Depend Jade Vine with Kiko Hot Pink and Zoya Liberty

Are you guys already fed up with all the textured polishes? Hope not, because I have a gorgeous one to show you guys today! Once again Adenina provided some products for review and I chose Depend Jade Vine (#2063)* (and some studs that I'll use in another post). I have tried quite a few of textured polishes from different brands but this was my first Depend textured one, or Rough Sparkle as they call their textured polishes line. The color of the polish was so beautiful that I didn't want to cover it too much with some decorations, but I still wanted to do something else with it than just do a one polish mani, so I decided to do some gradient tips to go along with it.

So first I did two coats of Depend Jade Vine (with base coat) and after that was completely dry I did the gradient using the same Jade Vine and Kiko Hot Pink (index and ring) or Zoya Liberty* (middle and pinky).

I really liked how this textured gradient turned out, though my bf's first comment was that the nails reminded him of the '90s... I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I really liked this look!

Misa BACKbone
Depend Jade Vine 2 coats*
gradient: Kiko Hot Pink (index, ring), Zoya Liberty (middle, pinky)

I also took some pictures of Jade Vine alone so that you can see the gorgeous color and overall look it has:
I thought this color was really pretty and I didn't own any textured polishes similar to this before. I wore this alone when I went to a local store and I noticed IsaDora's Sugar Crush stand there and when I compared Jade Vine to their Turquoise Crush the colors seemed really similar though this Depend version seems to have more of those bigger glitters in it. I posted the comparison picture to Instagram, you can check it out here.

I really liked the formula and quality of this Depend texture polish. It covered really nicely with just two coats and it seemed to dry really quickly too. The one thing I don't like so much about Depend is the fact that the bottles are so small (only 5ml) and the price is quite high if you consider the amount that you get, but the quality was so nice that I think I might get some other color of these Rough Sparkle polishes. I also have to say that I love the fact that these Depend polishes have finally names! Though unfortunately the name isn't printed on the bottle as the bottles only have the numbers, but at least they do have some names..

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*Depend Jade Vine and Zoya Liberty were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Kauniit! En olekaan tullut vielä ajatelleeksi että hiekkalakailla voisi yrittää liukuvärjätä:)

    1. Kiitos! Kyllähän se hiekkalakoillakin onnistuu vallan mainiosti. :)

  2. Nams. Mä oon joskus miettinyt tekstuuriliukuvärjäystä, mutta oon jäänyt miettimään sujuuko se yhtä helposti kuin normilakalla... Nää on kyllä tosi ihanat!!

    1. Kiitos paljon! :) Kyllähän tuo hyvin tekstuureillakin sujuu, tosin Dependin nuo isommat glitterit meinas tupata kasaantua samaan kasaan eli ehkä semmosilla tekstureilla, joissa ei noita isompia glittereitä oo, onnistuis vielä paremmin. :)

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    1. Kiitos paljon, kiva kuulla että tykkäsit! :)