Rainbow Honey Sword Lily and Foxglove Foxtrot

You know when sometimes you have all the ingredients for a beautiful manicure, but somehow the final result ends up being just somewhat nice and really nothing special. There's really nothing wrong with the manicure, but it just isn't as gorgeous as you had pictured it would be. Well, that's exactly what happened with this manicure and for that reason I have had these pictures hanging in my folder for quite a while... But I thought I should just finally post these nails and be done with them, so here they are.

Like I said, nothing wrong with the ingredients as both of the Rainbow Honey polishes I used for this manicure are really beautiful ones! Sword Lily is a gorgeous jelly filled with golden flakes and iridescent glitter, whereas Foxglove Foxtrot is a beautiful pink and purple topper with a mix of smaller and larger dot glitters, some hexes and shimmer. They are both from Midnight Garden Collection and I think they are both quite summery ones, though they also (at least together) made me think of Valentines Day.

I used two coats of Sword Lily on my thumb, index and pinky nails though I think I should have added third one for the depth and overall look. For my middle and ring fingers I used first two coats of OPI Don't Bossa Nove Me Around and then one generous coat of Foxglove Foxtrot. Like with all these type of glitters I had to use a bit time to place the glitters so that they wouldn't be all in one place, but overall this still applied quite nicely.

Here's the whole arsenal of products that I used... I wanted to use IsaDora Peel Off Base under those glittery nails to ease the removal and I also topped them first after the glitter with a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food to make them look smooth.

I really didn't enjoy these nails as much as thought I don't know why. Maybe it was those Valentines Day feelings in the middle of the summer that didn't suit me or something. Sword Lily is definitely a gorgeous polish, so I think I'm at least going to give it a second chance, but I think Foxglove might need to find a new home somewhere else as I'm pretty sure I have couple other dot glitter toppers that I enjoy more. But it's still a quite fun topper, so I don't think it was because of that either that I didn't enjoy this manicure as much as I thought. Well, I guess sometimes you just have to go with somewhat nice rather than always have something gorgeous...

Or does this type of thing happen do you guys too or am I the only one?

Travel Plans

Today I thought I'd share something a bit different here. I have been quite quiet here lately since I've been really busy at work, but I have also been busy planning and organizing things for something great:

Yep, I've been planning an amazing vacation for me and my bf! For years I have wanted to visit Croatia and before this I've never been there, but next month I finally get to go there! We are going to begin our trip by flying to Venice and spending one night there, so that we have almost two days to explore Venice first. Then we are going to go to Ancona by train and spend the night there and then take a ferry next evening from there to Croatia, Split to be exact. After couple days in Split were are making a final stop at Dubrovnik and we're going to spend four nights there. I'm so excited that I actually made a little travel map with Google Maps to show you guys:

You can probably guess that I'm quite excited about this! I still have some planning to do, but we pretty much have everything essential booked. Now we just need to figure out what to see and where to visit and such. I'm still hoping that we'll have enough time in Dubrovnik that we might use one day to visit Montenegro too, I've always wanted to go there also! We have quite limited time to each place, so we'll need to figure out what we really want to see this time and leave the rest for another occasion.

But the main reason I thought I'd share this travel plan with you guys here today was that I wanted to ask if you guys might have some suggestions what we should see/do/eat/visit during this trip. I've been once to Italy (Rome), but my bf has never even visited Italy and like I said, it's our first time visiting Croatia, so if you have any tips or suggestions, I would really appreciate those! Of course all nail polish related tips are more than welcome too, I know I'm going to need to visit at least a Kiko store. 

Don't worry, we have still couple weeks left to wait until our vacation, so I'll definitely post some nails before that too. I'll also try to do some posts ready that I can share here while I'm on the actual vacation.

Orly Ablaze and Hot Tropics Gradient with Water Decals

I have another very bright and summery manicure to share with you guys today!

When I finally got Orly's Ablaze and Hot Tropics all I wanted to do was to combine them into one manicure, they just looked so fun and bright together. And well, that's just what I did!

I know I have shown you quite a few of gradient manicures lately, but somehow I always end up doing those... So I think you'll be seeing gradient here in the future too, hope you aren't bored with them yet!

This time I decided to do the nails just a bit differently, so I did the gradient only to my ring and middle finger nails. For my other nails I just used two coats of the gorgeous Hot Tropics. I did the gradient on my middle and ring finger nails with Ablaze and Hot Tropics, using one coat of Ablaze as my base color. Then I also added some simple black water decals and nail art crystals to each nail.

I haven't been too much into purple polishes lately even though at one point they were really my favourite ones... Maybe I got an overdose or something, but Orly's Hot Tropics really made me fall in love with purple again! It's sooooo gorgeous! I can't help it, I love that type of shimmer so much and the combination of the warm purple and the shimmer is so pretty. both of these had also really nice quality, though Ablaze seems to be a bit more sheer that Hot Tropics. Hot Tropics covered easily with just two coats.

Hot Tropics was such a winner for me that Ablaze didn't really do too much for me. It's a pretty orange, but I feel like I have prettier ones, like China Glaze Riveting. Also the shimmer isn't as obvious in Ablaze as it is in Hot Tropics, which was a bit disappointing. But it's a bright and fun polish nevertheless and I really liked this gradient combo with the two polishes.

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly: Wendy and Jesy

I got these six lovely Zoya beauties from this summer Tickled & Bubbly collections for review from NailCity. This time I decided that I'm going to divide these polishes into few different posts (probably three) as I have taken quite many pictures of these... So you'll have at least two other posts after this to admire these beauties!

Both of these collections were pretty much like made for me (as always with Zoya) and I had quite hard time deciding which polishes I would like to review as I kinda wanted them all... Finally I decided I wanted to get three cremes from the Tickled side of the collection and three glittery ones from the Bubbly side of the collection.

Today I'm going to share with you one creme, one glitter and I simple but beautiful combo that I did using both of those polishes. But first, let's start with the swatches.

Zoya Wendy is a juicy bright color, perfect for summer nails! Zoya describes it as a juicy summer melon and I'd say that's quite accurate. I have seen some pictures of these where it looks like quite light coral, but on me it looked quite bright and more pink than coral, though it certainly is a warm pink and it looks probably just a bit too bright here. I used two coats with top coat, it was a bit streaky with the first coat, but the second coat evened everything out nicely. However, be patient with the second coat and wait a while between coats, otherwise you might need a third one. I love this color and like I said, it's such a perfect one for summer!

Jesy is from the glittery Bubbly collection and it's a coral orange jelly packed with micro glitter and shimmer as well as bigger iridescent glitter pieces. I used three coats here and that was enough to make it opaque, but I'd say these Bubbly collection polishes are best layered over other polishes. I do love the base color in this one and this would definitely look good with a little bit of summery tan.

Like I said, these glitter polishes are best layered over another polish and the easiest way to find a nice combination is to use one creme from Tickled collection and one glitter from Bubbly collection. So of course I wanted to combine these two and I did a simple glitter gradient with Wendy as my base color and Jesy on top. I love that golden shimmer in Jesy, it looks so good over Wendy and layering these two made the shimmer really stand out!

This was really easy manicure to do, but I loooved it so much that I wore these nails for a full week, which is really long time for me. I think this was pretty much a perfect summer manicure, easy to do but still so beautiful to look at!

How about you guys, did you get any polishes from Zoya's summer collections?

*Disclosure: I have gotten both Zoya polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.


Sain Zoyan maahantuojalta NailCityltä taas super mieleistä postia kuuden kesäisen Zoyan lakan muodossa ja tällä kertaa ajattelinkin esitellä nämä kaunokaiset teille useammassa eri postauksessa, sillä näistä on kertynyt melkoinen kasa kuvia... Ompahan teilläkin sitten ihailtavaa useampana päivänä!

Sain testiin kuusi lakkaa, kolme Tickled kokoelmasta ja kolme Bubbly kokoelmasta ja tänään esittelen teille siis kaksi näistä. Ensimmäisenä vuorossa on Tickled puolelta ihanaisen kirkas kesäinen pinkki creme Wendy. Levittämisen kanssa saa olla hieman tarkkana, kahdella kerroksella saa kyllä peittävää jälkeä, jos vain jaksaa odotella hieman kerrosten välissä. Lakan sävy on aivan mahtava lämmin pinkki, täydellinen kesälakka!

Ensimmäisenä Bubbly glittereistä esittelyyn pääsi korallin oranssinen Jesy, joka on siis jellypohjainen lakka, jossa on paljon pienen pientä glitteriä ja shimmeriä sekä myös isompia kimmeltäviä glittereitä. Käytin lakkaa kolme kerrosta, jolla saa kyllä peittävän lopputuloksen, mutta nämä Bubblyt ovat mielestäni parhaita kerrostettuna muiden lakkojen päälle. Tämäkin on kyllä todella sopiva sävy kesään ja näyttää varmasti hyvältä varsinkin pientä rusketusta vasten.

Bubblyjä voi toki yhdistellä mihin lakkoihin tahansa, mutta sopivia pareja löytyy helposti yhdistämällä näistä kahdesta kokoelmasta creme ja glitter -lakat keskenään. Luonnollisesti minunkin piti tätä koettaa ja teinkin yksinkertaisen ja helpon glitter liun käyttämällä Wendyä pohjasävyjä ja töpöttelemällä Jesyä kynsien juureen. Kerrostamalla toisen lakan päälle Jesyn kultainen shimmer pääsee todella oikeuksiinsa ja ainakin tämä yhdistelmä toimii aivan upeasti! Tämä oli kyllä kerta kaikkiaan täydellinen kesälakkaus: helppo ja nopea toteuttaa, mutta silti kaunis katsella.

Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa joko suoraan maahantuojalta lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen info@nailcity.fi (lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa) tai useilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. 

Molemmat tässä esiintyneet Zoyan lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi.

OPI Ford Mustang Comparisons

As promised I have couple OPI Ford Mustand collection comparisons to show you guys today! If you missed my swatches of the four polishes that I got from this collection, you should check out yesterday's post, here.

When I applied OPI The Sky's My Limit on my nails it immediately reminded me of Zoya Charla (and those many other dupes). In the bottle they do look quite similar though the shimmer in Charla leans more towards green.

I have here two coats of The Sky's My Limit on my middle and pinky nails and three coats of Charla on my index and ring finger nails. Compared side to side Charla clearly has more turquoise look whereas The Sky's My Limit looks more blue, even though it also has some greenish shimmer in it. Charla is also a bit more sheer than the OPI one as it needs three coats for full coverage whereas the OPI needs only two. They are both gorgeous polishes and I will surely keep and need them both since I love these type of blue polishes and these are definitely not dupes.

I own quite many red cremes though I'm not sure if I really need those since red is a bit difficult color for me. However, many of my red cremes are cooler toned reds whereas OPI's Race Red leans strongly towards orange. So I decided to compare it with the one red creme I have that is also quite warm toned and leans towards orange, Essie's Hip-Anema.

As you can see here, the two are not dupes but they definitely are close. Both apply quite nicely, though I'd say Race Red glides on even more easily. They both cover with two coats. Compared to Hip-Anema, Race Red looks just slightly more orange toned. Even though I usually prefer Essie over OPI, this time I'd say my favourite is Race Red just because somehow the more orange color looks better and the quality of RR is amazing.

I also already did a bottle comparison picture of Race Red and Coca-Cola Red in this haul post and those two are definitely not dupes.

I also wanted to compare OPI Girls Love Ponies, but I soon realized that I don't really own anything like it. The closest one I could come up with from my stash was Zoya Reagan and it's definitely totally different color as it's more purple whereas Girls Love Ponies is pink. That's why I didn't even compare these two on my nails.

There's of course probably plenty of polishes that are close to or even dupes to Girls Love Ponies, I just don't have any. From the pictures this could be quite close to the pink from OPI's Gwen Stefani collection, Hey Baby.

OPI Ford Mustang Collection Swatches and Review

Today I have my picks from the OPI Ford Mustang collection to share with you guys! I'm not really a Ford girl, but I'd take a Mustang any day and I'm sure many of you would too. I'm really liking this collaboration and I ended up buying four out of the six polishes from this collection. The gold and the black one weren't really my type of colors, but the other four looked really intriguing. I did swatches of all those four for you and I also have some comparisons, but I'll show you those in another post. But let's see those swatches now, right?!

Angel with a Leadfoot is a pretty basic white creme. Nothing too exciting, except that it's always nice to find a good white! I have here two coats with a top coat and I have to say that this was pretty good for a white polish. It wasn't the most self-leveling one that I've seen, but it wasn't too bad either. First coat was a bit patchy, but second coat made it look pretty good and the coat of top coat evened everything out nicely. Not bad for a white creme!

Girls Love Ponies is such a bright and fun pink creme, I love the color! It's a perfect pink as it isn't too 'cheap' looking as some pinks tend to be, but it's still a gorgeous bright color. This applied pretty much itself, it was almost a one coater, but I did two just to be safe. I don't have any top coat here, so it levels out really nicely and it's so shiny even alone!

I was a bit hesitant of getting this Race Red since I thought I already have too many red cremes. This color turned out to be so gorgeous that I'm really glad I got this, I love it! This leans quite heavily towards orange, so it's not a basic red creme rather a orange-red creme. Did I already say that I love it, oh yes, I believe that I did... This was really easy to apply, just as Girls Love Ponies was. I have two coats here, no top coat.

Last but definitely not least is The Sky's My Limit, a beautiful metallic blue shimmer. This was the one that looked most intriguing in the promo pictures and this certainly didn't disappoint me. The blue color is so gorgeous and the shimmer makes it even more pretty! Once again, I used two coats here, no top coat. This was yet another easy one to apply, so I really have nothing to complain. For a blue-lover like me, this is of course a must-have!

You all probably already figured out that I really liked all these four polishes that I got from the Mustang collection! I haven't been too into everything OPI has done lately, but this was really a success to me. I even looove those wrappers around the caps with the Mustang logo, I think they look really great. So yeah, two thumbs up for OPI for this collection!

Lace Nail Art with Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens

Today I have the first nail art that I did with those Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens to share with you guys!

This was of course inspired by the gorgeous half moon nail art manicure done by the very talented Lucy from Lucy's Stash and mine isn't as sharp and clean looking as the inspiration, but I still liked this look very much! Drawing with those Sally Hansen nail art pens was very easy. I was in hurry, so I didn't have time to practice at all, I just draw the design straight on my nails... I would have probably ended up with even better results if I had tried this design first on nail wheel or something, but not bad with the first try, huh?! And that's mainly thanks to those nail art pens, if I had tried this with some sort of nail art brush and polish I would have probably failed miserably.

My lines became quite thick, once again probably because I didn't do a practice run. I think you can do a bit thinner line with these pens if you want to. I have had some other nail art pens somewhat like these before, but I have always had a problem with those because the color hasn't come out of the pens evenly and you easily end up with a pile of color in one place and pretty much nothing in another. I didn't have any problems like that with these pens, the color came out very evenly and it was pretty much like drawing with a pen!

My base colors for this manicure were Zoya Skylar and OPI My Favorite Ornament. As you can see, I used two different colors of those I Heart Nail Art Pens for this: (Fine) White and (Fine) Turquoise. Lastly I needed to seal the design with a coat of top coat and I decied to try IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat for these nails. As you can see, it at least it didn't ruin the design or my nails in any way. It did cause me some unfortunate shrinkage on the tips of the nails, but I'll tell you about that and my other findings about using the top coat over regular polishes on another post!

Back to these nail art pens; the tip on these pens is really nice, it's not too thick but it's not too thin either. You can really do so many nail art designs with these!

The instructions are really straightforward; you just need to let your base (base coat or base coat and polish) to dry completely before applying these. Then you just shake the pen and push the tip on hard surface for the color to come out. I only needed to push these couple of times and then the color started to come out really easily. Then you just do your nail art as you want to and finally, like I already said, you have to seal the design with a coat of top coat. So yeah, really simple and easy!

I really liked these pens and I see myself doing more free hand nail art now that I have these, because for some reason getting the brush and acrylic paints always seems so hard... Also, these are handy for other nail art decorations too, you could for example use this to mark the spots you want to place your studs, rhinestones, loose glitters etc. I find it sometimes hard to get those in straight line or in some desired form, so you could use this to mark the spots first and then if you are not happy with the layout, just wipe it off and start again. Really handy! And the nail art opportunities with these are pretty much endless, so yep, I looove these!

Have you guys tried any of these type of nail art pens? What do you think about these?

*Disclosure: I have gotten the nail art pens and the top coat used here for review. Other products I have bought myself. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Monthly Manicure Roundup: June 2014

Oh my, how is it July already?!? Where did June go? It feels like it was just the beginning of May... Oh well, it still is the first day of July, so it's time for another monthly roundup.

June was really busy month for me, but I still managed to do and share six different nail art looks or manicures with you:

In addition to these manicures also did two different haul posts.
I shared my Zoya and China Glaze haul and also did a post about A gift, haul and the some.

That's not all because I also posted about the two version of Essie Romper Room and my swatches of IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer polish called Scarlet Red.

And finally I also did a review of a product that will make your heels look pedicure perfect really easily - Exuviance Heel Repair.

Which one of these June posts was your favourite?

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