31DC13 Day 5: Blue Nails

I'm in a roll and I have another challenge mani for you guys eventhough I said I would do this at my own pace! It's day five and so it's time for some blue nails and here's what I did:

I've seen some really amazinf waterfall manis around blogs lately and I have been wanting to try it out myself too, so what would be better reason to try it out than this challenge where you are supposed to challenge your self to try out new things! So this is my very first waterfall mani and it probably also looks like it as the lines aren't nearly perfect, but I still liked this very much! Of course I used The Nailsasaurus' tutorial for this one, if you haven't already, you can check it out here. I left those lines deliberately quite short as I didn't want to cover up my gorgeous base color completely, but I could have of course made them longer to make the waterfall effect more stronger.

The gorgeous base color that I'm talking about is two coats of Essie Lapiz Of Luxury and I did the lines with four different polishes: Zoya Blu, Natty and Hazel plus Tiia Vanhatapio/Seppälä polish called Mercury. I'm not too good at practicing my manis beforehand, so I just went ahead and did this one too, but maybe I should have tried out it just a little to choose maybe one other polish, because Hazel and Mercury look pretty much the same here... But overall I really liked this mani and it was pretty straight forward to do, though I might need to practice those lines a bit too.

Here I have all the polishes used for the mani, so from left to right they are:
Mereneid Basecoat-Ridgefiller Rose (I got this one from our meeting sponsored by Mereneid)
Essie Lapiz Of Luxury (two coats)
Zoya Blu (I've gotten this one originally for review from NailCity)
Zoya Natty (This one I also got from our meeting and it was also sponsored by NailCity)
Zoya Hazel
Tiia Vanhatapio/Seppälä Mercury
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

And heres's my blue mani for the challenge two years ago:
So back then I used one of my all time favourite blue glitters, China Glaze Skyscraper, you can read the full post here.


  1. Ihanat! Tää on mullakin kokeilulistalla ja tulossa jossain kohtaa haasteessa :). ..vaikkakin luulen, että nuo laihat viivat ei taitu kovin hyvin :P.

    1. Ei multakaan kyllä taittunu ne hyvin, menevät vähän miten sattuu ja minne sattuu, mutta tykkäsin lopputuloksesta silti eli ei varmasti haittaa, vaikka ne ei oiskaan ihan täydelliset. :)