a-england Guinevere Skittlette

I got my long time a-england lemming from Adenina to try out and eventhough it's not a very christmassy polish, I just had to use it as soon as it was possible as this has really been in my wishlist for so long! I'm talking about a-england Guinevere, a gorgeous muted mauve. 

I decided to try to at least some type of skittlette manicure with it. I started the mani by painting all my nails with two coats of Guinevere. It has pretty much the perfect formula, it just goes perfectly on to your nails without any effort! It also has a great coverage, it was almost already good with just one coat, but two coats really made it fully opaque.

Then I used those black dot glitters (also from Adenina) for my index and pinky nails making a half moon look with them. I covered my middle finger nail with one coat of OPI My Favorite Ornament. I was actually going to paint just a straight line in the middle of the nail but I managed to mess that up, so I covered the nail with the polish. Finally, I used some black water decals that I have bought myself from BPS for my ring and thumb nails.
I really love the color of Guinevere, it's so gorgeous! And what makes it even more awesome is the quality of the polish! If you don't already own this, you should definately check it out! I didn't really plan this mani at all, I just went with whatever felt like a nice idea. Maybe I should have planned it a bit, but I still quite liked the outcome.

*I have gotten a-england Guinevere for review. For more information see my disclosure policy.

Tänään esittelyssä ihanainen a-englandin Guinevere -lakka, jonka sain testiin Adeninasta. Lakan väri on upea ja lakan koostumus melkeimpä täydellinen, eli olen enemmän kuin tyytyväinen, että sain vihdoin pyyhittyä tämän lakan toivelistaltani pois.

Kynsien koristelun suhteen minulla ei ollut mitään varsinaista suunnitelmaa, lätkin kynsille vähän kaikkea, mikä tuntui sopivan. Onnistuin saamaan aikaiseksi kuitenkin ainakin jonkinlaisen skittlette manikyyrin ja itseasiassa tykkäsin kyllä lopputuloksestakin. 

Näitä mustia ja muitakin pyöreitä glittereitä on tullut taas Adeninan valikoimiin! 

*a-england Guinevere on saatu arvioitavaksi.