Neon Gradient

I have another really bright and summery manicure to share with you guys today. The rainy weather is definitely making me to do bright nails...

So for these nails I first applied a coat of Essie Sand Tropez. Then I did the gradient using China Glaze Japanese Koi and Sand Tropez. I applied both these polishes to my gradient sponge in a bit v-shaped form, so that the gradient would look a bit v-shaped too. Finally I just added one glitter from OPI I Snow You Love Me to each nail and of course a coat of top coat.

This was once again really easy and simple manicure, but also very noticeable because of those neon bright tips. I loved this look so much and I think it even made the weather just tiny bit more bearable.

I'm not usually too fond of neon polishes, at least not on long nails and as a full manicure. As a gradient like this with a nude polish as a pair, these neon tips worked really well on longer nails too!

KBShimmer Basic Training
Essie Sand Tropez 1 coat and the gradient
China Glaze Japanese Koi - gradient
OPI I Snow You Love Me
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat

What about you guys, do you like to wear neon polishes? 

Gift, haul and then some...

I haven't posted a haul post for a while, so I thought I'd share my latest purchase and other new stuff that I have gotten recently with you guys here in the blog. By the way, I usually share all my hauls and such in my instagram, so if you are interested in those, be sure to follow me in there also. Of course I will share some of them here too, but maybe not always all of them. Anyhow, let's see what I have gotten recently!

My friend came back from her trip to Australia and she bought me some really amazing gifts! I wasn't expecting anything, but I still got two awesome nail polishes, Burnt Orange and Tahitian Lime, from the Australian brand called Ulta3. These are actually my first ever polishes from this brand. Both are really nice summery colors, I can't wait to try these! And she also bought me some Aero mint flavoured chocolate, my favourite! I can't even believe she remembered that I liked this since it has been years since we have even talked about this chocolate! But yeah, you can't buy any Aeros here in Finland, so I'm really happy about this too. Thank you so much T! :))

These water decals are from Mimax and they were sent for me for review. You all know that I love using water decals, so you'll be seeing these on my nails soon! Funny thing though, those flowery ones in the middle look pretty much like the ones I already owned and used for this manicure. It doesn't matter though, I really liked those flowers! I think my little niece would appreciate those Tigger decals, so I'll need to use those when I know I will be visiting her. 

I got these Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens from the Finnish importer for review and I'm really excited about these! I've actually already tried couple of these and I'll post that manicure and full review of these later. I got the colors Neon Pink, Turquoise, White and Yellow, but like I said, you'll here more about these soon!

Then finally to that haul of mine, I really needed some polishes from the new OPI collections and couple Orlys and one Color Club jumped in to the order too. These are all bought from

So of course these for beauties are from OPIs new Ford Mustang collection and I'm really loving these colors and that Mustang logo cap! I haven't really liked so much any of those other different caps that OPI has made in the past, but I'm loving these so much! I got four out of the six polishes from this collection and these are from left to right: Girls Love Ponies, Angel with a Leadfoot, The Sky's My Limit and Race Red. Especially that blue ones looks soooo gorgeous in the bottle, so once again, I can't wait to try these!

I'm a Coca Cola girl, so of course I just had to buy at least that Coca-Cola Red from OPIs Coca-Cola collection. You're So Vain-illa looked so good in all the swatches that I have seen, that I just had to also get that one too.

I actually pondered quite some time whether I should get only this Coca-Cola Red and not that Race Red, or maybe only that Race Red and not the Coca Cola one or both or neither... Yeah, you get the point. But finally I decided to get them both so that I could see which one of them I would myself like more. I suppose I'm not going to need them both, but I need to compare them on nail first. They are actually quite different colorwise:
As you can see Race Red (on right) is clearly more orange compared to Coca-Cola Red. So maybe after all, I'm going to need these both?! Well, we'll see about that later.

I needed three polishes to accompany those OPIs, so I finally bought Color Clubs Blue-Ming which has been on my wishlist forever. I've seen many great summery manicures with Orlys Ablaze and Hot Tropics, so those two ended up being the last polishes that fitted into the flat rate box this time.

So what do you guys think, any interesting lacquers/products here? Anything you'd like to see first?

Essie Resort Fling Set In Stones

I have yet another quick and simple manicure to show you guys today!

So first I applied three coats of Essie Resort Fling and then I just added a bit of Essie Set In Stones to each nail using a cotton bud. I really liked this manicure, it's so simple, but it's also very pretty! The combination of that coral base and those silver glitters was quite fun and summery. The weather has been anything but summery here lately, so it has really made me want to wear something fun and bright on my nails.

I only have those mini polish versions of all the Essie Resort 2014 polishes, so that means that the brush is also quite small and tiny. That didn't really help with the application and the polish itself was quite thick also, but with three coats Resort Fling was opaque enough and it levelled out quite nicely too.

Set In Stones is really the perfect silver topper as it has great mix of smaller and bigger silver hexes, excellent one for these type of glitter gradients too!

IsaDora Peel Off Base
Essie Resort Fling 3 coats
Essie Set In Stones
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat

What do you guys think about this simple manicure? Does the weather also have an effect on which polishes you choose to wear?

Tell Me A Sea-Cret French

I enjoyed my previous french so much that I decided I need another one! Once again I also used water decals and nail art crystals, but still the look was quite different.

First I applied two coats of Lumene CC Nail Concealer, which is really a good sheer nude base for french manicures. I'll be doing a full review of this one later on, but it's one of those polishes that makes it looks like you just have your own nails - only bit better. Then I added those white water decals to each nail and after that I applied one coat of KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You. Finally I did those greenish tips with Too Fancy Lacquer Tell Me A Sea-Cret and added couple of nail art crystals on my ring fingers as well as on my thumb nails.

I wore this manicure to my cousins wedding and I'd say this was quite appropriate for that! I really liked the look, it was quite sophisticated but also same time a bit funky and fun because of those greenish tips. And those tips were matched to my dress, though it wasn't really the exact match, but they went still quite nicely together.

Did you guys notice that the water decals are the same ones that I used for these wintry nails?! They went quite well with this more summery manicure too, though at first I thought they looked still like ice crystals since I used them for that look in my previous nails. I have bought these decals from Born Pretty Store and I think I'm going to need yet another set as I like the pattern so much!
Oh, and I loooove the color of that Too Fancy Lacquer! I'll definitely need to wear it as full manicure soon! This wasn't actually the best polish for painting the tips with free hand as it is quite thick and there was constantly too much polish on the brush. I think I still managed to do the tips neatly enough, even though the lines aren't perfect if you look them as close as this. I didn't have to take the pictures before we left for the wedding, so in these pics the manicure is already couple day old, but it still looked pretty neat!

 Lumene CC Concealer*
Too Fancy Lacquer Tell Me A Sea-Cret
KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat
water decals
nail art crystals

*Disclosure: I have gotten Lumene CC Nail Concealer originally for review. Other products used here I have bought myself. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


Edellisen ranskiksen jälkeen teki mieli tehdä melkeen heti perään uusi. Vaikka käytetyt tarvikkeet sinällään oli suht samat (eli käytin nudea pohjaa, värillisiä kärkiä ja siirtokuvia ja timantteja), silti lakkaus oli kuitenkin melko erilaisen näköinen kuin edeltäjänsä. Tykkäsin tästäkin kyllä kovasti, kynnet olivat samaan aikaan suht sivistyneen näköiset mutta myös hauskat ja värikkäät. 

Nämä toimittivat myös hääkynsien virkaa serkkuni häissä ja tavoittelin noissa kärjissä hieman samaa sävyä kuin mitä mekossankin oli, ja vaikka nämä eivät sata prosenttisen samansävyiset olleetkaan, niin näyttivät ne mielestäni varsin kivalta yhdessä. Nudena lakkana kynsissä on siis Lumenen CC Concealer, jonka päällä on valkoiset siirtokuvat (ostettu Born Pretty Storesta) ja kerros KBShimmerin I Only Have Ice For You -topperia. Sen jälkeen lakkailin vapaalla kädellä kärjet Too Fancy Lacquerin Tell Me A Sea-Cretillä ja lopuksi vielä kiinnitin muutamat timantit nimettömiin ja peukkuihin.

Huomasitteko muuten, että siirtokuvat on samat kuin näissä aiemmissa talvisissa kynsissä?! Hyvinpä nuo kävivät kesäisempäänkin lakkaukseen, vaikka alkuun ne näyttivät lähinnä edelleen niiltä kuurankukilta kun olin niitä aiemmin kerran siihen tarkoitukseen käyttänyt... Näitä joutuu ehkä tilaamaan vielä kolmannenkin kerran, sen verran paljon tuosta kuviosta tykkään!

*Lumenen CC Concealer on saatu miitin goodie bagista. Muut käytetyt tuotteet on ostettu itse.

Essie A Cut Above

I have just a quick and simple manicure with Essie's beautiful light pink glitter A Cut Above.

I wanted something simple and office appropriate, but same time I also wanted to use some glitter. So I started these nails with one coat of IsaDora Peel Off Base* (just to help the removal), then I did two coats with Lumene CC Nail Concealer* and finally I did a coat of Essie A Cut Above and of course a coat of top coat.

This was quite a fun look - nude and blingy at the same time!

I have had Essie's A Cut Above on my wishlist for quite some time and I finally bought it just a while ago. This is my first time using it and I have to say that I'm really glad I finally have it! I do have quite a few of glitter polishes, but nothing quite like this one! The pinkish color is really gorgeous - it almost look as it's rose gold. I love it!

IsaDora Peel Off Base*
Lumene CC Nail Concealer* 2 coats
Essie A Cut Above 1 coat
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat

What do you guys think: simpe and pretty or simple and dull?

*Disclosure: I have gotten IsaDora Peel Off Base and Lumene CC Nail Concealer originally for review. Other polishes used here I have bought myself. For more information view my disclosure policy. 

Exuviance Heel Repair - for getting sandal-ready feet for summer

Today I have something little bit different for you guys as I'm going to talk a little something about a great product for getting beautiful smooth sandal-ready feet for summer.

I got so many great products in the goodie bag(s) from the beauty bloggers' meet in Tampere and one of them was this Exuviance Heel Repair. I've been using this for few weeks now and I have to say that I'm really impressed.

This Heel Repair contains AHAs and PHAs, so it exfoliates your dry, scaly even and cracked feet. It also contains Pro-Vitamin E and skin conditioning oils which are said to soothe and refresh tired feet. You are supposed to apply this once or twice daily (as tolerated) and they promise great results after just three weeks of using this.

The picture in the package is kind of gross and I'm going to spare you from seeing my feet, but like I said, this really works! I saw pretty great results just after couple of weeks. This is quite strong stuff, so I only used once a day to the parts that were really dry and needed some work, basically my heels and the side of my big toes. While trying out this Heel Repair I didn't use any other products or even foot rasp or anything like that and this did the job by itself. My feet really were soft, smooth and sandal ready after using this! Even the callused parts on my heels got way softer. So it's pretty much like a pedicure in a jar, all you have to do is apply this once a day.

I've seen a few comments about people saying that this stinks, but I have to say that the smell didn't bother me at all. This is supposed to be fragrance free, but it does have a slight smell that isn't too good, but I thought that it wasn't too strong either. Definitely it wasn't too strong to prevent me from using this!

I would certainly recommend this if your heels and feet are in need of easy pedicure!

Disclosure: I have gotten the product from the goodie bag of our meet. For more information view my disclosure policy.


Tampereen kauneusbloggaajien miitistä saatu Exuviancen Heel Repair on ollut minulla nyt tehokäytössä muutaman viikon ja halusinkin ehdottomasti kirjoitella tästä teille, sillä tämä todella toimii! Heel Repairin idea on siis siinä, että se toimii voimakkaana AHA- and PHA-kuorintana. Tuotetta levitetään hoitoa kaipaaviin kohtiin päivittäin joko kerran tai kahdesti, riippuen siitä miten iho kestää. Tämä on siis todellakin tujua tavaraa ja itse levitin tätä kerran päivässä lähinnä niihin kuivimpiin ja kovimpiin kohtiin, eli kantapäihin ja isovarpaiden sivuihin. Kovettumat pehmenivät huomattavasti ja jalkapohjista tuli pelkästään tätä käyttämällä sen näköiset kuin olisin käynyt jalkahoidossa.

Heel Repair on hajustamaton, mutta hieman tämä silti haisi. Ei mikään maailman paras haju, tosin mielestäni ei tämä nyt kovin voimakkaalle haissut eikä haju ollut mitenkään häiritsevän huono tai vahva. 

Suosittelen siis ehdottomasti kokeilemaan, jos jalat kaipaavat helppoa mutta tehokasta hoitoa!

*Tuote on saatu blogimiitistä.

IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer Scarlet Red

A current trend among all those gritty texture polishes seems to be a really glossy and shiny look. The ultimately best way to get this has been all those gel lacquers where you'll also need an UV lamp an all that. Just recently some brands have been coming up with these gel nail lacquer polishes that look as glossy and shiny, but you don't need any UV lamps or anything like that. While ago the Finnish make-up brand Lumene renewed their nail polish line so that all their polishes are now gel effect polishes and now IsaDora is coming along with their line of these type of polishes called Gel Nail Lacquer. I just got one of these IsaDora ones for review with the special Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat, so that's what you are seeing today!

The one that I got is called Scarlet Red and the color is gorgeous cold toned red with fine shimmer. The color is so bright and pigmented that you can't really see that light shimmer on nail, which is a bit shame, but then again the color is really gorgeous by itself too.

These IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquers are really simple to use: first you apply two coats of the colored Gel Nail Lacquer and let dry for 3 minutes. Then you apply one coat of the Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat and that's it! You can use a regular base coat under dark shades to avoid discoloration. These work in any light - in natural light or artificial light, so no UV lamp needed.

I used two coats here and the top coat, just as the instructions say you do. The polish itself dried really quickly and the top coat was even faster, so it's truly a quick drying top coat. The top coat also gives that really gorgeous glossy shine to the polish.

First I thought I'd do a duration test to this polish as they promise that these will stay on nice and shiny for total of one week. But then I realized that this wouldn't probably give you guys much information, since pretty much all my manicures stay on for at least one week if I do them properly. But for those of you that have problems with manicures chipping and all, maybe these could be a nice solution? Other Finnish bloggers have also already made some great duration tests, so you can check out great posts about that for example from Better Nail Day or ZigiZtyle (they are in Finnish, but you get the idea just by looking at the pictures).

I definitely will wear this for a holiday, when I want my manicure last long and stay looking as good as possible. I think I'll need to buy some other color for this, because this red - even though it's gorgeous - isn't probably the color I would wear for whole week.

At the moment the Gel Nail Lacquer collection includes the Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat and ten nail lacquers (at least here in Finland four of these are seasonal colors, the other six will go to the permanent line): 

210 Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat 
220 Classy Nude 
221 Iced Coffee 
222 Pink Bomb 
223 Cherise 
224 Scarlet Red (seasonal) 
225 True Red 
226 Coral Crush 
227 Orange Dream (seasonal) 
228 Ocean Drive (seasonal) 
229 Aquatic (seasonal)

I think I'm going to need the nude one or the brownish one as I think those colors might be the best choice to wear if I'm going to need to wear the same manicure for several days. Also, that Ocean Drive one looks really good! I might need to go shopping...

What do you guys think about this new gel lacquer trend? Have you tried any?

Disclosure: I have gotten the polish and the top coat show here for review. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


Sain IsaDoran maahantuojalta vastikää testiin uuden Gel Nail Lacquer sarjan lakan ja päällyslakan. Kyseessä on todella mielenkiintoinen uutuus, sillä tässä saa periaatteessa geelilakan kiillon ja pitkän pysyvyyden ilman minkäänlaisia UV-lamppuja/uuneja tai vastaavia. Toki nämä eivät pysy viikkoja, kuten normaalit geelilakat, mutta luvataan näille kuitenkin viikon pysyvyys, joka on varmasti mukava uutinen niille, jotka kärsivät helposti lohkeilevista ja kuluvista lakkauksista.

Testattavaksi sävyksi sain ihanaisen kirkkaan punaisen Scarlet Redin, joka on kyllä todella herkullinen sävy. Tämä on yksi neljästä lakasta, jotka ovat vain kausisävyjä, eli jos tätä himoitset, kannattaa suunnata kauppaan pian. Muut kuusi sävyä ovat jäämässä pysyvästi valikoimiin. Lakkaaminen tällä on todella yksinkertaista: ensin levitetään kaksi kerrosta värilakkaa (kerrokset saavat olla reilujakin), annetaan lakan kuivua kolme minuuttia ja tämän jälkeen levitetään näille erityisesti tarkoitettua päällilakkaa Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coatia. Lakka kuivuu niin keinovalossa kuin luonnonvalossakin, ja se tosiaankin kuivuu nopeasti!

Ajattelin ensin tehdä tästä jonkinlaista kestotestiä, mutta rehellisyyden nimissä minulla kestävät normaalitkin lakkaukset hyvänä kevyesti viikon verran jos vain teen ne huolella, joten ajattelin, että minun kestotestistäni tuskin olisi hirveästi hyötyä kenellekkään. Kun taas jossain vaiheessa lähden (toivottavasti) johonkin pitempään reissuun aion kuitenkin ehdottomasti laittaa jonkun tällaisen lakan testiin ja katsoa, miten se kestää mukana. Sitä odotellessa kannattaa kuitenkin katsastaa esimerkiksi Better Nail Daysta tai ZigiZylestä kattavat lakankestotestipostaukset.

Tykkäsin hurjasti lakan kiillosta ja sävystäkin, vaikka ehkä tällainen superkirkas punainen ei ole kaikista omin minulle. Luultavasti päädyn ostamaan jonkun noista vähemmän kirkuvista sävyistä juuri esimerkiksi reissuja ajatellen. Toisaalta tuo Ocean Drive olisi kyllä ehdottomasti minun sävyni...

Mitä mieltä te olette tästä uudesta geelilakkatrendistä? Oletteko jo kokeilleet näitä IsaDoran Gel Nail Lacquer -lakkoja tai muita vastaavia?

*Lakka ja päällilakka on saatu testiin blogia varten.

Zoya Zara & Carter Tape Manicure

Zoya Zara has been on my wishlist for so long that when I finally got it I had to try it on immediately. I loooove the color and it looked really beautiful alone (I'll show you my swatches of this gorgeous polish at the end of this post), but I still wanted to just a little bit of something more, so I took my nail vinyls and did a tape manicure look with Zara and Carter.

I didn't want to cover that gorgeous Zara entirely, so I did the tape looks only to my middle and ring fingers. On my index and pinky nails I wore Zara alone and  I painted my thumb nails with two coats of Carter.

I have done quite a few easy and simple nail art manicures lately and this is once again definitely one of those. Nevertheless, I really liked this look! I was a big purple polish lover before, but recently I have been enjoying my blues and greens and even pinks more than purples, but this manicure made me fall in love with purple all over again! Both of these purple Zoyas are really so awesome!

Here's everything I used for this manicure:

KBShimmer Basic Training
Zoya Zara 3 coats
Nail Vinyls
Zoya Carter (2 coats on my thumb nails, one coat over Zara on middle and ring fingers)
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat (of course not over Carter)

As promised, I also wanted to show you Zara alone:
This one is definitely just right up my alley, is there really anything more beautiful than that gorgeous golden shimmer?!? Love love love it!

Zara is quite sheer, so you'll need to use three coats for full coverage, but to me this is certainly worth it! I have three coats here with base and top coat.

I can't believe I waited so long to get this one, it's just so gorgeous! Of course now I'm really happy that I finally have it. If you are still pondering over whether you should get this one, you don't really have to think about any longer, just get it! Or if you don't even have this under consideration, you should definitely consider it again.

Disclosure: I have originally gotten Zoya Carter for review. Other polishes and products used in this post I have bought myself. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


Kimppatilauksessa kotiutunut Zoyan Zara piti saada heti kynsille, sillä se on roikkunut jo niin kauan toivelistallani. En halunnut peittää tätä kaunista lakkaa kokonaan, mutta halusin kynsille kuitenkin jotakin koristelua, joten kaivoin esiin nail vinylsit ja teippailin yksinkertaisen kuvion keskisormiin ja nimettömiin. Lakkana näissä kuvioissa käytin siis toista Zoyan kaunokaista, Carteria. Etusormet ja pikkurillit jätin pelkästään Zaran peittoon, sillä lakka oli yksinään niin kaunis. Peukkujen kynnet päällystin vielä kahdella kerroksella Carteria.

Zara kultainen shimmer on juurikin sellaista, josta itse tykkään aivan hirveästi. En kyllä tajua, miksi odotin näin kauan sen hakkimisen kanssa. Toki lakka on melko ohutta eli sitä tarvitsee levittää kolme kerrosta peittävyyden saavuttamiseksi, mutta lakka on niin kaunis, että eipä tuo paljon haitannut. Eli jos teiltä ei tätä vielä löydy, suosittelen kyllä hankkimaan!

*Zoyan Carter on alunperin saatu arvioitavaksi, muut käytetyt lakat/tuotteet on ostettu itse.

Essie Romper Room - two versions?

I have just a quick post for you guys because I wanted to share with you something interesting. We did a 'little' group haul from Nailsave recently with couple other girls and all the polishes came to my address. While unpacking them I noticed that the US version of Essie's Romper Room seemed to be quite different colorwise than the version I already owned. The US version belongs to Misify's but she kindly let me to swatch it to a swatch stick before I sent it to her, so I have some comparison pictures to show you guys.

As you can hopefully see, there is a clear color difference between these two in the bottles. This doesn't probably look like a great difference in the pictures, but still it was so big that I immediately noticed it. I had just done the swatches of my own Essie spring collection polishes, (which I have gotten from L'Oreal Finland and they are those European ones with the wider brush and all) and the US version looked like completely different color.

When I swatched them to the sticks I noticed that the color difference wasn't maybe as big as it had looked in the bottles, but you can still see that these two look a bit different. It looks like the European version is tad more pinkish and the one from Nailsave has a bit more dusty look in it.

I haven't seen anything about two different versions anywhere and I can't really say which one is the right one, or if there even is such thing. Also, I'm not really sure is all the US versions look the same and all the ones sold here in Europe look as the one I have. They are both pretty ones for sure, so I don't think that it matters which one you end up with. Though then again, I think that the version I have (the slightly more pinkish one) suited my skintone perfectly and I'm not really sure if the other one would be a perfect match.  Have you guys noticed this or have you heard anything about this?


Tällä kertaa vuorossa ihan vain pikainen postaus Essien keväisen Romper Roomin kahdesta eri versiosta. Teimme siis pienen kimppatilauksen Nailsavelle vastikään ja Misifylle tuli sieltä mm. Essien Romper Room, joka siis minulta jo löytyi. Kaikki kimppatilauksen lakat tulivat siis minulle ja pääsin niitä purkamaan laatikosta ja ihastelemaan. Romper Roomin sattuessa käteeni aloin kuitenkin heti pohtimaan sitä, että lakka näyttää ihan eri väriseltä kuin omani. Vierekkäin pulloja vertaillessa sävyeroa tuntui tosiaan olevan. Sain luvan swatchata RR:n tikulle, jotta pääsin vertailemaan lakkoja hieman paremmin ja sävyero on kyllä tikullakin vielä havaittavissa, vaikka se ehkä pulloista katsottuna näyttikin vielä hieman isommalta.

Nailsavesta tilattu lakka on siis jenkkiversio ohuine suteineen ja oman leveäsutisen versioni olen saanut L'Orealilta testiin. Jenkkiversio näyttää omiin silmiini hieman likaisemman väriseltä kun taas tuo suomiversio (Eurooppaversion?) on hieman punertavampi ja muutenkin vielä selkeästi enemmän vaaleanpunainen.

En ole mistään muualta kuullut/nähnyt mitään kahdesta eri versiosta, joten en siis todellakaan tiedä kumpi näistä on se oikea, jos sellaista edes on. Tai ovatko kaikki USA:sta ostettavat samanlaisia ja kaikki euroopasta saatavat toisenlaisia.

Nailsave Haul

I did a little group haul from Nailsave with two other nail polish lovers and if you follow me in Instagram you have already seen a picture of it, but I'd thought I'd share my part of the haul here in the blog too. The main point about this haul was to get some Zoyas from my wishlist but unfortunately some of my lemmings were out of stock. Still I managed to get quite a few pretties from Zoya and also couple new summer polishes from China Glaze.

First up the Zoya part of my haul (from left to right) Zara, Song, Dot, Reece, Skylar. 

Zara has been on my wishlist for quite a while and I'm so glad that I finally have it! I was thinking about buying Tallulah but it was out of stock so I chose the gorgeous dark blue one called Song instead and it truly looks so gorgeous in the bottle! I was thinking that Dot might be the perfect soft pink for me, however I think I already found it (Essie Romper Room), but we'll see how I like this one. Reece was a bit impulse buy, but I really like it in the bottle! I already had OPI I Have a Herring Problem before and it wasn't really my favourite color and Skylar is supposed to be quite similar to it, but I still thought I'd give it a chance. I love that silver shimmer at least in the bottle!  

Then the two summer China Glazes from Off The Shore collection: Wait n' Sea and Float On. I wanted to try at least couple polishes from this summer collection and I chose these two, we'll see how I will like them on nail. At least the colors look really bright and fun in the bottles!

Sunday Funday French

Tuesday is as good as any other day for little Sunday Funday fun right?! I haven't done a french manicure for a little while, so I thought it was time for one and Essie's Sunday Funday was calling for me from the helmer. So this isn't the most traditional french, but a french anyhow.

So I used two coats of Essie's Sugar Daddy as the base color for this french, then I did the tips with Essie's Sunday Funday and I also added some L.A. Girl red and white glitter to the french line. Finally I added some flower decals and nail crystals to my ring and thumb nails.

This was really simple and basic manicure, but I really liked this a lot! Unfortunately the staining on my nails looks way worse in these pictures than it did in real life, so the whole manicure didn't really look this yellow... Also, I didn't have ANY flower decals in coral or warm red or anything like that, so the pink ones didn't suit the tips as well as they could have, but I still wanted to add little something to the manicure. But like I said, this was really simple and easy, but I loved it! And I got quite a few compliments about these nails, so other people seemed to really like these too!

KBShimmer Basic Training
Essie Sugar Daddy 2 coats
Essie Sunday Funday
L.A. Girl Splat
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat

When was the last time you guys did a french manicure?


Viimeisimmästä ranskiksesta on vierähtänyt taas jo useampi kuukausi, joten ajattelin, että olisi taas vaihteeksi mukavaa tehdä moinen. Essien Sunday Funday huuteli nimeäni helmeristä, joten se päätyikin sitten kärkien väriksi tähän lakkaukseen. Lisäksi käytin ensin Essien Sugar Daddya kaksi kerrosta ja L.A. Girlin Splat punavalkoglitteriä ranskiksen töpöteltynä ranskiksen rajalle. Lopuksi vielä lisäilin nimettömiin ja peukkuihin siirtokuvat ja parit kristallit, ja sittenpä lakkaus olikin valmis. Hyvin yksinkertaista ja helppoa siis, mutta tykkäsin kyllä näistä kynsistä kovasti!

Valitettavasti tuo kynsien värjääntyminen korostuu kuvissa, ei ne ihan noin keltaisilta oikeasti näyttäneet. Kynnet keräsivät useampiakin kehuja, joten ei ne ehkä kovin keltaisilta muidenkaan silmiin näyttäneet ja muutkin siis tuntuivat näistä tykkäävän! 

Monthly Manicure Roundup: May 2014

Once again it's the beginning of a new month and so it's time for the Monthly Manicure Roundup!

Even though I have been really busy this past month I managed to share again eight different manicures/nail art looks with you guys:

This month I also shared some swatches with you:

I showed you all the six polishes from Essie Spring 2014 collection.

I also shared my swatches of Cirque Vaudeville and posted my pictures of two of the Zoya Magical Pixie polishes from this spring.

In addition to these I also shared one Nail Polish Battle, this time between two Essie red glitter polishes, and I posted one haul post too.

Which May post was your favourite?

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