31DC13 Day 3: Yellow Nails

It's day three of the challenge and I have one real copycat mani to show you guys. This almost a bit embarrassing as the whole idea of this mani and the colors and even two of the polishes that I used are all taken directly from this mani by the awesome french mani queen Sannu. So yeah, I didn't really use any of my own imagination for these nails... But for my defence, after seeing those nails that Sannu did on May, every time I've thought about what kind of yellow nails I could do for this challenge, the only thing that came to mind was that yellow french mani. So I finally thought that I just have to do my own copy of those nails to get them out of my system! (Thanks a lot Sannu for making such unforgettable manicure...)

Of course the thing is that you really shouldn't copy from people who do things better than your self or yours will always look inferior. So I probably shouldn't have copied this mani from Sannu as she does those really amazing french manis constantly and I've done maybe five french manis in my whole life... But like I said, I couldn't come up with anything else and I don't particularly enjoy yellow polish anyways, so I just had to do something. So without further blabber, here are my yellow nails.

Yep, like I said, these are not as good and clean as the original ones, but the design was so pretty that these still turned out really great (or at least I think so..). Somehow the dotting tool wasn't being my friend and I messed up those black dots, but at least from the distance this look quite nice. And if you consider the fact that I've used yellow nail polish here that I really do not like, these turned out really great!
If you are wondering what those weird yellow dots are on my ring finger nail, I managed to accidentally mess yellow polish there and so I needed something to cover it up... Not the greatest idea, but it did it's job.

I used Essence Nude Glam Cotton Candy as my base color for this mani and I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised by it! The color is really great and suits me, and the formula was awesome! I have two coats here and it went on really effortlessly and evened out so nicely. The yellow is also Essence polish called Wanna Be Your Sunshine. It's pretty much the only yellow I own and I got it just because I thought I could need one yellow polish in my stash. The black is Essie Licorice and the black glitter is, of course, L'Oreal Confettis.

Misa BACKbone
Essence Cotton Candy 2 coats
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine 2 coats (tips)
L'Oreal Confettis 1 coat (tips)
Essie Licorice (black dots)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

My yellow mani two years ago looked like this:
I used China Glaze Trendsetter and Nubar 2010 for the mani and it was the case of not knowing if I should post it as yellow or green and compared to the mani I'm showing you today, I'd say this looks more green than yellow... But it was probably just my clever way of not having to do strickly yellow nails two years ago... You can check the whole post here.


  1. Minusta tää sun versio tuosta lakkauksesta on myös tosi upea ja onnistunu. :)

  2. Sinä ja Sannu ootte nyt saaneet mut uskomaan, että keltaisillekin kynsilakoille on paikkansa maailmassa :D mullakin on yks keltainen Catrice Helmerin syövereissä, ihan vaan sen takia että on sitten kaikkia värejä olemassa...:D

    1. Haa, kyllä se ehkä just yks keltanen kannattaa siellä Helmerissä pitää, niin ainakin oon ite ajatellu.. Sitä koskaan tiiä millonka ilmenee joku ylitsepääsemätön tarve keltaselle lakalle.. :D

  3. Näyttää tosi hyvältä! Minusta on tosi kiva, että tehdään myös lakkauksia mallista, koska on aina kiva nähdä, miten samanlainen lakkaus voi näyttää erilaiselta ihan jo pelkästään erimallisissa kynsissä.

    Ps. Oon ihan leijana täällä. Ens kerralla kun tuun sukuloimaan, haluun tavata sut ^_^ hih.

    1. Kiitos kovasti, kiva kuulla että tykkäsit! :) Ne sun versiot jäi niin pahasti kummittelemaan mieleen (siis hyvässä mielessä), että ne oli vaan pakko toteuttaa myös ite. :D

      Hihi, treffataan ihmeessä! ;)

  4. Tosi nätit ja pirteät kynnet, tykkään. :)