Our Get-Together - What Was Inside of My Goodie Bag?

I have the last post about our get-together for you guys today and in this post I'm going to show you what was inside of my own goodie bag. We had once again quite amount of really generous sponsors and I included the links to their sites into the post just to help you guys find the products. I don't gain anything if you use those links.

And here's all the products I got from the goodie bag:
Oh my, so many awesome products! I really can't wait to try these all! I also included in this picture those products that Sokos gave us that I already told you about in this post. In addition to the amazing beauty presentation that they gave us, they also gave everyone a Trind polish (mine is color CC151), Biotherm Aquasource samples and some Trind nail care products (I got Nail Repair Matt).

Livbox gave us all their November boxes, which had some really interesting products in it! I have ordered three Livboxes for myself before and I quite liked the concept. There have been several boxes since that I would haave gladly had myself and this is certainly one of those. I'm really interested to try out all these products as they are all really my type of products and they are also from brands I have never tried before. The box included IdHAIR elements Fix It In Place Hairspray, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Peppy Galore Diva Cleasing Oil, Vichy Idéalia day cream and Cailap by Mariela Sarkima The Sponge -makeup sponge.

Sanna Tara Nail Art & Beauty Studio gave us all ten different colors of nail art tape. I only had couple different colors of nail art tape before this so I'm sure I'll easily find use for these! 

Adenina gave us all some nail art studs and discount codes for their store. I have some studs already, but there are for example some hexagonal studs in this mix that I have never tried. Also those stars could be perfect for some Christmas nail art. In addition to these Adenina also gave us one Orly nail polish and four Bundle Monster plates, but unfortunately I didn't get any of those.

Consult Lady gave us all one China Glaze Magnetix nail polish and the Magnetix magnet. I got the color called You Move Me, which isn't really my type of color judging from the bottle, but we'll see how I will like it when I try it out. I already had one China Glaze magnet, but luckily this has some different patterns in it, so I'm interested to try them out. In addition to these Consult Lady also gave us all Dr. Spiller scincare samples and two Mirabella Mineral makeup gift bags to raffle.

We all also got one Naturel 3in1 Gel Polish and Naturel Cleanser For Gel Nail Polish from Kauneutta.com. I have never tried any gel polishes before, but maybe now I can get this fixed. The polish I got is number 13, quite gorgeous looking pink.

The other China Glaze polish here in the middle of the picture is from MiMax who sent us the twelve polishes from China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze collection and three Orly Matte FX polishes. I got the amazingly bright blue called So Blue Without You.

Recently I have added quite a few of blue polishes in my stash but I don't have anything like this one! It looks really bright and fun in the bottle, so I can't wait to try it on.
L'Oreal Finland sent us all on package of Essie Sleek Stick nail stickers in color 03 So Haute!. I have tried couple different nail stickers before, but I have never tried Essie ones. These are really the perfect style for Christmas, so I think I'm going to save them for little later.

We all got also either one Seventeen polish or Catherine Arley polish that were sent to us by beautycosmetic.biz. I got a white Seventeen polish number 103. They also gave us couple of Mr. Nail polishes, but those unfortunately went to someone else.

Mereneid gave us all nail stickers, nail art glitter, nail files and either a base coat, a top coat or a cuticle oil. We got those base coats from our previous meeting too and I really liked it, so I just while ago bought another for myself. Now I have another one in storage, which is nice. I also got that top coat from the previous meeting and I loved that one too as it dryes really fast, so I'd say these Mereneid products are really great option and they are really not too expensive.

Berner sponsored us with IsaDora and Rimmel products. I was going to have to buy a new mascara really soon, so I'm happy to try out that IsaDora Mascara Volume 2.0 as I have never tried any of their mascaras before. From Rimmel we all got a Salon Pro Nail Polish and Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint. The polish I got is called Grape Sorbet and the eye shadow is called Manganese Purple. The eye shadow looks especially intriguing:

This is also something I have never tried before so I'll probably have to do some learning so that I can apply this neatly. But the color is really gorgeous, so I'm happy to try this out!

Last but not least I managed to pick a present that had Lush Tiny Hands solid hand cream inside it. I've never tried any solid hand creams before and I do love Lush products, so I'm really interested to try this one out! It has quite a strong smell, but it's probably something I can live with. Lush also gave us one Celebrate body lotion to raffle.

Cosmerya sent us some discount codes, some Lavera hand creams and some Universal Nails and Cuccio Colors nail polishes, but I unfortunately didn't get any of those.

Polishinail also sent us some discount codes and I'll show you later what I got with that as just did my order couple days ago and it hasn't yet arrived.

Blippo made our lives a bit sweeter by sending us some candy and keychains. 

And like I told you before EFFECT generously sponsored the prize for our little nail art contest.

Finally, I'd like to thank all our lovely sponsors for all the products they sent us! They were all really generous and I'm sure everyone got plenty of interesting products to try out.


Tänään siis vuorossa viimeinen osa miittipostauksia ja esittelyssä tuotteet, jotka sain omasta goodie bagistani. Meillä oli taas kerran iso joukko mahtavia sponsoreita tukemassa miittiämme ja jokainen lähti miitistä varmasti iloisena kaikista uusista kokeiltavista tuotteista! Osa sponsoreista lähetti tuotteita jokaiselle ja osalta saimme myös arvontapalkintoja, jotka sitten pikkujouluteeman mukaisesti paketoimme pikku paketteihin. Lisätiedot tuotteista ja linkit tuotteisiin voi tarkastaa tuosta englanninkielisestä osiosta. Linkit ovat siellä vain teidän apunanne, en siis hyödy niiden klikkailusta mitään.

Iso kiitos vielä kaikille meidän sponsoreille!


  1. Ihanan paljon kaikkea kivaa testattavaa.Yrityksille kyllä suuri kiitos että tukevat harrastajia =)

    1. Niinpä, täytyy kyllä olla todella iloinen, että yritykset lähtevät edelleen tällaiseen mukaan! :)

  2. Paljon kaikkea! Tuo kiinteä käsivoide on mielenkiintoinen, miltä vaikuttaa?:)

    1. Oli kyllä ja paljon myös kaikkea ihan uutta testattavaa, jota/jollaista ei ole aikaisemmin päässyt kokeilemaan. :) En oo vielä hirveesti kerinnyt tuota käsivoidetta kokeilemaan, mutta kirjoittelen siitä kyllä varmasti ihan oman postauksen, kunhan saan sitä enempi testattua. :)

  3. Wow, great goodiebag! I'm always curious to see what's inside :D

    1. Yeah, it was a really great one! I know what you mean, I'm always interested to see what's inside too. :))