Essie Virgin Orchid with ILNP Sugar Blossom, Serum No 5 Fame and Water Decals

I made this manicure over month ago, but for some reason I haven't never posted it. I think it's about time to get this one out too, so here it comes.

I started this mani with three coats of Essie Virgin Orchid and then I topped that with one coat of I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossom and one coat of Serum No 5 Fame. Finally I added some water decals on my ring and pinky nails.

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted this before... This isn't the most innovative manicure out there, but I still thought it was quite nice and simple mani. 

Though I'm not sure if those water decals were really the best idea. I think I might have liked the look more without them:
Essie Virgin Orhic is a bit of grandma type of color but I still liked the polish very much and I love that gold shimmer. ILNP Sugar Blossom is really amazing glitter topper! I only have the ultra mini bottle of this one though... I really wish I'd have the full size version. I'm not too sure if I like Serum No 5 Fame here or if it's even in general right topper for me.

For ones I remembered to take a picture of all the polishes and the decals I used! 

Essie Virgin Orchid
I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossom
Serum No 5 Fame
HK Girl Glisten&Glow Top Coat
water decals


Tämä manikyyri on pyörinyt postattavien joukossa jo pitkän aikaa, mutta jostain syystä en vain ole saanut tätä postattua. Ei tässä tietysti mitään ihmeellistä ole ja tämä oli lähinnä osastoa ihan kiva, mutta täytyyhän tämäkin nyt joskus saada julkaistua.

Käytin tähän siis Essien Virgin Orchid lakkaa, jonka päälle kerrostin yhdet kerrokset sekä I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossomia että Serum No 5:n Famea. Lopuksi lisäsin vielä siirtokuvat nimettömiin ja etusormiin. En tiedä oliko nuo siirtokuvat tähän nyt kaikista paras idea, sillä tykkäsin yhdistelmästä ehkä enemmän ilman niitä.

Essien Virgin Orchid on hieman sellainen mummomaisen värinen, mutta silti todella kaunis lakka kultaisine shimmereineen. ILNP:n Sugar Blossom on todella nätti glitteri topperi, harmittaa hieman, että minulla on siitä vain tuo superpieni pullo. Serum No 5 ei tässä lakkauksessa sykähdyttänyt mitenkään erityisesti enkä tiedä onko se muutenkaan niin kovin mieleeni.

My Favourite Manicures of 2013

I already posted my favourite nail polishes of 2013, but I also wanted to share my favourite manicures of this year with you guys. I have done similar listings in 2012 and 2011 too if you want to take a look. I've done quite a few manicures this year, so there's going to be quite many in this list too. I narrowed it down to 21 favourites and these will be in order from oldest to newest.

Which one was your favourite?


Esittelin jo lempparilakkani tältä vuodelta, joten tänään vuorossa on lempparilakkaukseni vuoden varrelta. Erilaisia lakkauksia on tänä vuonna kertynyt melko runsaasti, joten valitsin mukaan 21 mieluisinta. Lakkaukset eivät ole mitenkään paremmuusjärjestyksessä, vaan järjestin ne vanhimmasta uusimpaan.

Mikä näistä oli teidän suosikkinne?

Giveaway winners!

The giveaway is now closed and it's time to see who won! But first I want to say couple of things. It was really great to see that you all enjoyed this little giveaway and I really loved every single comment that you guys wrote!

Also, it was really interesting to see which nail polish brands have been your favourites this year. Total of 40 different brands got votes and there were even some brands that I've never heard of! I'll have to seriously check those out. The brand that got the most votes was OPI, then China Glaze was second, Essie third and Zoya fourth, so those weren't really too surprising ones.

But yeah, I know you all want to know who won, so I won't blabber any more. I used to select the winners and...

Prize number 1 goes to


and Prize number 2 goes to


Congratulations to you both!

I have sent emails to both winners, so please answer as soon as possible! :)

Thank you all who participated!

My Favourite Nail Polishes of 2013

I've done my favourite nail polish listings in 2012 and 2011, so of course I had to do one for this year too! This has been such a great nail polish year that I just couldn't narrow my list down from 25 favourites, so this is going to be quite a long list. Again, these aren't really in no particular order, because I just couldn't figure out which ones I'd prefer more than others. I do have one favourite though and I'm going to save that one for last, so make sure to check out the full post. I also included the links to my posts about the polishes if you want to take better look.

I only tried to include polishes that have come out this year, but there are couple in this list that came out late last year, that I only managed to get them and try them on this year.

This is from KBShimmer spring 2013 collection and it's really gorgeous blue jelly with hex glitters in different sizes. It just looks so amazing on nail and I love the depth in it!

Zoya Stevie (pinky and index nails)

I don't have proper swatches of this beauty, but you can still see how gorgeous it is in this manicure. Pretty much all the Zoya PixieDusts could have been on this list as they are all gorgeous, but from the summer pixies this one was my favourite. It is also quite unique one as I haven't seen too many textured polishes out there with similar color. 

This amazing blue and green glitter is from China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil collection and it is really so pretty that I needed to include it to this list eventhough it came out already in 2012.

This too came out already in 2012, but I only got it this year and I'm so glad I did. It is really gorgeous polish, but I think it looks best worn over some other polish and it's truly gorgeous in gradients and such (for example I did a gradient tips with this one over China Glaze Light As Air, here).

This amazing brick red creme is from Zoya's fall collection and I just love this color so much! The quality of this one was really great too, so this was quite a perfect polish. 

This is also from the same Zoya fall collection as Pepper and it's really a great polish! There are quite many flakie/gold toppers out there, but this was still something new and different. I especially loved this gradient look with Maria Luisa and Pepper. 

I wasn't so sure if I liked the other colored jelly base Polka Dots polishes that Maybelline did this year, but this blue one is really gorgeous one! I really seem to have some sort of soft spot for blue toned jelly bases with glitters...

Essie made some really really great collections this year and there were quite a few polishes of pretty much each collection that I could have included in this list as they were all quite gorgeous ones. From the summer collection I decided I liked the color of Rock The Boat best, but I really loved all the polishes from the collection and that gorgeous silver shimmer. 

Of course I had to include at least one of those gorgeous Zoya fall PixieDusts to this list too and my choice is this amazing green called Chita. This is by the way also a perfect polish for some Christmas nail art. 

This one was really a surprise favourite of mine from Essie's fall collection. This doesn't really look nearly as good in any pictures as it does on nail. It has a gorgeous glow in it that doesn't translate into the pictures.

This is one of my favourite textured polish ever! The name suits this polish perfectly as it really is a chameleon one. This one you really need to see in real life! 

KBShimmer It's Razz-ical

 This delicious raspberry glitter jelly is from KBShimmer summer collection. Unfortunately I haven't done proper swatches of this one either, but you can still see the gorgeous color and the awesome depth of this polish from this picture.

Essie Parka Perfect

I had quite a hard time choosing my favourites from Essie winter collection as all the six polishes from that collection are gorgeous ones. I had to include two polishes from that collection to this list and the first one is this awesome dusty grey with that gorgeous silver shimmer.

I haven't been so much into holographic polishes this year compared to previous years, but there have been still a few really nice ones. This Perfect polish H7 was nice surprise as it has really really nice color, it coveres very well and it's also really cheap one!

Essie's spring collection was also one of those from which I could have included every polish to this list. Besides this Go Ginza one (and Maximillian Strasse Her which I have coming up later in this list) I really loved Avenue Maintain and Bond With Whomever. I chose Go Ginza as it is really awesome by its own, but it's also perfect base color for any type of layering combos.

KBShimmer's Teal Another Tail is from their fall collection and it's one of the most unique polishes I have seen in a while.

IsaDora Rocky Ruby has really nice mix of different glitters and I love the color. It looks great alone, but it's also really nice one for layering and glitter gradients and such. Perfect for the holidays!

This is my other favourite from Essie's winter collection and probably the one I liked the most from that collection. The color of this one is also quite unique to me and it is truly gorgeous. Also the formula is amazing!

I had one of the 2012 Color Club Halo Hues in my top list last year and I just had to include Eternal Beauty from the 2013 Halo Hues to this list as it truly is a gorgeous holographic polish! The formula and quality of all this Color Club holographics is truly great and of course the color of this one is so pretty.

There were quite a few of black and white glitter toppers this year, but for me L'Oreal Confettis had the best mix of smaller and bigger glitters and also that nice little shimmer. It's also the one I have used the most eventhough I do have (at least) two other similar ones.

Kiko also made some really beautiful textured polishes this year and I especially loved the shimmery Sugar Mats. My absolute favourite was Poppy Red (640) and actually it has been also my favourite pedicure polish of this year.

Zoya Julie is truly a perfect spring color and like with some of the Essies that I have in this list, I love that silver shimmer very much. The color is so delicate and sweet, I just love it!

I also love the color of this one so much, as it is quite unique take on grey, at least to me. Also like with all the other Essie spring collection polishes, the formula was really great on this one too.

Like I've told you many times already, I loooove round glitter so much, so it's probably no wonder that this Elevation Polish lacquer is one of my favourite toppers of this year. It also doesn't hurt that the mix of glitters in this one has such lovely colors.

Did you figure out which was going to be my ultimate favourite of this year already? Well, if you thought Zoya Dream then you were right! To me it is truly a perfect polish! The color is just so amazing! I really can't say much more about this one, I just love love love it!

My favourite brands this year have certainly been Zoya and Essie, and that really shows in this favourite list. Also this year I have really loved blue nail polishes and you can definately see my crush on blue from this list. 

Tell me guys, what did you think about my favourites? Did you have any of the same polishes in your list? Or did I miss something really spectacular?

*I have gotten some of the polishes in this post for review and some I have bought myself, for more information see my disclosure policy. 


Tänään ajattelin siis listata hieman tämän vuotisia lakkasuosikkejani. Tämä lakkavuosi on ollut niin loistava, että jouduin kasvattamaan listaa ja ottamaan mukaan 25 suosikkiani, eli lista on melko pitkä. Lakat eivät varsinaisesti ole missään paremmuusjärjestyksessä, sillä en vain pystynyt järjestämään näitä minkäänlaiseen järjestykseen. Yksi kuitenkin nousi ylitse muiden ja se on listan viimeisenä oleva Zoyan Dream.

Oliko teidän suosikkilistoillanne samoja lakkoja? Tai onko minulta mennyt ohi joku upeus, joka pitäisi ehdottomasti olla suosikkilistallani?

*Jotkut postauksen lakoista on saatu alunperin arvioitaviksi, toiset olen ostanut itse.