American Apparel Swatch Spam

I have a quick post for you guys today with some American Apparel swatches, a little comparsion and a quick mani with two of the polishes. But let's start with some swatches of some creme AA polishes.

Dance, two coats. Nice nude, though not the best color for my skintone.

Dynasty, two coats. Really pretty color, though not that unique. 

L'Esprit, 1 coat. Yeah, this coveres really well and I only used one coat here, so the formula is really great! Nice color also, but again, not that unique.

Lopez Canyon, 2 coats. Gorgeous color, but stains the cuticles so you need to be careful when applying this.

Then I have two polishes from the Sheer line that I combined in one picture:
I have Manhattan Beach on my pinky and middle finger nails and Moonlight Beach on my ring and index finger nails. These are jelly ones, so they are quite sheer but with three coats they both covered quite well.

I also tried this quick french mani with these polishes, but this look didn't turn out as nice as I thought. They are so sheer that it was hard to apply them evenly on to the tip. Maybe these would work better in some gradient manicures or glitter sandwiches.

Last but not least I have one polish from the Metallic Line called Violet Panache. This one was quite sheer too so I used three coats here. It's a quite pretty color and the shimmer in it is gorgeous!

Violet Panache reminded me immediately of OPI Grape... Set... Match so I did a quick comparison with those two:
They are obviously not dupes as the base colors are quite different hue, but the shimmer in them is really similar. Both needed three coats for coverage, though the American Apparel one covered a bit better.


  1. Dance.... Almost perfect nude! I love it! :)

    1. It really is, I wish it had suited my skintone just a slightly better. :)

  2. I love this brand, for their quality and opacity!!

    1. They really have some great quality polishes. :)