What Was Inside Of My Goodie Bag?

I know you are all dying to hear what I got in my goodie bag from our meet, right? Well, you don't have to wait any longer as here it comes!

Here are all our awesome sponsors! In addition to nail polish and nail related products, Cloetta sponsored our meet with all the delicious candy that you already saw in my meet post, but they send us so much that everyone got to also take home some sweets and chewing gum. Also I told a little about our visit to Glitter, but you'll have to wait for details about that to another post.

But for now, are you guys ready to take a closer look at my awesome goodie bag?!
This time we worked hard with Misify and Katjamaria to get some great quality products for the goodie bags, so instead of quantity we invested in quality. Though of course because of all our lovely sponsors, there were still really pleanty of stuff for everyone to take home after the meet.

Sooo, here's what the inside of my goodie bag looked like. So many awesome things, right?! In the upper picture I have all the products I got from the goodie bad itself and in the lower one is my raffle prize.
We all got to choose two stamping nail art plates from MoYou London for ourselves, which was really amazing! I haven't tried these before, so I'm really excited! I chose Pro Collection XL 06 and Mother Nature Collection 05 and we all also got a stamp and a scraper. But then, like I told you here, I was in luck and won the little nail art contest that we had and so I got to go home with two extra plates, another stamp and scraper and some face cream samples. These two plates that I won are Greek Mythology Collection 06 and Explorer Collection 11. Lucky me!

And if this wasn't enough, I was also really lucky as I got the most awesome glitter polish Cirque XX that was sponsored by Edgy Polish! Isn't it gorgeous?! Katarina from Edgy Polish was so kind that she packed all our polishes individually and also included little sweets in those little bags, incredibly sweet of her! Everyone got one polish, all from different brands and also we got to raffle two polishes since two girls couldn't unfortunately make it to the meet. I only had one Cirque lacquer before this, so I'm so so happy to have another one and I can't wait to try this one. Actually, you might see it here really soon, so stay tuned. ;)

I also got two new gorgeous Zoya polishes from Beach & Surf collection, one from my goodie bag and one from the little raffle. The ones that I got are beautiful reddish orange foil Myrta and a gorgeous warm pink with awesome golden shimmer called Kimber. I loooove my Zoyas so I'm really happy about these two also! NailCity sponsored our meeting with the full Beach & Surf collection, so everybody got at least one new Zoya to take home with them and some lucky ones like me got two!
L'Oreal Finland gave us all one Essie from Encrusted Treasures collection and one L'Oreal Paris Color Riche spring pastel polish. The Essie I got is of course the infamous Belugaria, but I'm actually quite excited about this one since I've seen couple really nice looking manicures lately done with this one and I really want to make this work for me too. Also I don't have any black textures in my collection. The L'Oreal polish is a really soft yellow called Lemon Meringue and I really hope that this is at least somewhat easy to apply since I don't have any soft yellow cremes in my collection and I could really use one!

We were all also really excited about the products Kauneudenkauppa gave us all! Actually some of the girls got their first OPI polishes, so it was really great! I got the vivid red/orange called My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours and OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go. Can't wait to try out these two too!

Berner sponsored our meet with quite a pile of goodies. They sent us some new IsaDora Wonder Nail shades as well as those spring Sugar Nails Pastels. As you all well know, I already have those Sugar Nails polishes (check out my swatches of those polishes here if you haven't already), so I gave the two I got to the other girls. But still got to go home with two IsaDora polishes: Ipanema Beach and Savannah Gold. We all also got Sally Hansen Rehab nail care products in Cuticle Rehab and Nail Rehab. I already also got these two to try out, but second pair isn't so bad either since you always need some nail care products, right?!

Those two IsaDora lacquers look really similar, but they aren't: 
Savannah Gold looks especially interesting, I hope it coveres at least a bit as it looks quite sheer in the bottle. We'll see about that!

Then we also all got some moisturizing lotions, nail files and China Glaze Crackle polishes from Consult Lady. I kinda hoped that they would have sent us something other than crackles, since I don't use those pretty much at all nowadays, but this color of this Crushed Candy is quite nice, so maybe I'll figure out some cool nail art to do with it?! 

MiMax was our sponsor too and they gave us all some useful cuticle oils and a discount code to their store. At least now I don't have any excuse for dry cuticles since I have three different cuticle oils to try out!

Last but not least we of course did some swapping at the meet also and here's what I got! I swapped couple of my polishes and got in return Zoya Robyn, Gina Tricot Alexis and OPI Are We There Yet?. I also bought another Gina Tricot polish, the gorgeous pink called Shimmer Pink and that sample of Burt's Bees Hand Salve I got for free from Mimosa. 

I'm so very happy with everything I got from the goodie bag, from the little raffle, from winning the nail art contest and from swapping! I really can't wait to try these all pretties, so big thanks to all our awesome sponsors for making this all happen! Like I said, you'll be seeing at least one of these new products here in action real soon, so stay tuned. :)

Lastly, I forgot to include this one great picture in my get-together post, so I'll include it here since this is pretty much how our meets look like most of the time! If it's not the nails, nail polishes or other products that we are taking photos of, it's the food!

So, what do you guys think about my goodie bag? So many nice products, huh?! Anything that you'd like to see first?


Tänään esittelyssä miitistä saadut tuotteet. Postauksen linkit ovat vain teidän hyödyksenne, itse en hyödy vaikka käyttäisitte niitä. Suuren suuri kiitos vielä minun puolestani kaikille ihanille sponsoreillemme, tästä riittää testattavaa vielä pitkäksi aikaa!


  1. Muhkea kassillinen kaikkea kivaa! En malta odottaa että pääsee kaikkea testaamaan:)

    1. Todellakin, ihan samat fiilikset täällä! :)

  2. Mahtava määrä kaikkea kivaa

    1. Tuli kyllä paljon kaikkea kivaa uutta kokeiltavaa! :)

  3. Oi, miten kauniit sävyt noissa Zoyan punertavissa lakoissa on! :)

    1. Ne on kyllä molemmat todella kauniita lakkoja! :)

  4. Oh wow! Such a lovely goodie bag + win + swap! (And taking photos of food at such events is such a blogger thing. It always amuses me to see it when a blogger - wherever she was - took photos of the food at the event.)

    1. So many great things, right?! :) Yeah, it's really the easiest way to know if someone is a blogger or not. :)

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  6. Awwwwww *___* this is jawdropping!
    Zoya <3 Beach&Surf <3
    Cirque's been a brand I've been longing for since they popped out. I loved their old packaging more, though. More gothic! And I'm in love with the subtle lavender scent they have (are they still lightly scented, aren't they?).
    Gina Tricot is an unknown brand to me, but that pink looks interesting.
    MoYou plates are amazing <3 a completely different (and better) way to stamp <3

    1. Zoyas are really my love too! <3
      I only had one Cirque before this, so I'm really glad to have a second one! I have to say that I didn't know they have been/(are?) scented, and I didn't smell anything different when usin XX, but then again I have a flu, so it can be just that I didn't smell it because of that.
      Gina Tricot is a Swedish brand and they mainly sell some (cheap) fashion, but they do quite nice polishes too. That pink one is so pretty!
      I haven't tried my new MoYous yet, but I surely will soon. :)

    2. My Cirques are all from the Dark Horse collection, except from Lapis which is from their Objet d'Art, but they're all lightly scented. Maybe they stopped putting scent in their bottle?
      Some nail pals of mine told me their bottles don't have any perfume...but I checked on their INCI lists at that time and perfume was present. It was a very nice detail!
      I've been always a loser when it came to stamping, MoYou changed my life...you won't be disappointed with them!
      Take care :-*

    3. I'll need to try it again after my flue has gone so that I can smell it! :)
      I'm so bad with stamping and I always get also very frustrated when I try it since it never goes like I want it to, but hopefully with these MoYous I can also succeed. :)