Zoya Fall 2013 Polishes - Swatches and Review

Like I told you before in this post I got to choose some Zoya polishes from this fall collections to try and I thought now that I would show you my swatches of them all in this same post. I have some manicures that I've done with these polishes to show you also, but I think I will show them in separate posts.

But like I told before, I chose 6 polishes, two from the fall Pixie Dust collection, one from the Cashmere collection and three from the Satin collection.

Let's start with the two Pixie Dusts:
So the first one is Carter and I have here two coats with base coat but of course no top coat. If you wear this as a full mani, you might need a third coat to get totally full coverage, but the formula was really nice and this was easy to apply.

The color is really gorgeous royal purple and it's the type of purple that never photographs correctly, but I do love the combination of darker and brighter purples in this one.

The second PixieDust that I chose to try out was the one that I have been most excited about for a while when it comes to textured polishes. This one is of course Chita and I have only one coat here with base coat. Oh my, this is so gorgeous and really unique! The combination of green and gold is of course a bit christmassy but that didn't bother me at all, I just love this one!

If Carter was easy to apply this one was even more easier to work with and it really coveres with just one coat! I can't really even begin to tell you how much I love this, it's just so pretty! I already have used this for one of my challenge manis, here, and I will surely be doing some Christmas nails with this!

Then I have the one polish from Cashmere collection:
This one is Pepper and I have two coats here, with base and top coat. Pepper is quite basic brick red creme, but I have been missing a good quality polish with this color in my stash and now I have it. It's really a gorgeous color and it makes quite a chic mani.

The formula of this one was really nice too and it was really easy to apply. I don't really like brown polish, but this kind of red that leans towards brown is really my type of color and it's surely perfect fall color.

And then I have the three Satin collection polishes:
First off is Neve and I have two coats of here, no base or top coat. This one is a bit strange one as it looks in the bottle straight up blurple, but on nail it's clearly blue and there isn't really even a hint of purple in it. But the color is really gorgeous sapphire blue and I do love the depth it seems to have!
I really thought I might not enjoy this one as much, but it was a nice surprise when I put it on. This was also really easy to work with and it coveres really well, so well that it was almost one-coater. 
The next one is Channing and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. Channing is a coppery red/orange and I have to say that it's really my type of color. It also made me immediately think two other polishes, China Glaze Bend Over Backwards and OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby. I've had both of them but I thought I didnät need both so I sold the OPI one, but I did love them both as I do also love Channing.

The formula in this one was slightly runny and sheer, but it was still quite easy to apply and it did cover with two coats, but you might need a third one just to be safe.

And then the last one is a gold topper called Maria Luisa and I have here one coat over Neve. This one was a bit hard to photograph as the flakes seemed somehow to be hiding when I tried to take a picture eventhough they are really visible on nail. I do love the look of this one and the fact that it's really a unique one, at least I don't have anything like it and I'm pretty sure that I haven't even seen anything quite like it!
The formula was really easy to work with and you really get a generous amount of the flakes with just one coat. This will look really great with pretty much every color, so it's really versitale.

So tell me, which ones were your favourite ones? Did you get some other polishes from the Zoya fall collection that I should still check out or were my picks the right ones?

Information for my Finnish readers:
Zoyan lakkoja saa Suomesta ostettua kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täältä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta info@nailcity.fi hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Mä oon jotenkin onnistunut tosi hyvin skippaamaan jopa harkintalistalta nuo Zoyan shimmerit ja cremet, ja mun silmät vilkkuu vain noille tekstuureille, jotka näyttää kyllä hyviltä sun swatcheissa. Mutta eipä tuo Channingkaan nyt hassummalta näytä, ja tykkään myös Maria Luisasta :)

    1. Miä koitin harkinten ottaa vaan kaks noista tekstuureista, kun niitä on kuitenki kertyny jo aika paljon, mut vähän kyllä jäi vielä Tomoko kaivelemaan... :) Kannattaa noille shimmereille ja cremeille ees hetki suoda, ovat sen verran nättejä ja laadukkaita! :) Maria Luisa on kyl jännän erilainen flakie ja varmasti monikäyttönen ja Channing on kyllä nätti. :3

  2. They all look amazing.... I really love Pepper and Channing :)

    1. They are all really great! I really loved them all, but Pepper and Channing are really great ones. :)

  3. I haven't tried the cashmere collection yet, but that swatch of Pepper is amazing and now I am feeling an uncontrollable urge to get me debit card out....

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad to hear you liked the swatch! :) It is really a gorgeous polish, so it's really no wonder that you have the urge to get it! :)