Sally Hansen Satin Glam Swatches and Review

Today I have Sally Hansen Satin Glam collection swatches and review for you guys! I have six out of the eight polishes to share with you.

I have done all the swatches without any base or top coat. All these polishes dry to a gorgeous satin matte finish, but of course you can also apply some top coat over these to make them shiny. In my opinion the satin finish is really gorgeous!

Go Gold (01) 2 coats 

This is really gorgeous color, though I wouldn't say that this is golden. To me this looked more like a bronze or a mix of silver and gold. I don't mind at all that it's not too golden, I have some issues with too warm gold color as they don't suit my skintone very well, but this suited me perfectly.

Crystalline (02) 3 coats

Crystalline has a white base with oh-so-pretty shimmer. The shimmer looks quite blue in some angles and I can't really describe it. I had to take a macro shot to show you guys how gorgeous this one looks:
I'd say this is quite a perfect polish for cold winter days as the polish is really icy looking. This was, however, quite sheer, so even with three coats there was some visible nail line left.

Chic Pink (05) 3 coats

Chic Pink is a really nice bright one, but unfortunately this doesn't suit my skintone at all. It's too warm pink for me. This one was also a bit sheer, I had to use three coats for full coverage. 

Teal Tulle (06) 2 coats 

Teal Tulle is also an awesome bright color and this one I liked very much! This had quite a perfect formula and it covered with two easy coats. The satin finish with this one looks really amazing!

Taffeta (07) 2 coats 

Taffeta is gorgeous purple, but somehow I didn't enjoy this one as much as Teal Tulle. I think the shine in Teal Tulle was so gorgeous and to me this one isn't just as interesting because the shine and shimmer isn't as pretty here. But it's still a nice color and it also had quite nice formula, two easy coats for full coverage.

Silk Onyx (08) 2 coats

Silk Onyx is a gorgous black with, again, that similar pretty shimmer. The shimmer in this one shines in different colors and it's really gorgeous! This is a bit similar with OPI 4 In the Morning, but of course this Sally Hansen one has more shimmer in it. I have comparison with these two coming up next week for you guys.

I'd say this is a really interesting collection from Sally Hansen and I really like the finish! These dry quite quickly, so you can definately wear them without any top coat. The ones that I had to apply three coats (Crystalline and Chic Pink) took a bit more time to dry. The only thing I didn't like about these is the bottle. The bottle is slightly smaller and slimmer than previous Sally Hansen bottles, so it seems like these are likely to fall over, but at least I managed to do these swatches without making any mess. Other than that these were really great! 

I'd say my favourites are Go Gold, Crystalline and Teal Tulle. Silk Onyx is also a gorgeous one as is Taffeta too, but unfortunately Chic Pink didn't work for me.

Which one is your favourite?

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


Tänään esittelyssä Sally Hansenin Satin Glam kokoelman kuusi lakkaa. Kaikissa lakoissa erikoisuutena on satiininen lookki eli nämä kuivuvat kauniin mattaisen shimmerisiksi. Suurin osa peitti mukavasti kahdella kerroksella, mutta Crystalline ja Chic Pink vaativat kolme kerrosta. Itse tykkään tuosta satiinisesta lookista ja lakat kuivuvat suhteellisen nopeasti, eli näitä kärsii kyllä hyvinkin käyttää ilman päällyslakkaa. Toki näihin voi lisätä kerroksen päällyslakkaa myös, jolloin lakoista saa kiiltäviä.

Omiksi suosikeiksi näistä nousivat Go Gold, Crystalline ja Teal Tulle. Silk Onyx sekä Taffeta ovat molemmat myös todella kauniita, ainoa näistä, joka valitettavasti ei oikein toiminut minulle omasta ihonsävystäni johtuen oli Chic Pink. Ehdottomasti nämä ovat siis kokeilemisen arvoisia! Näitä lakkoja on jo kaupoissa näkynyt ja hintaa näillä on noin 9-10 euroa.

Mikä näistä on teidän suosikkinne?

*Lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi.


  1. What an interesting finish --> I really like it!
    Thanks for the swatches, they are beautiful.

    1. The finish is so great!
      And I'm really glad you liked these swatches. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Molemmat ovat kyllä todella nättejä, turkoosi on ehdottomasti mun suosikki! :)

  3. Ehdottomasti näteimmät on Crystalline ja Silk Onyx, pitääkin harkita, jos jomman kumman kotiuttais! Tosi hyvät kuvat, kiitos!

    1. Mahtavaa, että tykkäsit kuvista! Crystalline ja Silk Onyx on molemmat varmasti loistavia valintoja, kannattaa ainakin jossain kaupassa käydä ne kurkkimassa. :)

  4. I just discovered your page and the swatches are so pretty! I can't tell you how many times I passed by these polishes in the store and didn't buy one. Now I know I will. Love the "Go Gold" because it looks the most shimmery. The pink and teal are my second choice.

    1. Welcome! :)) These are really pretty ones and I love the finish, so you should definitely try one! Go Gold is a great choice, I love that one.

  5. I tried the pink. It took 4 coats to cover. The finish looked much nicer in the bottle than on my nails. It was very flat looking. Removing it was a nightmare I don't wish to repeat. This polish went right in the trash.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't like it. The pink one was the sheerest one out of these, the purple, gold, blue and black one covered nicely with just two coats. The finish looks different on nail than in the bottle as it is that satin look, but you can of course apply top coat to make the polish look more like it looks in the bottle. But like I said, I'm sorry to hear that these didn't work for you.

  6. I bought the teal. I initially liked it......until I tried to remove it. Don't buy this nail polish unless you want it on your nails forever. I tried ALL AFTERNOON to remove this goop.......I even went to the place I bought it and the salesperson tried to get it off for me. She was puzzled and said she would NEVER recommend this stuff to ANYONE. I am now left with blue stained nails that make me look like I have some horrible disease. This stuff is now at the bottom of my garbage.

    1. Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that! I didn't have any problems with the teal one or with any other one of these. They all were really easy to remove and they did not stain. But your experience sounds really horrible, no one wants that!