Zoya Zenith Collection: Cassedy, Dream, Payton and Seraphina

This is a scheduled post as Im currently (hopefully) enjoying a little vacation. I'll answer your comments as soon as I get back, so feel free to comment as much as you want. 

I have four Zoya Zenith collection polishes to show you guys today!

I got these four for review from NailCity and these were the ones that interested me most from this Zoya holiday collection. These are of course from left to right Seraphina, Cassedy, Dream and Payton.

I used two coats of each polish for these pictures, no base or top coat.

First one is Cassedy and this one was almost one coater, but I did two just to be safe. Cassedy is a metallic pewter and the formula was really nice, so this was very easy to apply. I really like the metallic look of this one!

Next one is Dream, a deep blue scattered holo. This is absolutely my favorite one from this collection and it's also probably one of my all time favorite polishes! If you are only going to get one polish from this collection, get this!

This one is called Payton and it's a dark purple scattered holo with a jelly base. This one is also a really gorgeous one! There were still some spots that might have needed more polish, so I think you'll be safe with three coats with this polish.

Last one is called Seraphina, which is a silver metallic shimmer with a hint of grey. I really liked this one too, though also with this you could need another coat to get full coverage. I love the icy metallic look of this one and the fact that it's metallic silver but it's not a foil.

*I have gotten the four Zoya polishes in this post for review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


Tänään esittelyssä neljä lakkaa Zoyan Zenith -kokoelmasta: Cassedy, Dream, Payton ja Seraphina. Näistä Dream oli ehdottomasti minun suosikkini ja ehkä jopa yksi upeimmista lakoista ikinä, mutta kolme muutakin olivat ehdottomasti kovin nättejä tapauksia! Kaikissa kuvissa lakkaa on kaksi kerrosta, mutta Cassedy voisi hyvinkin peittää jo yhdellä kerroksella ja Paytonia ja Seraphinaa voisi paremman peittävyyden saavuttamiseksi levittää vielä kerroksen.

Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa monilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. Myös suoraan maahantuojalta voi ostaa lakkoja lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen info@nailcity.fi, lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa.

*Postauksen lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi.


  1. I wore Payton for Thanksgiving, and will wear Dream soon! Great swatches and pix!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad to hear you liked this! :) Payton & Dream are both really wonderful. :)

  2. OMG!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. I can't pick the best one for I think they are all the same, pretty! I will def include them in my wishlist =)

    1. They are all really gorgeous ones, well worth of getting. :)

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