Monthly Manicure Roundup: April 2014

It's already the second day of May so it's about time to post my monthly manicure roundup. April was quite a busy month here in my blog too as I did total of 22 posts for you guys. I also had the huge giveaway, which kept me busy too.

I shared with you total of eight different nail art or layering manicures, so that was again more than last month! In April I did:

Some easy nail art with the sweet IsaDora spring Sugar Nails
Simple manicure with one polish, water decals and some nail crystals
Easy and simple layering with the beautiful Cirque XX
Chevron gradient with two spring Zoyas
 Fun and bright manicure with one OPI and one Zoya
I also shared some swatches with you:
I showed you my swatches of the three gorgeous spring Zoya shimmers.
I also shared my swatches of IsaDora spring Sugar Nails polishes andi two polishes from Rimmel's Sweetie Crush collection (which I also compared a bit together in that Rimmel post).

I also got to participate in two different nail and beauty bloggers' meets. First one was quite a big one and in Tampere and the second one was in my home city, Joensuu, and I also had the pleasure of organizing the latter one together with two other lovely girls. 
I also posted about the nails that all the other participants had done for our meet, about my goodie bag and about our visit to Glitter.

In addition to all these I also shared with you a little tip about another use for peel off base.

Lastly I also wanted to share my love for Zoya with you guys, so I posted a little ode to Zoya.

Which April post was your favourite?

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  1. Ei voi valita suosikkia, ihania kaikki noi sun lakkaukset! :)

  2. I love the blue mani with the white roses and the green Zoya gradient, I think the polish is Dillon, at the top with the stamped white flowers.

    1. It's nice to hear your favourites, thank you! :) The gradient has Zoya Dillon in it but also Zuza and the white flowers on top are actually water decals. :)

  3. Isadoran sokerilakoilla tehty lakkaus oli upea. Kaikki lakkaukset kyllä mun mieleen...

    1. IsaDora-lakkaus oli ehdottomasti yksi omistakin suosikisteistani! Kiitoksia taas hirmuisesti, kiva kuulla, että lakkaukset miellyttävät! :))

  4. My podium is: Isadora, Zoya chevron and your nails inspired to your blog. They're equal and all winners to me!

    1. Thank you, those three are probably my favourites too! :)