Gradient with Zoya Pepper and Maria Luisa

I already showed you my swatches of my picks of Zoya fall 2013 polishes and as I promised, I have some manicures to show you guys that I have done with the shades. Today I have a simple mani where I used two of those Zoya fall polishes.

So I used two coats of the gorgeous Pepper as my base color and after it was completely dry, I did the gradient look with Maria Luisa. I really liked how these two polishes looked together and I can't really get over the fact how gorgeous they both are (together and alone)!

Like I said, this was really a simple manicure, but I liked it very much! Nail art doesn'talways have to be to complicated to be really pretty! This mani made me love Maria Luisa even more, as I appreciate the fact that even when layered, the flakies stay really flat. It is truly an awesome topper and if you ask me, it's the gem of the Satin collection.

Misa BACKbone
Zoya Pepper 2 coats
Zoya Maria Luisa for the gradient
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

So tell me guys, did you like this combo as much as I did?

Information for my Finnish readers:
Zoyan lakkoja saa Suomesta ostettua kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täältä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*The polishes in this post were originally sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Nail Polish Battle: Essie Bikini So Teeny vs. Rock The Boat vs. Lapiz Of Luxury

I have another Nail Polish Battle for you guys today, this time it's with three light blue Essie polishes.

Normally I'd have here first the bottle shot of the polishes, but I was being too fast and already managed to sell one of these before I realised that I hadn't taken the bottle shot and the polish was long gone.. Oh well... I had already taken the nail comparsion pictures, so I decided to post this anyway. So the polishes in this battle are all from Essie and they are Bikini So Teeny, Rock the Boat and Lapiz Of Luxury.

I was going to do the battle only with Bikini So Teeny and Rock the Boat as they both have little shimmer in them, but last minute I decided to add Lapiz Of Luxury in the mix too, though it is a creme, but the color was quite close to Bikini So Teeny, at least in the bottle. The shimmer in Bikini So Teeny is the type of shimmer that doesn't really show up in pictures too much and it's not too visible on nail in real life either. In Rock the Boat there's more of that silver shimmer in it and so the shimmer is more visible and you can see it in real life as well as in pictures. The color of Rock the Boat is a bit lighter than Bikini So Teeny and the color of Bikini So Teeny is a bit lighter than the color of Lapiz Of Luxury. Lapiz Of Luxury coveres with two coats, the other two both need three coats for full coverage. I'm really that type of person, that if there's shimmer in a polish, I need to see it on nail too or otherwise I'd prefer the polish to be creme. So that's probably the main reason I prefer Rock the Boat over Bikini So Teeny. Also the colors of Bikini So Teeny and Lapiz Of Luxury are quite close whereas Rock the Boat is clearly lighter blue. I don't really need all these three, so the reasonable decision is probably to keep one shimmer and one creme.

Final verdict: Bikini So Teeny got to go, Rock the Boat and Lapiz Of Luxury both have a place in my stash.

Random Swatch Spam with a-england

My very awesome brother got some pictures out from my (still very) broken laptop that I had taken couple months ago (and of course I only had them stored there). I had done couple redo swatches of some older a-england polishes that I have already shown here in blog before and also one a-england polish that I have used several times already, but haven't shown you my swatches of it. So finally I can show them to you! a-england is one of my all time favourite brand and they have done some really awesome polishes lately too, but I feel like the older ones also deserve some attention, so here are four polishes of the very first a-england collection, The Mythicals.

First off is Galahd and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. This really has to be one of my all time favourite creme polishes if not the ultimate favourite one. The color is really awesome and the polish is so easy to work with! Really, if you don't own this already, get it, it's awesome!

The next one is Avalon which never really photographs like it should. It's the type of purple that looks too cold and blue every time you try to take a picture of it, so this is really more warm toned in real life. I have also two coats here, no base or top coat. The formula of this one is also great and the polish is really easy to work with.

This gorgeous light shimmer pink is of course Iseult and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. This one is probably the only one of my a-england collection where the formula isn't really that perfect. It's a bit sheer so you need three coats for full coverage, but the polish is also a bit thick. But then again, it's still quite easy to apply and the color is sooo pretty, that I don't really mind the formula issues too much. And also I should note that I only complain about the formula because I have used to the fact that a-england polishes are nearly perfect formulawise...

The last but not least is Merlin and I have two coats here over Iseult. I have already done swatches of Merlin alone, but this time I wanted to show you it over some other polish, because I feel like it works better that way. It is really an awesome silver glitter that is infact quite special as the glitters are a bit different from those that we usually see in these type of polishes.

Zoya Fall 2013 Polishes - Swatches and Review

Like I told you before in this post I got to choose some Zoya polishes from this fall collections to try and I thought now that I would show you my swatches of them all in this same post. I have some manicures that I've done with these polishes to show you also, but I think I will show them in separate posts.

But like I told before, I chose 6 polishes, two from the fall Pixie Dust collection, one from the Cashmere collection and three from the Satin collection.

Let's start with the two Pixie Dusts:
So the first one is Carter and I have here two coats with base coat but of course no top coat. If you wear this as a full mani, you might need a third coat to get totally full coverage, but the formula was really nice and this was easy to apply.

The color is really gorgeous royal purple and it's the type of purple that never photographs correctly, but I do love the combination of darker and brighter purples in this one.

The second PixieDust that I chose to try out was the one that I have been most excited about for a while when it comes to textured polishes. This one is of course Chita and I have only one coat here with base coat. Oh my, this is so gorgeous and really unique! The combination of green and gold is of course a bit christmassy but that didn't bother me at all, I just love this one!

If Carter was easy to apply this one was even more easier to work with and it really coveres with just one coat! I can't really even begin to tell you how much I love this, it's just so pretty! I already have used this for one of my challenge manis, here, and I will surely be doing some Christmas nails with this!

Then I have the one polish from Cashmere collection:
This one is Pepper and I have two coats here, with base and top coat. Pepper is quite basic brick red creme, but I have been missing a good quality polish with this color in my stash and now I have it. It's really a gorgeous color and it makes quite a chic mani.

The formula of this one was really nice too and it was really easy to apply. I don't really like brown polish, but this kind of red that leans towards brown is really my type of color and it's surely perfect fall color.

And then I have the three Satin collection polishes:
First off is Neve and I have two coats of here, no base or top coat. This one is a bit strange one as it looks in the bottle straight up blurple, but on nail it's clearly blue and there isn't really even a hint of purple in it. But the color is really gorgeous sapphire blue and I do love the depth it seems to have!
I really thought I might not enjoy this one as much, but it was a nice surprise when I put it on. This was also really easy to work with and it coveres really well, so well that it was almost one-coater. 
The next one is Channing and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. Channing is a coppery red/orange and I have to say that it's really my type of color. It also made me immediately think two other polishes, China Glaze Bend Over Backwards and OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby. I've had both of them but I thought I didnät need both so I sold the OPI one, but I did love them both as I do also love Channing.

The formula in this one was slightly runny and sheer, but it was still quite easy to apply and it did cover with two coats, but you might need a third one just to be safe.

And then the last one is a gold topper called Maria Luisa and I have here one coat over Neve. This one was a bit hard to photograph as the flakes seemed somehow to be hiding when I tried to take a picture eventhough they are really visible on nail. I do love the look of this one and the fact that it's really a unique one, at least I don't have anything like it and I'm pretty sure that I haven't even seen anything quite like it!
The formula was really easy to work with and you really get a generous amount of the flakes with just one coat. This will look really great with pretty much every color, so it's really versitale.

So tell me, which ones were your favourite ones? Did you get some other polishes from the Zoya fall collection that I should still check out or were my picks the right ones?

Information for my Finnish readers:
Zoyan lakkoja saa Suomesta ostettua kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täältä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

31DC13 Day 7: Black and White Nails

It's time for another day of the challenge and this time black and white nails. I have really simple mani for today, but after buying this polish, I just had to do the b&w challenge with it!

So like I said, I have just a simple mani with only one polish but what a pretty one it is! This is one of the polishes I bought from my trip to St. Petersburg and I'm soooo happy I stumpled upon this one! This a polish from El Corazón Eggs of Wild Birds collection and the number of this one is 423/96. I have here three coats with base and top coat, though it was quite good with just two coats.
I really loooove this one, it's so pretty and interesting! I like the look of white nails, but I feel a bit strange if I have only strickly white polish on my nails, so this is perfect polish where the white is dominant but there's still something else going on. And it surely reminds me of some wild birg egg.
This was really easy to work with and I do love the fact that there isn't too much of those bigger black glitters in the polish, so they don't dominate the look too much but they are still there. I just love this so much! I just wish I had had the chance to get more of these...

Misa BACKbone
El Corazón Eggs of Wild Birds 423/96 3 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

And again, here's what I did for the black and white challenge two years ago:
You can check out the full post here.

31DC13 Day 6: Violet Nails

I have another challenge mani for you guys today. This time it's day six and so it's time for some violet nails. This is what I came up with:
I did this watercolor nail art with Essie Nice Is Nice (two coats) as my base color and OPI Grape... Set... Match. This is also a new technique for me and I used Spektor's Nails tutorial for this. This is really a very simple nail art technique and the result is somewhat similar looking than hte result that you get with the saran wrap technique, though there are some differences in the outcome. I really like the look you can get with this and like I said, it's so simple and easy, everyone can do it!

I just recently chatted briefly about OPI Grape... Set... Match with Emma and after the conversation I just had to use the polish for a manicure. It's really gorgeous polish, one of my all time favourites, but unfortunately I have wore it only once! Can you believe that?! Yep, that's really the downside of having a large collection... I always have something else that I "need" to try out... But after using it for this mani, I really NEED to wear it as a full mani soon! Oh, by the way, can you guess when I wore it last time?!

Well, of course for this challenge two year ago!

So here's how my violet mani looked like two years ago:
You can read the full post of the mani here.

31DC13 Day 5: Blue Nails

I'm in a roll and I have another challenge mani for you guys eventhough I said I would do this at my own pace! It's day five and so it's time for some blue nails and here's what I did:

I've seen some really amazinf waterfall manis around blogs lately and I have been wanting to try it out myself too, so what would be better reason to try it out than this challenge where you are supposed to challenge your self to try out new things! So this is my very first waterfall mani and it probably also looks like it as the lines aren't nearly perfect, but I still liked this very much! Of course I used The Nailsasaurus' tutorial for this one, if you haven't already, you can check it out here. I left those lines deliberately quite short as I didn't want to cover up my gorgeous base color completely, but I could have of course made them longer to make the waterfall effect more stronger.

The gorgeous base color that I'm talking about is two coats of Essie Lapiz Of Luxury and I did the lines with four different polishes: Zoya Blu, Natty and Hazel plus Tiia Vanhatapio/Seppälä polish called Mercury. I'm not too good at practicing my manis beforehand, so I just went ahead and did this one too, but maybe I should have tried out it just a little to choose maybe one other polish, because Hazel and Mercury look pretty much the same here... But overall I really liked this mani and it was pretty straight forward to do, though I might need to practice those lines a bit too.

Here I have all the polishes used for the mani, so from left to right they are:
Mereneid Basecoat-Ridgefiller Rose (I got this one from our meeting sponsored by Mereneid)
Essie Lapiz Of Luxury (two coats)
Zoya Blu (I've gotten this one originally for review from NailCity)
Zoya Natty (This one I also got from our meeting and it was also sponsored by NailCity)
Zoya Hazel
Tiia Vanhatapio/Seppälä Mercury
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

And heres's my blue mani for the challenge two years ago:
So back then I used one of my all time favourite blue glitters, China Glaze Skyscraper, you can read the full post here.

31DC13 Day 4: Green Nails

As promised here comes my day four nails of the challenge. The task today was green nails and after receiving those Zoya fall polishes that I posted about earlier today, it wasn't really too hard of choosing the polish I'd use for today's challenge.

So I used two coats of Zoya Chita* for this mani and after it was completely dry I randomly placed some striping tapes over my ring finger nail and did one (thick) goat of Kiko Sugar Mat Spring Green over it and then removed the tapes. Zoya Chita is soooo gorgeous that I didn't want to cover it too much, so I did only one accent nail with that Kiko Spring Green. Unfortunately, the Kiko one is just so slightly sheer that it would have needed two coats, but I couldn't wait for one coat to dry before the other as I had to remove the tapes, so I did one thick coat instead and probably because of that Spring Green didn't never dry as gritty as it really is... But I still liked the idea of this mani and Chita makes up for it too as it is sooooo gorgeous!

I could have gone with only one coat of Chita as it coveres really well, but I did two coats just in case. The color is slightly Christmassy, but it is also really unique one and I love it!

Zoya Chita 2 coats
Kiko Sugar Mat Spring Green 1 coat

And again here's my green nails for the challenge two year ago:
So back then I did this layering mani with Milani Hi-Tech and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover, you can read the full post here.

Information for my Finnish readers about Zoya polishes in Finland:
Zoyan lakkoja saa ostettua Suomesta kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täältä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*Zoya Chita was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Zoya Fall 2013 Polishes

I will have my day 4 challenge nails to show you guys later today too, but first I wanted to do a little post with some bottle shots of some Zoya Fall 2013 collection polishes. The Finnish Zoya importer NailCity was kind enough to sent me some polishes to try out and I actually got to choose the ones that interested me most of those fall collection polishes, so here are the six that I picked out:

So I chose two fall PixieDusts, Chita (the green one) and Carter (the purple one). Then I also wanted to try out one creme from the Cashmere collection and I chose the brick red creme called Pepper. And the the last three are all from the Satin collection and they are Channing, Maria Luisa and Neve. 

All the fall PixieDusts looked pretty awesome to me, but I thought I won't need them all as I do already have quite a few textured polishes, so I chose the two that interested me most. Both Chita and Carter are really unique ones to me and I've actually worn them both already, but I will show the manis to you later! The Cashmere collection for this fall seemed to have some quite basic colors in it, though they were all pretty, I decided to choose only Pepper to try as I didn't own any brick red cremes before and it's quite appropriate color for fall. The three polishes from the Satin collection were the ones that I thought that I didn't already own anything similar to them and especially Channing and Maria Luisa looked really interesting in some bottle shots and swatches that I've already seen. I can't wait to see how they look on nail as they are pretty awesome in bottle!

I also did a little collage of close-up bottle shots for you guys:

So tell me guys, which ones were your favourites from Zoya's 2013 fall collections polishes?

Information for my Finnish readers:
Zoyan lakkoja saa Suomesta ostettua kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täällä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

31DC13 Day 3: Yellow Nails

It's day three of the challenge and I have one real copycat mani to show you guys. This almost a bit embarrassing as the whole idea of this mani and the colors and even two of the polishes that I used are all taken directly from this mani by the awesome french mani queen Sannu. So yeah, I didn't really use any of my own imagination for these nails... But for my defence, after seeing those nails that Sannu did on May, every time I've thought about what kind of yellow nails I could do for this challenge, the only thing that came to mind was that yellow french mani. So I finally thought that I just have to do my own copy of those nails to get them out of my system! (Thanks a lot Sannu for making such unforgettable manicure...)

Of course the thing is that you really shouldn't copy from people who do things better than your self or yours will always look inferior. So I probably shouldn't have copied this mani from Sannu as she does those really amazing french manis constantly and I've done maybe five french manis in my whole life... But like I said, I couldn't come up with anything else and I don't particularly enjoy yellow polish anyways, so I just had to do something. So without further blabber, here are my yellow nails.

Yep, like I said, these are not as good and clean as the original ones, but the design was so pretty that these still turned out really great (or at least I think so..). Somehow the dotting tool wasn't being my friend and I messed up those black dots, but at least from the distance this look quite nice. And if you consider the fact that I've used yellow nail polish here that I really do not like, these turned out really great!
If you are wondering what those weird yellow dots are on my ring finger nail, I managed to accidentally mess yellow polish there and so I needed something to cover it up... Not the greatest idea, but it did it's job.

I used Essence Nude Glam Cotton Candy as my base color for this mani and I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised by it! The color is really great and suits me, and the formula was awesome! I have two coats here and it went on really effortlessly and evened out so nicely. The yellow is also Essence polish called Wanna Be Your Sunshine. It's pretty much the only yellow I own and I got it just because I thought I could need one yellow polish in my stash. The black is Essie Licorice and the black glitter is, of course, L'Oreal Confettis.

Misa BACKbone
Essence Cotton Candy 2 coats
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine 2 coats (tips)
L'Oreal Confettis 1 coat (tips)
Essie Licorice (black dots)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

My yellow mani two years ago looked like this:
I used China Glaze Trendsetter and Nubar 2010 for the mani and it was the case of not knowing if I should post it as yellow or green and compared to the mani I'm showing you today, I'd say this looks more green than yellow... But it was probably just my clever way of not having to do strickly yellow nails two years ago... You can check the whole post here.

31DC13 Day 2: Orange Nails

It's time for the second mani of the challenge and some orange nails!

I only had one orange polish among the ones that I haven't tried out yet, so it was quite an easy task to choose it as the base color for this mani. The polish was Misa Taking Chances, which I've actually worn already twice as a pedicure so it's not really an untried one, but I haven't yet shown it here or wore it on nails. I really loved the polish on my toes, but somehow it didn't look as good on my finger nails.. I don't really know why! Sooo, after wearing it a while alone, I decided to do something with it as I wasn't enjoying the color too much... As this was the second day of the challenge and I needed to have orange nails, I decided to add some more orange to the mani and did a saran wrap mani with Taking Chances as the base color and China Glaze Riveting on top.

I don't know if the combo of these two is really the best one out there, but at least the orange was now more my type of orange. The nails looked quite pale still with only the saran wrap, so I added some gold water decals and some rhinestones.

I'm not 100 percent convinced about this mani, eventhough I do love orange and Riveting is one of my all time favourite polishes! The combo of it and Taking Chances made them both look a bit weird... Oh well, at least I had an orange mani...

I also took picture of Misa Taking Chances alone so you could see it too:
It's really a gorgeous polish, so I'm not sure why I didn't enjoy it as manicure as much as I liked it as pedicure... Weird! 

Misa BACKbone
Misa Taking Chances two coats
China Glaze Riveting one coat (saran wrap)
water decals
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

And then here's how my orange nails for the challenge looked two years ago:
I actually showed two 'looks' in my old post too, first I had this Zoya Tanzy alone and then I added some Kleancolor Chunky Holo Poppy over it:

You can read the full post of the mani(s) here.