Monthly Manicure Roundup: March 2014

Oh man, it's the first of April already! Time goes by so fast, so it's time for another monthly manicure roundup.

I did total of five different nail art manicures last month, so that was at least more than February! I did:

blue and white gradient biathlon manicure,
yellow and black houndstooth manicure with Incoco nail appliques and
gradient with two lovely Zoyas spiced with water decals and glitter.

Last month I also showed you guys couple swatches, all of them were actually texture polishes by chance.

And I also a pair of Nail Polish Battles.

In addition to all of these I also told you guys about my little haul and a new nail polish store called Hypnotic Polish. When I did that post the store only existed in Facebook, but they have since opened their website, so check it out here. By the way, they are currently having an opening sale!

So tell me guys, which March post was your favourite?


  1. Nail polish battles. Siinä mun suosikit...

    1. Se on kyllä mahtavaa, että tykkäät niistä! :)