31DC13 Day 7: Black and White Nails

It's time for another day of the challenge and this time black and white nails. I have really simple mani for today, but after buying this polish, I just had to do the b&w challenge with it!

So like I said, I have just a simple mani with only one polish but what a pretty one it is! This is one of the polishes I bought from my trip to St. Petersburg and I'm soooo happy I stumpled upon this one! This a polish from El Corazón Eggs of Wild Birds collection and the number of this one is 423/96. I have here three coats with base and top coat, though it was quite good with just two coats.
I really loooove this one, it's so pretty and interesting! I like the look of white nails, but I feel a bit strange if I have only strickly white polish on my nails, so this is perfect polish where the white is dominant but there's still something else going on. And it surely reminds me of some wild birg egg.
This was really easy to work with and I do love the fact that there isn't too much of those bigger black glitters in the polish, so they don't dominate the look too much but they are still there. I just love this so much! I just wish I had had the chance to get more of these...

Misa BACKbone
El Corazón Eggs of Wild Birds 423/96 3 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

And again, here's what I did for the black and white challenge two years ago:
You can check out the full post here.


  1. I have 5 colors of this serie on my hands now =)
    btw, did you know - this "bio-gel" serie has to be used without base-coat. it has some strengthening components etc.

    1. Oh man, I'd like to have those too!
      I didn't know that, it's quite interesting! But I still think I'll wear them with base coat as I'm afraid to wear any polish without it because I fear they might make my nails (even more) yellow.

    2. I've used one their bio-gel here:
      (btw, I've started to write in English, finally)
      without base. and it's good! no stains at all. and my nails really felt stronger after...
      *5 minutes later.
      ok. I took off this 5... there was lavender, yellow, pink, light blue, blue/purple. 5 days, without base. no stains, no yellow, very easy to remove (even glitter)...

      about yellow - I'm testing new Dance Legend treatment now... it based on lemon oil... and it works!
      or you can just use fresh lemon - it really makes nails more white =)

    3. Well that's really great to hear you didn't get any stains, maybe I'll try that too. :) It's also great to hear you have started to write your blog in English too, now it's easier for me to read it. :)

      I've heard about that lemon trick, but I haven't tried it yet. I really should if it works. :)