Nail Polish Battle: Essie Bikini So Teeny vs. Rock The Boat vs. Lapiz Of Luxury

I have another Nail Polish Battle for you guys today, this time it's with three light blue Essie polishes.

Normally I'd have here first the bottle shot of the polishes, but I was being too fast and already managed to sell one of these before I realised that I hadn't taken the bottle shot and the polish was long gone.. Oh well... I had already taken the nail comparsion pictures, so I decided to post this anyway. So the polishes in this battle are all from Essie and they are Bikini So Teeny, Rock the Boat and Lapiz Of Luxury.

I was going to do the battle only with Bikini So Teeny and Rock the Boat as they both have little shimmer in them, but last minute I decided to add Lapiz Of Luxury in the mix too, though it is a creme, but the color was quite close to Bikini So Teeny, at least in the bottle. The shimmer in Bikini So Teeny is the type of shimmer that doesn't really show up in pictures too much and it's not too visible on nail in real life either. In Rock the Boat there's more of that silver shimmer in it and so the shimmer is more visible and you can see it in real life as well as in pictures. The color of Rock the Boat is a bit lighter than Bikini So Teeny and the color of Bikini So Teeny is a bit lighter than the color of Lapiz Of Luxury. Lapiz Of Luxury coveres with two coats, the other two both need three coats for full coverage. I'm really that type of person, that if there's shimmer in a polish, I need to see it on nail too or otherwise I'd prefer the polish to be creme. So that's probably the main reason I prefer Rock the Boat over Bikini So Teeny. Also the colors of Bikini So Teeny and Lapiz Of Luxury are quite close whereas Rock the Boat is clearly lighter blue. I don't really need all these three, so the reasonable decision is probably to keep one shimmer and one creme.

Final verdict: Bikini So Teeny got to go, Rock the Boat and Lapiz Of Luxury both have a place in my stash.


  1. Rock The Boat definitely wins for me! I love that the shimmer is so much more visible than Bikini So Teeny.

    1. The shimmer in Rock the Boat is certainly really gorgeous! :)