Nail Polish Battle: OPI 18K Ginza Gold VS. Orly Glitz and Orly It's Not Rocket Science vs. Zoya Yara

Today is the beginning of new post series here in my blog: Nail Polish Battles! I try keep my stash as reasonable as I possible can and because of this I'm constantly comparing polishes and trying to decide what to keep and what not, so I decided that it would be nice to post about these comparisons and let you all in it and maybe this could benegit you too if you are thinking about buying some polish and already have the other or something like that.

So basically these will be just comparison posts, I just wanted to give the series a nice name... And also I didn't want to call these just comparison posts as the point isn't really trying to show which polishes might be dupes or anything like, because I'm usually pretty good in not buying totally similar polishes. But with a stash as big as mine, you always have to think about wether or not to keep a polish or not. As I don't want my stash to grow endlessly, so if I already have something in my stash that reminds me of another polish colorwise and stylewise and such, I compare those to decide if I will keep them both or only one or maybe none. But you probably get what I'm trying to explain, so I'm not going to blabber any more and I will just go to the first battles. Since this is the first post of the series, I have two battles in this post instead of one.

So the first pair is couple older polishes: OPI 18K Ginza Gold versus Orly Glitz! Like I said, not dupes in any ways, but still looking somewhat similar colorwise at least in the bottles...

On nail the difference is even more visible as Orly is darker with very visible silver shimmer whereas OPI looks almost orange compared to Orly. There is also difference in coverage, Orly covers with just two coats, OPI needed three and I think it might have needed even another coat to cover up completely. I'm not a big gold person, so I'm not going to need both of these and for me the coverage is an issue, four coats is just too much.

Final verdict: OPI leaves, Orly stays.

The second pair is two gorgeous green ones: Orly It's Not Rocket Science versus Zoya Yara. Again, not dupes by any means but they both are a bit similar with green color and golden shimmer.

On nail you can really see how different the base color in these two polishes are, also Orly has way more of those golden particles in it and they really dominate the whole polish whereas in Zoya the base color is the dominant one. Also Orly's base is a bit more on the mossy green side whereas Zoya's is more olive green. Zoya covered with just two coats, Orly needed three. Both are really gorgeous greens!

Final verdict: Eventhough I'm not that big of a green person either, they are both so pretty that they both stay!

In future when I post more of these battles, you can find them all under Nail Polish Battle label.

So tell me, which ones did you guys prefer?


  1. Golden ones: I prefer Orly as it's less yellow than OPI.

    Green ones: I kinda like Zoya more because the tone is cooler, but you're right, they are both gorgeous :)

    1. I'm glad to hear what you prefered. :) It seems like we had pretty much the same favourites. :)

  2. Cool new "series" :) I love seeing comparisons.
    I don't care for the gold ones, but omg, I love Zoya Yara!!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you're liking these new series! Yara is really gorgeous!

  3. nice idea =)

    I prefer glitter, so Orly's, both of them, looks better for me =)

    1. Thank you, that's nice to hear! :) Glitter ones seem to be always a bit better for me too. :)