Essie Sand Tropez & Navigate Her with ILNP Glass Slipper and BPS Gemstones

This is the second post today and I have some nails to show you guys this time! You can find my first post here where I have some pictures of our little vacation to St. Petersburg, if you are interested. But like I said, I have some nails to show you guys as I have another Born Pretty Store product review. Along with the water decals and the diamond rhinestones that I have showed you already I chose some pretty gorgeous looking gemstones to try out. This is what I came up using the gemstones and some other things:

So I started with three coats of Esie Navigate Her on my ring finger nail and three coats of Essie Sand Tropez on others. Then I topped all the other nails with one coat of I Love Nail Polish Glass Slipper and placed two of those stones using clear top coat on my ring finger nail. I also used some beads chain for the nail, which is also from BPS, but I have bought it myself quite some time ago. (You can find it here, or at least something similar as I'm not totally sure if mine is that exact one as it says white and I'd say mine is silver, but I couldn't find silver one there anymore.) I used clear top coat also to fix the chain in place and I sealed it with a coat of top coat and that seemed to work out fine.

These gemstones are really pretty and I would have wanted to use some other ones too, but the thing is that they are just too big for me. My nails are quite curved so the only ones that I could fit on my nails were the smallest ones of the wheel. There were some really pretty ones in the wheel, I especially liked all those raindrop shaped ones, but they all were just way too big for me. Also these are not flat at all, so I'm not so sure how I could have handeled the bigger ones as I prefer my nail art and decorations to be flatter.

I have to say though that I really loved all the polishes that I used for this mani! Sand Tropez is really a perfect sandy nude and I just loved how it looked on me. Also ILNP Glass Slipper is a really beautiful mix of those quite subtle glitter and I love the combination! I think those irregular shaped silver pieces were really pretty too. Navigate Her is a really pretty green also, though I think I need to use it on all of my nails to decide if it's a color for me or not. 

 But like I said, these 'stones' were really pretty and they have some really interesting designs, so if you have bigger nails or flatter nails, these could fit you perfectly! On the other hand, if your nails are curved like mine or if they are small in general, I'm not really sure how you could use these as I wouldn't wand to use them in a way where the sides of the stones are not touching the nails. Also there are only three of each design in the wheel (except those smaller ones, there is five of them though at least in my wheel those two that I used were different colorwise than the three others), so the wheel is a bit expensive ($7.30) if you consider the amount you get. But then again, these seem like quality ones and you could do some really gorgeous designs with these.

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*The gemstones were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

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