Huge Holo Comparison part 1: Blues and Greens

You all probably know already that I love holo polishes. I love them pretty much in every shape and color, though I seem to have quite a few of purple and pink holographics. I have also tried to find the perfect red and blue holo polish... So I have ended up with a huge pile of holographic polishes from different brands. I thought I should use this as an advance and do some comparisons that might also help my readers! Also all this comparing helped me a lot and I managed to eliminate few polishes from my stash...

This ended up being quite a huge comparison, so I devided the post in three parts and I have the first part for you today and the other two I will post later.

In this first part I have all my blue and green holographics to compare. Blues and greens haven't really been my favourite ones until recently, so I don't have a terrible amount of polishes to compare, but I still have quite a few...

But let's start with the blue ones:
I have total of 12 blue holographics and none are really dupes. Well, not really 12 as there's one teal (China Glaze Techno Teal) as it seemed to belong in the group of blues as well as in the group of greens, so I put in both. Also, Kleancolor Holo Chrome is maybe more blurple than straight blue, but it somehow seemed to fit more here... 

I used two or three coats of each without base or top coat. Some look a bit wrinkly and that's because I had a bad patch of sticks, so just ignore that, it's not the fault of the polishes. The first two pictures (the one above and the one below with close-ups) are taken in direct sunlight and the last two are in shade.

Here's how they look in shade:
The only ones that are pretty close are Color Club Blue Heaven, Up Colors Azul Arco Iris and Milani Cyberspace. Blue Heaven has really nice quality as do all Color Club Halo Hues and Milani Cyberspace is a bit different as it's quite sheer (so it's suitable to use as a topper too with one thin coat) and the particles in it are bigger. So from those three Azul Arco Iris was the one that got to go. I'm not also the biggest fan of China Glaze Hologlam collection polishes and how they look on nail, but the color of Don't Be a Luna-tic is quite pretty, so for now it will stay in my stash. Teeez! Smooth has a special place in my stash as do the other two Teeez! holographics that I have as I only have them because a kind person decided to help me. The color of Smooth is also really nice. China Glaze 2NITE is also a bit special as it's from OMG collection and so it's a HTF. The holographic effect in it is also a bit different from all the others that I have. Techno Teal is a really gorgeous teal and it's the only real teal holographic that I have, so it has a secure spot in my stash.

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots isn't too special colorwise, so it has already gone to a new home. Kleancolor Holo Chrome is quite different from all the others, but Kleancolor isn't really my favourite brand and I only have this one polish left in my stash and I wouldn't really miss it if I didn't have it, so it gets to go too. ILNP Blue Steel has quite unique hue in it, Hits Apolo is a really gorgeous blue as is a-england Tristam, so those three are definately worth to keep! They are also all different enough from each other. So from 12 blues I went to 9, that's a tolerable amount, right..?!

Then I have the greens:
I have only eight green(ish) holographics and like I said, I have Techno Teal here as well. Also, ILNP A Touch Of Mint isn't really true holographic as it only has a really weak holographic effect in it that isn't really too visible, but I still added it here. 

Again, the picture above and the one below are in direct sunlight, the last two are in shade.

All three a-england polishes (Princess Sabram Dragon and Saint George) have really amazing formula and they are all really gorgeous too (Saint George is one of my all time favourite polishes), so they all are going to stay in my stash. Also Color Club Angel Kiss has the same awesome quality and the color is unique compared to others, so it's going to stay to. Milani Hi-Tech is close to Princess Sabra, but they are definately not dupes and like all the other Milani holographics, this one is quite sheer and has that different look in it, so it's staying. Nubar Reclaim has a unique color too compared to others here, but it didn't look as good on nail as I thought it would and I have had it quite a long time and I've only used it once, so I think I'm not going to really need it...

So tell me, was this helpful at all?
Which ones do you like the most?


  1. I loove Techno Teal and Saint George! Awesome post :)

    1. Techno Teal and Saint George are both so gorgeous! I'm really happy to hear you liked the post! :)

  2. oh, give me this nubar please ;-)

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, but it's already in a new home.. :)

  3. Ihania, miulla on heikko kohta kyllä hololakkoihin. Jos oot myymässä tuota Nubaria niin tännekin suuntaan se voisi kotiutua :)) oon metsästänyt sitä ikuisuuden :D

    1. Jep, niin kyllä mullakin... :D Nubarin kerkisin jo valitettavasti myymään.. :/