Misa Fountain of Youth and a fail manicure

Today I have a bit of a fail manicure for you guys... I thought that I wouldn't even post this, but then again I thought that I had gone through the trouble of making this, I should at least post it. So here it is...

This might not look like a total failure, but I didn't enjoy this mani at all! I think it went wrong from the beginning to the end... First off, Misa Fountain of Youth is a really gorgeous polish, but it's totally not suitable to my skintone. Also, I thought that adding I Love Nail Polish So Ghoul would make me like this mani more and hide a bit the fact that the Misa didn't suit me, but I didn't like the combo of the two polishes. And even though I have loved all other ILNP glitter toppers that I've tried, So Ghoul wasn't really my thing. Adding those dragon water decals didn't help either as they are not also my type of thing at all, but I thought since this wasn't really my type of manicure from the beginning, I might as well add them too. Oh well, it can't go right every time, right?!

I also took some pictures of Fountain of Youth alone as it is really soooo pretty and so that you can see the awesome shimmer it has!
I bought Fountain of Youth because I have Genie In This Bottle from the same collection and it's one of my favourite polishes of all time, so I thought I should try another polish from the same collection as all the polishes have the same type of shimmer in them. But like I said, I didn't like how this looked on me and it didn't really suit my skin tone, at least in real life it just looked wrong... I guess I will just cherish my Genie In This Bottle and leave the rest of the polishes from the same collection alone.

 Misa BACKbone
Misa Fountain of Youth 3 coats
I Love Nail Polish So Ghoul
water decals
Sally Hansen Insta Dri


  1. Ugh, I know what you mean about that gorgeous polish and it not going with your skin tone. I have the same trouble. My skintone looks just like yours, but I sometimes just wear a polish anyway because I love it so. That is a beautiful polish though.

    1. I do that too, wear polishes that just don't look right on me. I usually already know that they won't be suitable, but I still buy them as they are so pretty! :))