Something Old, Something New...

I already posted a manicure earlier today, but I thought it was about time to do a haul post as it's been over a month since I posted my last haul post. So there's going to be quite a few polishes in this one... I have done couple group orders, I have gotten little something to try and review and I've also bought quite a few polishes from blog sales and from a Facebook group, so there's quite a few of those second hand polishes in this post too. That's where the not-so-witty tittle came from, though in this haul there isn't anything borrowed or anything that would be strictly blue... but something old and something new anyhow! Let's take a closer look, shall we... Oh, and it's also probably worth to take a look at the end of this post too as I played around a bit with the polishes and took some close-ups of some of the bottles!

So first off is the products that I chose for a review from Adenina. I really wanted to try out those studs that have those cool colors and patterns in them as they are really something new for me and I haven't seen them around in blogs too much! I also wanted to try out a textured polish from Depend and I chose the color Jade Vine. I also added couple water decals to my order, which I technically paid my self as I got to choose product(s) worth of 10€ for review and I already exceeded the sum with the polish and the studs. But those decals were on sale, so I wanted to include them too and I didn't really mind paying a little of the polish and the studs too as I really wanted them both!

There are 12 different types of studs in the wheel and I really can't wait to try these! They look so awesome!

I had a discount code to I Love Nail Polish Boutique and I of course had to use it so we did a little group order and I got these four polishes. Angel Burp and All Gold Everything were already 40% off as they were those end of life polishes and Glass Slipper and A Gold Orchid looked so pretty that I had to have them... I really love the subtle colors in both Glass Slipper and Angel Burp and I'm sure they will look good layered over some nice base color. All Gold Everything will probably fill the void in my stash as I haven't had a great gold topper (and it has some round glitters in it!). A Gold Orchid has also some round glitters and the mix of colors is really interesting, can't wait to see how it looks on nail!

I also took part to a second group order, this time to Kosmetik4Less and I got some make-up stuff, but also three Essence polishes. These are all pretty basic colors, I'll have to see how I like them on nail and how they behave. A really sweet friend of mine was in Spain earlier this summer and she picked up Kiko Sugar Mat Hot Pink for me as I still wanted to include that to my Sugar Mat collection. It's really bright and pink, so I'm not sure if I will like to wear it alone, but combined with some other textured polish it will probably be awesome as it looks so pretty in the bottle!

Yet another group order was made to Harlow&Co. as they had KBShimmer polishes on sale. I tried to be reasonable and I only ordered two nail polishes that I have been lemming quite a while and I also wanted to try out the base coat. I would have wanted to try out KBShimmer top coat too, but unfortunately it was ut of stock before I made to the end of the order... I have also wanted for a long time to try out Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food as I do have quite a few of glitters in my stash, so when it was finally back in stock at Llarowe I had to order it. Of course there no point of ordering just one polish so included Darling Diva Holiday in my order and what a fun polish it is! It's really a round-glitter-lovers heaven! Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat is also something that I've been wanting to try out and incidentally another nail polish blogger had one extra so she sold it to me.
Then these last two pics are all those 2nd hand polishes that I talked about at the beginning of this post. Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em has always been that polish that I've been slightly interested in, but never bought anywhere, so I finally decided to try it out. I don't particularly like the brand of Flormar or at least I don't like the bottles, but they do have some pretty looking polishes and as a orange lover I just had to get this one. It's supposedly quite similar to China Glaze Riveting that I do already own, so will see if I think it's worth of having both.

All the rest of the polishes here (and actually the first two too) I pretty much bought as they were sold in reasonable prize. I like to try out lots of polishes to see which ones I like and which ones I don't and if I'm not too fond of something, I will try to sell it or swap it. The OPI one and the Zoya one are both pretty colors, but I do have quite similar polishes already, but we'll see what happens to them when I try them out. Serum No. 5 has been a brand that I've also wanted to try out, so I'm quite interested how Fame will look on nail. I've only had one Nicole by OPI polish before this and I prefer to have two or more polishes from the same brand in my stash instead of just one (silly me) and this is a really pretty glitter.
All these I also bought pretty much so that I can try them out and see how they are. China Glaze Glittering Garland is really a polish that I have somehow missed totally before, but it looks really awesome in the bottle, I hope it does look as good on nail too! Orly Rococo A-Go-Go is also a really pretty one in the bottle. I had already four polishes from Essie's this summer collection, but I still wanted to have Sunday Funday as the color is so fun and bright. I'm a little worried that it might not look that good on me, but we'll see. Lovie Dovie and Trophy Wife are both pretty colors, but nothing too unique... Actually Trophy Wife seems to be pretty close to Zoya Akyra, so I think I might not need both of them.
Here's some close-ups of the bottle's like I promised:
So was this a good haul? Anything you'd like to see on nail?

*The products from Adenina were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Can you believe I just did my nails with Love 'Em Leave 'Em?

    1. You did?! Well that's a funny coincidence. :)

  2. Love those close up shots! And that yellow Essence is actually really good (and I don't even like yellow polish)!

    1. I'm do glad to hear you liked those! :) I have to try that Essence, I don't really like yellow polish too, but I thought I should at least own one... :)