OMG Paisley Nail Polish Strips with China Glaze Trendsetter

A litte while ago I received couple of OMG Nail Strips for review and today I'm sharing you guys the first mani I did with these strips! Before these I had already tried one other real nail polish strips and several nail stickers, so I had already found out that I do prefer these real nail polish strips compared to those stickers at any day!

I got to choose the designs I wanted to try and I chose these two: Multi Colored Polka Dot Nail Polish Strips and Paisley Nail Polish Strips. For my first try I decided to go with the latter one as the design looked really interesting!

There's total of 14 strips in the package with application instructions. They also have a video tutorial about the application if you need one. These are not sealed or anything like that, so they won't dry out even if you don't use them all at once which is really a nice bonus. These have only one curved edge, but at least for me the curve was a perfect fit.

The application was quite easy, though it was a bit different compared to the ones I tried before. I got these placed very easily and I did wipe these a bit with the nail polish remover like the instruction suggested. It's not a mandatory step, but it helps the strips last longer. But you do need to use a top coat with these, I used Dermosil Top Coat (which I have gotten from a goodie bag).

This time I only used the strips for my middle and ring finger nails and I painted the rest of my nails with China Glaze Trendsetter. I just had to include Trendsetter to this mani as some of the dots in that Paisley design were exactly the same color as the polish.

I really liked the look of this design and I think it's one of those designs that would be really difficult to do your self. The strips lasted on my nails really nicely, but I have so much polishes to try and manicures to do that I just had to change this mani after three days of wearing it. I'd say these would have probably lasted on well for at least a week as I didn't notice any wearing or anything like that when I removed these.
So overall I really liked these OMG Nail Polish Strips. They were really easy to use and they were really nice quality-wise too. They are a bit pricy for my liking as one package costs $7.99, so I'd probably buy these for some special occasion or like I've said before, these kind of strips are perfect for vacations or travelling. They have great variety of different designs and they do offer free shipping. Also they have currently some offers too: 4 strips for $20 (coupon code "4pack") and 10 for $45 (coupon code "10pack").

You can order these nail strips for their website, here. Check out also their Facebook page and Instragram: @omgnailstrips #omgnailstrips

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Tänään kokeilussa ovat siis OMG Paisley Nail Polish Stripsit, jotka sain arvioitaviksi. Kuosi oli mielestäni nätti ja mielenkiintoinen, tarpeeksi monimutkainen ettei ihan heti tulisi vastaavaa taiteiltua itse. Nämä olivat myös varsin laadukkaan oloiset ja nämä oli todella helppo asetella kynsille. Halusin ehdottomasti yhdistää nämä China Glazen Trendsetter lakkaan kun osa noista kuosin pilkuista sattui olemaan ihan saman värisiä kyseisen lakan kanssa. Mielestäni nämä olivat siis varsin mainiot tapaukset ja vaikka hinta onkin ehkä hieman korkea, harkitsisin ehdottomasti näitä esimerkiksi jotakin tilaisuutta varten tai matkusteluun. 

OMG Nail Strips tarjoaa muuten ilmaisen toimituksen kaikille tilauksille ja heiltä löytyy tällä hetkellä myös pakettitarjouksia (neljä hintaan 20 dollaria ja 10 hintaan 45 dollaria). Erilaisia kuoseja löytyy myös reilusti ja näitähän saa siis tilattua heidän nettisivuiltaan. OMG Nail Strips löytyy myös Facebookista ja Instragramista: @omgnailstrips #omgnailstrips

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  1. This looks so, so pretty!!!

    Layla xx

  2. Tosi kivan näköisiä tarroja

    1. Ovat kyllä nättejä ja hyviä laadultaan myös! :)