Zoya Charla

I have just a quick post for your guys today with my swatches of Zoya Charla. I know you all have probably seen this polish (and all the dupes of it) ovar and over again, but it's such a pretty one that I just had to share my pictures too. I used this polish as a base color for my stripes nail art, but before I did any of those decorations I wore this for a while by itself and I had to take some pictures of it.

This is a bit sheer one, so I used three coats here with base and top coat. Charla is truly a vivid and so gorgeous color, I just love it! It has been on my wishlist for quite a while and now that I finally have it makes me really happy!
I only did one coat of base coat under this, which I knew could be a bit risky as colors like this can stain your nail really badly. I didn't have blue nails after removing this, but there was a bit of staining on some nails, so if you want to be sure, I'd say you need to wear two coats of base coat under this one. I got rid of the stains pretty easily though (with toothpaste), so it wasn't that big of a deal.
But yeah, it's safe to say that I totally love this one and I'm so happy to have it!

Do you guys own this one or one of its dupes  (like OPI Catch Me In Your Net or Orly Halley's Comet etc.)?


Pikaisesti esittelyssä Zoyan upea sinertävä glass fleck lakka Charla. Kuvissa on kolme kerrosta lakkaa alus- ja päällyslakan kera, eli tämäkin on koostumukselleen tyypillisesti hieman läpikuultava, mutta kolmella ohuella kerroksella saa jo peittävän tuloksen. Sain tämän vihdoinkin ostettua I Love Me -messuilta ja en voisi olla iloisempi! Lakka on aivan upea ja viimein saan ruksia sen pois toivelistaltani!

Löytyykö teidän kokoelmista tämä tai joku niistä jotakuinkin täysin vastaavista lakoista (kuten OPIn Catch Me In Your Net tai Orlyn Halley's Comet jne.)?



  1. Yeah I did rainbow nails and this one stained...and I bought the Orly dupe and then figured out they were dupes....oh well!! Smurf nails one way or the other..... :D

    1. Oh man, staining is so annoying! Buying polishes that you don't know are dupes isn't too great either... But at least the color is pretty and maybe those smurf nails can be avoided with two coats of base coat. :))

  2. This is my all time favorite polish! I get happy even by just looking at the bottle :)

    1. This surely is one of the most gorgeous polishes ever! :)