Cirque Kontiki polishes aren't as sheer, but I just wanted to try this with these three polishes. 

I also wanted to show you how I did this manicure, so here's the quick tutorial:
 1. Put some dots of different polishes on a plastic
2. Swirl the polishes together with a toothpick or something similar
3. Apply your base coat and coat or two of a glitter polish
Wait for all the polishes to dry (the ones on the plastic and on your nail)
4. Paint your nail with a coat of top coat (it's best if you do one nail at time)
5. Carefully peel your homemade decals from the plastic
6. Stick your decal to that still sticky top coat on your nail
7. Press the decal gently on your nail with your finger
8. Apply a coat of top coat
9. Clean the excess polish with a brush and nail polish remover

When you are finished with one nail, then of course repeat this to all the others one at a time.

I did my decals so that they were right sized for my nails in the first place, but if you do them bigger, you might want to cut them a bit before placing them on your nails. Though it's always best to cut them slightly bigger than your nails so that you have a little room to work with.

I quite liked this look, though it has somewhat that late 80's or 90's vibe to it. But maybe that's a good thing, I don't know... Anyhow, this was fun and colorful manicure, just right to brighten up my days as the weather hasn't really been too bright in these past couple of days. 

I will certainly do my swatches of these Cirque polishes later, so don't worry, I'm going to share those too with you. I just had to play around with these polishes a bit since they looked so gorgeous in the bottles!

What do you guys think of this manicure? And how about the tutorial, did you find it helpful and would like to see those here in the future too?

Nail Polish Battle: Zoya Rocha vs. OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours

I have another Nail Polish Battle for you guys today! This time it's between two beautiful red/orange.

Zoya Rocha* is from summer 2014 collection Tickled & Bubbly and OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours* from spring 2013 collection Euro Centrale. They do look pretty identical in the bottle, so we'll see how they look on nail!

On nail they do look really similar too. There's maybe just a slight color difference as Rocha looks a tad lighter than Paprika, but the difference is really really small. They do vary a bit formulawise as Rocha is a bit thicker and Paprika seems to be just a bit runny and sheer. Therefore I think that Rocha applies a little bit better, but that of course depends how you like your polish formula. As Rocha is thicker it also coveres a bit more than Paprika. I only needed two coats of Rocha whereas I had to apply three coats of Paprika. But then again, I think my coats weren't even between these two since the formula of them is different.

I think the color of these is really lovely bright reddish orange and eventhough they do have slightly different formula, they both are really quality polishes. They both have that tiny shimmer in them and that probably helps to make these easier to apply than regular cremes. That shimmer doesn't show up on nail though, not with Rocha nor with Paprika. They are both lovely and you're safe with either one of these, but you certainly won't need them both!

Final Verdict: Since I liked Zoya's formula a bit better AND I pretty much always choose Zoya over OPI, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours has to go and Rocha will stay.

Which one do you guys prefer?  

*Disclosure: I have gotten OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours from a goodie bag of our meet and I have gotten Zoya Rocha originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

#ablecaw14 Week 2: Peculiar Inspiration

Another week, another challenge manicure. I'm really excited about this challenge and the fact that many of you decided to join in, that's really awesome! There's of course always room for more people, so if you want to, you all are still welcome to join in too. You can jump in from which ever week you feel like suits you the best or maybe you like to do those previous manicures too and catch up doing more than two manicures per week. For more info about the whole challenge check out my first post about it.

But yeah, it's week two and time for some Peculiar Inspiration. Here's what I came up with:
Did you notice?!? I have at least somewhat succesfully stamped!!!! Yep, I know it's not a big deal for most of people, but I always struggle with it, so I'm very very proud about these nails! I'm well awere that my stamping here isn't no where near perfect, but I'm still very happy with it. Because of my inspiration I wanted to stamp the floral pattern on different places on each nail and more on some than others, so this of course meant that I didn't have to focus my stamping similarly on each nail and that made this whole thing way easier for me. I'm a bit of perfectionist for some reason when it comes to stamping and that's why I always feel like I can't get it right because the patterns aren't exactly at the same place on each nail. But like I said, this time there wasn't need for that, so even I managed to stamp!

I started this manicure with two coats of Color Club Silver Lake, then I did the stamping with Konad White and the pattern is from MoYou London Pro Collection XL Plate 06*. I also wanted to add some sparkle, once again because of my inspiration for this manicure, and I decided to add just a little bit of KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You randomly on each nail. Then finally I matted the whole manicure with BK Super Matte Surface Oil*. 

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab*
Color Club Silver Lake
MoYou London Pro Collection XL 06
Konad White
KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You
Color Club Top Coat
BK Super Matte Surface Oil

And my inspiration, do you guys have any guesses what it could be? I wasn't the most innovative one with this challenge as I just chose something from my home. However, I have always wanted to do my nails inspired this thing since I thought it would look really good on nails. What it is? Well, my peculiar inspiration was a table lamp I have bought years ago from Ikea... :D
It's a very very cheap lamp (it's called KNUBBIG if someone is interested) but I quite like it. Of course my flower pattern isn't really similar to that in the lamp, but I just took inspiration, I wasn't trying to make my nails look just like it.

I really like this manicure, it's soft and sweet and I think it looks really good matte! Also more importantly, I managed to do some stamping nail art, yay!

How do you guys like my Peculiar Inspiration nails?

*Disclosure: I have gotten Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and MoYou Stamping Plate from a goodie bag of our meet. I also have gotten BK Super Matte Surface Oil originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Giveaway Winner!

My quick giveaway is already over and I have you the winner!

I used Rafflecopter to selet the winner randomly and the winning enty was number 122:


I have emailed the winner already, so please respond within the next 48 hours or I will have to draw another winner.

Thank you all who participated, I might have some other giveaway in store for you at some point, so stay tuned! ;)

OPI Amazon...Amazoff with El Corazón Magic Sparkling Sea Is and Water Decals

Gradient, shimmer gradient, glitter gradient... I know you have seen all of those and some more quite often here lately, and well, today I have yet another to share with you guys. I just can't get over the fact that gradients are really easy to do and also quite nice way to decorate your nails. Hope you aren't totally bored with all my gradient yet, because I have a feeling that you will see these here in the future too. At least I try to vary the style and colors and such...
I needed something easy and quick on my nails the other week, so I finally decided to give a try to OPI's Amazon...Amazoff. I have had this a while now (I bought it with a gift card that I got from Mimax), but in bottle it really didn't look my kind of color, so I have always found something else to try instead of this. However, I have read that the quality of this polish is really great, so I thought it would be a safe choice for quick manicure.

When I first started applying Amazon I was certain that this really isn't a color for me, it just looked wrong on my nails. Then as I continued with the applying I noticed that it really had quite awesome quality as it basically applied itself and I only needed two easy peasy thin coats. That really made me like the polish a whole lot more, but then when I had painted all my nails with it, once again it didn't look like my type of color. So of course then I had to decorate it.
I did a shimmer gradient on top of Amazon with El Corazón Magic Sparkling Sea Is (423/573). It has a gorgeous green jelly base with tons of golden shimmer, I really need to try it on my nails alone! By the way, if you are wondering where you can find these El Corazón polishes, I have bought this beautiful green one and several others from Hypnotic Polish.

Then I also added some white decals (also gotten from Mimax) on top of the gradient. This wasn't probably the best idea, since the white didn't look quite right there, so I decided to sponge over just a bit more of that El Corazón polish. With the green jelly base those decals transformed from white to light green and I'd say they suited this manicure better that way.

I also wanted to share couple of pictures of that gradient look without those decals, since I thought it looked quite nice too!

 KBShimmer Basic Training
OPI Amazon...Amazoff 2 coats
El Corazón Magic Sparkling Sea Is
water decals
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat

In the end I quite enjoyed this manicure eventhough I still felt like OPI's Amazon...Amazoff doesn't really suit me. I sometimes struggle with green(ish) polishes, so I think that's mainly the reason I didn't enjoy this on my nails as much as I would have liked. It's a gorgeous color anyhow and if it's right up your alley colorwise, you really need to get this one, since it truly has quite amazing formula and quality, and moreover it didn't stain at all!

Disclosure: I have gotten the water decals for review. I have also bought OPI Amazon...Amazoff with a sponsored gift card. All the links here in this post are just for your assistance, I don't gain anything if you use them. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Kiko Sun Show: Delicious Mango, Dainty Passion Fruit and Luxurious Indigo

Hi guys! Today I thought I would share my swatches of those three Kiko Sun Show polishes that I bought from my Italy-Croatia vacation. I believe these are limited edition ones, so I was thinking that I should post these while they maybe still available at least in some Kiko stores.
All these were actually really hard to photograph since they are very shimmery ones. Because of the shimmer they do look completely different in different lightings, so I tried to take you some shade and indirect lighting swatches in addition to those regular ones that I normally take in my light box. But of course I didn't have enough light for those shade pictures, so those might be a little bit unfocused, nevertheless, I still wanted to add them here, since the polishes do look completely different in shade than in some other lighting.

First I have Delicious Mango (469) which is a gorgeous orange with golden shimmer. Like all these three, this too has a bit of duochrome effect going on and that comes to play especially in shade and then the polish looks even a bit pink in some angles. This was a bit sheer, so I needed three thick coats for full coverage (no base or top coat). I think all these three are pretty great ones for layering and shimmer gradients and such. I already used this one in this shimmer gradient manicure.

I have taken the first picture of Delicious Mango in my light box under daylight lamps, the second picture has been taken in indirect sunlight and the last two have been taken in shade.

I really like how this looks in shade, but unfortunately it didn't look like this most of the time because there was always too much lighting and then it looked just like a regular shimmery orange. I think this would look more like this in the winter when there isn't so much natural light all the time, but then again, this is quite a summery color, so I don't think I would wear this too much in the winter.

Then the second one is Dainty Passion Fruit (470), which is actually quite weird name for a polish if you ask me... Oh well, this is still my favorite out of these three, I think this looked best in all lightings. Pink with golden shimmer works pretty much always! This had also the best coverage out of these three, though I also did three coats with this one (no base or top coat), but those were quite light coats, so you might be able to do just two thicker coats.

Again here, the first picture has been taken in the lightbox, the second is in indirect sunlight and the last one is in shade.

The last one is Luxurious Indigo (474) and I have also three coats here, no base or top coat. I was certain that this would be my favorite out of these three but I have to say that I was little bit disappointed with this one. It looks truly gorgeous in the bottle with that duochrome effect, but you can't really see that on nail at all. It only shows when you have just a little light. So once again, if you wear this in summertime, this will only look as a regular shimmery blue.

Here I have taken the first two pictures in shade and the last one is in indirect sunlight.

Which one do you guys like the best out of these three? Did you happen to get any polishes from this collection?