Rainbow Honey Sword Lily and Foxglove Foxtrot

You know when sometimes you have all the ingredients for a beautiful manicure, but somehow the final result ends up being just somewhat nice and really nothing special. There's really nothing wrong with the manicure, but it just isn't as gorgeous as you had pictured it would be. Well, that's exactly what happened with this manicure and for that reason I have had these pictures hanging in my folder for quite a while... But I thought I should just finally post these nails and be done with them, so here they are.

Like I said, nothing wrong with the ingredients as both of the Rainbow Honey polishes I used for this manicure are really beautiful ones! Sword Lily is a gorgeous jelly filled with golden flakes and iridescent glitter, whereas Foxglove Foxtrot is a beautiful pink and purple topper with a mix of smaller and larger dot glitters, some hexes and shimmer. They are both from Midnight Garden Collection and I think they are both quite summery ones, though they also (at least together) made me think of Valentines Day.

I used two coats of Sword Lily on my thumb, index and pinky nails though I think I should have added third one for the depth and overall look. For my middle and ring fingers I used first two coats of OPI Don't Bossa Nove Me Around and then one generous coat of Foxglove Foxtrot. Like with all these type of glitters I had to use a bit time to place the glitters so that they wouldn't be all in one place, but overall this still applied quite nicely.

Here's the whole arsenal of products that I used... I wanted to use IsaDora Peel Off Base under those glittery nails to ease the removal and I also topped them first after the glitter with a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food to make them look smooth.

I really didn't enjoy these nails as much as thought I don't know why. Maybe it was those Valentines Day feelings in the middle of the summer that didn't suit me or something. Sword Lily is definitely a gorgeous polish, so I think I'm at least going to give it a second chance, but I think Foxglove might need to find a new home somewhere else as I'm pretty sure I have couple other dot glitter toppers that I enjoy more. But it's still a quite fun topper, so I don't think it was because of that either that I didn't enjoy this manicure as much as I thought. Well, I guess sometimes you just have to go with somewhat nice rather than always have something gorgeous...

Or does this type of thing happen do you guys too or am I the only one?


  1. Great combo!
    I loved this OPI...
    Eva - http://adegadeesmaltes.blogspot.com.br/

  2. This looks amazing! I love the middle fingers - the OPI with the glitter is a great combination :-D

    1. I'm glad you liked it! The OPI is gorgeous, perfect under any toppers. :)

  3. I know the feeling, but I do really like the outcome here!
    Sword Lily is a really intriguing baby.

    1. I'm happy that you all liked this, I was a bit hesitant to even post these nails.. :)
      Sword Lily is gorgeous!