Bloggers Visit To Glitter and Some Hair Styling Tips

I have so much posts I need to share with you guys that you are going to get a second post today, yay! Don't forget to check out my earlier post about my goodie bag from the meet. Also we just started a little post series with all the girls that participated in the meet and I'm going to do my post of the series tomorrow, but Misify started the series today with her post about MoYou London, so check her blog about that if you haven't already.

Anyhow, in this post I'm going to tell you more about our visit to the accessories and fashion store called Glitter. Glitter is originally from Sweden, but currently they have shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Our little blogger group got to visit one on Saturday as a part of our meet here in Joensuu. The whole store was reserved only for us as we visited it after the closing time, so we had a great chance to take a look at all products and even test them and try them on if we wanted to.

Glitter sells all kinds of accessories from jewellery to scarfs and phone covers and also a huge amount of all sorts of hair products. This time we all mainly concentrated on the hair products as Glitter has just recently published their new hair guide and we got to hear about that one a bit and try out all different hair accessories and products.

There were really so many interesting things to test and try, for a while I was even a bit overwhelmed about it since I just couldn't figure out what to get as I wanted them all!

The two lovely ladies from Glitter also helped us try some of the hair products on ourselves. Here you can see their ponytail tool in action. This was such an interesting product that you can use to get more volume to your ponytail. In Glitter's blog you can see what tool looks like and a little tutorial for it too, though that is in Finnish. Interesting, huh?! I'm not sure if it would work for me though since my hair is quite thin, so I'd be afraid it would show, but still it seemed like a really simple thing that you can use to get something extra for your regular ponytail.
They also had many different flower hair accessories, these long ones are a great way to spice up your braid. Quite a nice look for summer!

Both Elisa and Juuli from Glitter had some really nice flowery hairdos. This one looked really awesome but also quite simple as it's done only with a donut-shaped padding and a small hairband with flowers. Love it! This would be really a perfect look to wear as a wedding guest or some other summer occasions.

They also had some little treats for us as well as some sparkling wine, how sweet was that!

We also all got little something to take home with us! They gave us of course that new hair guide, but we all also got a temporary hair color (I got a blue one), some hair bobbles and a little hair spray with a really cute little bag. I love to wear those bobbles at night, now I have some really bright colores ones, so maybe those won't get lost so easily... :D I'm not sure if the blue hair color is really my thing, but I think I need to try it out anyhow. I really love that hair guide, there's so really good hair styling tips there and also of course some products that I seem to need desperately... It's seems to be infact quite dangerous to read it since my shopping list to Glitter grows every time.

I also bought couple of things my self. I needed to have that minty flower hairband as it was so cute! I also got a rose gold hair clip (gorgeous color!) and a that hair lasso thing, which I believe I had at somepoint in the 90s, haha. (The flower hairband was 11,90e, the hair clip 4,90e and the lasso 3,90e).

Glitter has some really great hair tutorial videos, that you can check out here. The site is in Finnish, but you don't really need to know Finnish to watch those videos. There are many hairdos that I will definitely want to try!


Lauantaiseen miittiimme kuului yhtenä osana vierailu Joensuun Glitteriin, jonka saimme itse asiassa kokonaan itsellemme, sillä pääsimme käymään siellä sulkemisajan jälkeen. Tämä oli ihan mahtavaa, sillä saimme vapaasti katsella, koskea ja kokeilla kaikkia eri tuotteita. Glitter on taas julkaisut uuden hiusoppaan, eli jos sinulla ei vielä sitä ole, kannattaa ehdottomasti poiketa Glitteriin sellainen hakemaan. Siitä löytyy paljon kiinnostavia tuotteita ja vinkkejä erilaisiin kampauksiin! Vinkkejä kampauksiin saa muuten myös Glitterin opastusvideoista, löysin sieltä jo useampia kampauksia, joita haluan ehdottomasti kokeilla!

Kannattaa muuten kurkata Glitter kanta-asiakaskerho myös, jos Glitterin uutuudet, erikoistarjoukset ja kanta-asiaksillat kiinnostavat. Jäsenyys on ilmainen ja liittyä voi täällä.


  1. Oih, mun on pakko saada tuollainen pitkä kukka juttu!! Ihana<3

    1. Niitä oli eri värisinä ja se on kyllä tosi nätti lisä just esimerkiksi letin joukkoon! Täytyy ehkä itekin käydä semmonen vielä hakemassa. :)

  2. Hyvältä näyttää :) Vitsi toi Elisan tukka on kadehdittavan pitkä!

    1. Äläs, katselin kateellisena sitä kun kuvia muokkasin! :D

    2. :D Se on kuulkaas vuosien kasvatustyön tulos!

    3. Oon kyllä vähän kade! :D