New Banner and Layout!

This is just a quick post as if you guys haven't noticed yet I have a brand new banner and layout here in my blog! I wanted something really simple and clean, hope you guys like it!

I'm not too good of making any kind of banners, so I asked Katjamaria to make one for me and for the first time, I really looooove my banner! Thanks once again Katja!

And just a reminder, here's how the blog looked before:

I tried to tweak everything about right, but if notice any major issues please let me know! There are some little things here and there that I will still have to fix, but the overall look is going to be like this: white and clean! I know it's not probably everyone's favourite look and some people prefer more colorful layouts, but I wanted to keep things really simple this time. Let me know what you think!

PS. Don't forget to check out my earlier post: part 1 of holographic polishes comparisons!


  1. Hirveen kiva tämä uus banneri! :) Tykkään tästä uudesta enemmän kuin vanhasta :)

  2. On paljon selkeempi tää banneri, tykkään :)

  3. It looks great! I like it better than the old one :)

  4. Looks great :D I love clean and simple designs, and white + turquoise is always a good combo!

    1. It's really nice to hear you like it! White and turquoise is one of my favourite combos and I also love clean and simple, so that's really what I was aiming for.. :)