Saran Wrap Mani with Essie Head Mistress, Flormar Jewel Gold JG453 and Nail Studs

I haven't done a saran wrap mani for a while, so I decided it was about time to do one. I also wanted to use those pattern studs* that I got from Adenina and I thought they would go really well together with the saran wrap look.

So I used Essie Head Mistress and Flormar Jewel Gold JG453 for the saran wrap. I intentionally chose the red studs for this as they were quite close to my base color. This way they aren't too visible, but with a closer look you notice that there's an extra element in the mani. I really liked this combination of the saran wrap look and the studs, though it was quite hard to photograph as once again I managed to choose colors that look good in real life, but my camera struggles to capture them.

I have to say that I really love these studs! They are something special compared to regular one colored studs and there are some really great colors in the wheel. They are a bit more expensive than some other ones that I've bought myself (7,95€), but the wheel is really big and there's good amount of every color and shape in the wheel, so you get quite an amount of studs.

There's 12 different styles in the wheel and check them all out in my haul post here where I have a close-up picture of all the different studs. I was a bit affraid how these studs would do with top coat, but it didn't ruin the pattern or anything like that, so it was really unnecessary concern.

I also took some pictures of the saran wrap mani without the studs so that you could see it better:
I really liked this color combination of red and orange, it was actually quite appropriate color combination for the first days of September. Also the shimmer in Flormar Jewel Gold JG453 is really beautiful!

I did these nails for our little vacation to Russia, to St. Petersburg and this is actually planned post as I'm currently (hopefully) enjoying my time and views there! And of course hopefully doing some nail polish shopping... :D

Misa BACKbone
Essie Head Mistress 2 coats
Flormar Jewel Gold JG453 1 coat (saran wrap)
nail studs
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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*The nail studs from Adenina were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.