Hauls from St. Petersburg and Fragrance Direct

I have a quick post for you guys today with two hauls. Like I told you in a previous post, I was in a little vacation in St. Petersburg and of course I had to buy some nail polishes and other nail related products from there. Also, when I got home I had a little package waiting for me from Frangrance Direct, so also included those polishes to this post.

I was hoping to find some local brand polishes from St. Petersburg, mainly Dance Legend as I had heard that they would be quite easy to find there. Well, I didn't see any! I guess I didn't look hard enough or didn't quite know where to look and I was quite dissapointed. Gladly, just before I was leaving I managed to find couple El Corazón polishes, which really made my day! Now at least I got some Russian polishes to try! I also saw a Pupa stand in one cosmetic store, so I grabbed couple polishes that looked most interesting as I haven't tried the brand before. The one Golden Rose Paris polish I bought just because I had some money left and needed to spend it somewhere...

From left to right these are: El Corazón Eggs of Wild Birds number 423/96 and Easted Eggs number 423/99, Pupa numbers 402 and 735, Golden Rose Paris number 94. 

Essie polishes were cheaper there than here in Finland and they all come with the wider brush, so I had to grab some! From left to right these are Good To Go Top Coat, Lapiz Of Luxury, Sand Tropez and Licorice. I chose some quite basic colors as these are the ones that I have considered buying before. I was going to buy Licorice from a sale from Finland before, so that I would have a good black polish with the wide brush, but thankfully I didn't as I got it still cheaper from St. Petersburg.

I also bought some basic hand creams to try as they didn't really cost anything. I don't have a Lush store near me and I haven't had Lemony Flutter for a while, so when I saw Lush store in Nevsky Prospekt I had the perfect chance to buy it. I got the Essie glass file as a gift from the same store that I bought couple of those Essie polishes from, it was really a nice surprise! And I bought the other glass file from a souvenir store.

The matryoshka one wasn't too expensive and I just wanted some little souvenir, so this was really perfect! It's not the smoothest glass file out there, so it's quite good that I also got the Essie one.. :D 

I propably would have bought more polishes if I'd had found those Dance Legends somewhere as I would have really wanted to try out the brand too. I guess I just have to order them online now.. But I was really happy to find those El Corazón ones and the Pupa ones and of course the Essies with the wide brush!

Then to my Fragrance Direct haul. They had some Essies and OPIs for quite reasonable prize, so I had to make a little order and get some. Unfortunately, it took quite a while for the package to reach me and all the polishes were really poorly padded, thankfully anything wasn't broken.

These are from left to right: Essie Navigate Her, Bikini So Teeny and We're In It Together, Revlon Stunning, OPI Dutch 'ya Just Love OPI?, Pedal Faster Suzi! and You Don't Know Jacques!

I have some close-up bottle shots of some of the polishes in this haul for you guys too:

So tell me guys, what did you think of my hauls?
Also, I was wondering if you'd be interested to read something more about my vacation? I just checked my photos and I have over 600 of them, so I thought I could do a little post and share some pictures of St. Petersburg with you guys if you are interested. Let me know!


  1. hey!
    where did you get El Corazon in here???

    about Dance Legend - it's really easy to find - if you know where to look =) mostly it's in professional hairdresser's stores, or in small nail-polish stands and nail-bars in big stores (like Mega). but I mostly order them in internet shops (much, really, Much cheaper... but this works only with local shops). I can send you some adresses via mail, if you want =)

    1. I found the El Corazóns in a cosmetic store near the Finlyandsky train station. There weren't really many El Corazón there, maybe ten bottles in total or something like that.

      I guess I just didn't know where to look those Dance Legends, I think I should have maybe been prepared for shopping in general too and I could have maybe asked some more tips beforehand as I noticed it wasn't too easy to find pretty much anything if you didn't know where to go... I don't think I'm going to St. Petersburg again, or at least I don't have any plans, so I guess I'm not going to need those addresses. But thank you so much for the offer, I should have asked them here in my blog beforehand! I guess I just need to order some online.

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    3. I've been looking for El Corazon for ages... and finally found it in supermarket next door =) but there was only about 5 shades =(

      ok. =)
      about order online - I was shocked when I saw international Dance Legend shop prices... an example, Termo polishes there costs 13$, but in local shop it's only 9$... not big difference if you take 1 bottle, but if you want more than one =/
      anyway, I think they worth trying ;)

      btw, we have 2 big professional exhibitions a year. in autumn and spring. it's a good chance to get all that nail/hair/beauty stuff =)

      did you like Pietari? =)

    4. Yeah, there weren't too many shades in the shop that I visited either. You'd think that it would be more easily available since it's Russian brand, but I guess not...

      I think the prices are quite high too and that was the main reason I would have wanted to buy some when I was there.. Just so that I could try couple to know if I even like the brand. The shipping costs always make the price go even higher..

      I've heard and read before about those exhibitions, it would be really nice to visit one at some point! I think I could visit St. Petersburg more often if I lived in southern Finland as it's easier to take the train from there. Also the visa is a bit expensive, which is a shame if you ask me!

      I did like Pietari very much! There was so much to see and the city was full of beautiful buildings and places! It also would be fun to visit again at some point as now I would be more prepaired of where to visit and such.. :)

    5. well... lucky me - now there are about 15 shades in supermarket =)
      El Corazon is russian brand... but they think that they're german/korean brand =) and there are removed "made in Scotland" sticker on my bottles =))))))))))) everybody lies (c) =)))

      Dance Legend in real shops costs almost like in international online shop... so...

      yeah! those exhibitions are really great thing! not only for shopping - there are also very interesting tutorials, lessons and shows (there are also competitions for hairdressers and other masters).

      where do you live?
      I've heard about high visa prises for you... but from my side - Finland has quite a good money from russians too... many of us who live next to your country, bought finnish visa to get to Europe...

      I've seen your post about Pietari =) 4 days is too few to see this city... and there are also great places next to the city =)

    6. Oh, I'd love to visit that supermarket! :D

      Those exhibitions sound really great, hope that I can visit one at some point! :)

      I live in Joensuu, which is in Eastern Finland. It's near the Russian border, but it's still not too handy to get from here to for example St. Petersburg. I think the visa price is really ridicilous and if it was lower, certainly more people would travel there...

      Four days is really too few, but maybe I can visit again some time and see some other places. :)

    7. there are mostly that Eggs collection... and it seems like not only me who knows this place now... yesterday there was only few left =/

      where are 2 of them every year... and every one tooks 3 to 4 days... so you have many chances to visit =)

      I see =)
      well... Russia is a bit strange country, I know. and the prices are crazy in here...
      I've been in love with your country for almost 10 years now... mostly 'coz of Finnish music bands =)
      ja... minun siskoni asuu Espoossa =)))
      (hope I write it well... it's been 5 years since my last Suomi lesson)

      good luck! and if you gonna visit again - feel free to ask me about polish places or everything =)

    8. Thank you, I will surely ask you information about polish places and such if I visit again! :)

      Suomesi on täydellistä! :)) Your Finnish is perfect! :)
      I have tried to learn some Russian and I do know the letters and some basic stuff, but I don't think I could form a perfect sentence.. :D It's so hard! But I guess Finnish is quite hard too.. :)

  2. Ihania ostoksia :) minua ainakin kiinnostaisi lukea ja nähdä kuvia matkastasi :)

    1. Kiitos! Kirjottelen matkapostausta huomenna! :)

  3. Suakin vaivaa näköjään Essie-buumi, kun niitä on hommattu useampi pullo eri paikoista! :D Kivoja hankintoja ja noi El Corazonit kiinnostaa nähdä in action.
    Ja ehdottomasti reissukertomusta kehiin kuvien kanssa, hauska olisi nähdä näkyykö sun kuvissa yhtään mitään tuttua kohtaa; meillä kun oli heinäkuussa Pietarissa kuitenkin kohtalaisen suppea katselmus... ;)

    1. Kyllä vaivaa, pahemman laatunen vielä! :D El Corazóneista toinen pääs jo kynsille, eli postausta tulossa melko pian. :)

      Reissukertomusta koitan saaha aikaseks huomenna. :)

  4. Great haul! I love matryoshka nail file, now I know what to get for my friends as a souvenir! :) :) It's a pity that you didn't find DL, they are sold all around in the kiosks of the malls.. but maybe not in the very center.. Essie is cheaper here as in Europe, indeed, but I hate the wide brush :( You can order DL online from their web-site, but the damn Russian Post can be delivering it for months.. And the bigger size hand creme is quite good, I'm using it at the moment, and cheap as hell :)

    1. Thanks! The nail file is great idea as a souvenir! :)

      It's a bit pity, but I think I just wasn't well enough prepared to where to look for. I love the wide brush, so it was a good thing for me that they have the wide burshes, but it's shame that you don't like them. :( I think I will order some online, maybe I'll get them before Christmas. :D Oh, good to know about the hand cream, I just grabbed something as they were so cheap. :))

  5. Mistä löysit El Corazonia?
    Frendi on lähdössä pian sinne ja lupasi mulle yrittää metsästää noita :)
    Ja muistatko paljonko niillä ja Essieillä oli suunnilleen hintaan?

    1. El Corazónit löyty Suomen juna-aseman lähettyviltä, mutta siellä liikkeessä oli yhteensä ehkä kymmenisen pulloa, että en tiiä onko niitä siellä ylipäätään enää.. :) Öm, Essiet tais olla jotakin vähän reilu 7 euroa ja noi El Corazónit nappasin niin nopeesti viime tipassa, että en nyt hinnasta oo ihan varma, mutta oisko ne ollu jotakin kolmen euron luokkaa..