Random Swatch Spam with a-england

My very awesome brother got some pictures out from my (still very) broken laptop that I had taken couple months ago (and of course I only had them stored there). I had done couple redo swatches of some older a-england polishes that I have already shown here in blog before and also one a-england polish that I have used several times already, but haven't shown you my swatches of it. So finally I can show them to you! a-england is one of my all time favourite brand and they have done some really awesome polishes lately too, but I feel like the older ones also deserve some attention, so here are four polishes of the very first a-england collection, The Mythicals.

First off is Galahd and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. This really has to be one of my all time favourite creme polishes if not the ultimate favourite one. The color is really awesome and the polish is so easy to work with! Really, if you don't own this already, get it, it's awesome!

The next one is Avalon which never really photographs like it should. It's the type of purple that looks too cold and blue every time you try to take a picture of it, so this is really more warm toned in real life. I have also two coats here, no base or top coat. The formula of this one is also great and the polish is really easy to work with.

This gorgeous light shimmer pink is of course Iseult and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. This one is probably the only one of my a-england collection where the formula isn't really that perfect. It's a bit sheer so you need three coats for full coverage, but the polish is also a bit thick. But then again, it's still quite easy to apply and the color is sooo pretty, that I don't really mind the formula issues too much. And also I should note that I only complain about the formula because I have used to the fact that a-england polishes are nearly perfect formulawise...

The last but not least is Merlin and I have two coats here over Iseult. I have already done swatches of Merlin alone, but this time I wanted to show you it over some other polish, because I feel like it works better that way. It is really an awesome silver glitter that is infact quite special as the glitters are a bit different from those that we usually see in these type of polishes.