My Very First Ones

A while ago in a Finnish nailart Facebook group people were talking about their very first OPI polishes and it was really interesting to read what colors everyone had chosen as their first OPI ever. That got me thinking about my first OPI and of course some other first polishes from other brands. 

Interestingly enough I seemed to still own pretty much all of those first ones, so I thought I would do a fun little looking back post about my very first ones. 

I chose here only the most popular brands or the brands that I have or have had the most polishes from. I also have to say that eventhough I do have quite a good memory, I had to use the blog as back up when I tried to remember which ones were really the first ones. But that's really the fun thing about keeping a blog as it enables an easy way to look back.

My very first OPI is Kinky in Helsinki which I bought (like you would probably imagine) because of the name. It's a quite pretty color too, not really a unique one, but for a Finnish girl it's really special because of the name. I have worn this only ones though, which is probably just because the color isn't that unique and there has always been some other pink one in my stash that I neede to try out or something. So I should really wear this again soon! I think I bought this somewhere in the early 2010.

My very first China Glaze is called Pure Elegance and it's actually the oldest one of all these polishes here. As you can see, I have used it quite many times and it's almost half gone. However, lately I haven't really used it as it isn't the best polish formula or quality-wise or even color-wise, but it of course has a special meaning to me as it is my first 'brand' polish. I bought this one in 2009.

I went quite long without trying any Zoya polishes as they were so hard to get here in Finland. Then in 2011 I bought few Zoyas from a blog sale and among them was Nidhi. I chose it here as it was the first one that I ever tried on. It's a really gorgeous polish and one of my all time favourite red ones. It also made me fell in love with the brand and after Nidhi I just had to have more and more Zoyas, and well, now it's probably my favourite brand of all. I have only worn Nidhi twice which is a bit shame as it is soooo gorgeous.
I also bought my first Color Club lacquers in 2010 and Fashion Addict was the first one that I tried out of those. It's actually the only one that I have left of the ones that I bought then. I have had quite a few of Color Club polishes over the years (actually I counted 38) but currently I have only 12 in my stash and those are all (except maybe one) ones that I'm going to keep. So I have tried quite a few of Color Club polishes but it hasn't been my favourite brand and I feel like there's always some other brand that has the similar polish with better quality, color or formula. So I usually choose to have something else than Color Club. I think it might have also something to do with the brush as I don't like it as much as I like some other brushes. But as for Fashion Addict, it is a really gorgeous subtle holo. It isn't the most unique one either but I have still kept it as I haven't had anything else that would have had the exact same color. 

Essie Demure Vixen is one of those polishes that I just had to get because I kept seeing so many great swatches of it. This I got in October 2010 and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit but I think I've only worn it once! I have to fix that as soon as possible as this is a really gorgeous one! For quite a while I only had something like five Essie polishes in my stash as they have been a bit more expensive and the colors haven't always been the most interesting ones. This year Essie has made some really awesome collections and now I have over 30 Essies in my stash. It has also become one of favourite brands, I'd probably say it's the second favourite after Zoya (of course with the wider brush).

I bought Orly Lollipop and also Gumdrop in the summer of 2010 and they are both from Orly's spring 2010 collection. Gumdrop wasn't really my color and it has been long gone, but I still have Lollipop and I've used for few different manis. The formula of Lollipop isn't the best one out there, but the color is really pretty, so I have kept it. I think I need to compare it with some other polishes that I have gotten lately and see if I'm still going to want to keep it. It came with that little lip gloss, but that one I haven't tried... :D
Misa Genie in This Bottle is one of my all time favourite polishes, the color is sooooo pretty! This isn't actually my very first Misa as I had two before this one (It's You! and Date Nights to the Twilight) but I don't have neither one of those two anymore, so I included GiTB here as I wanted to have a Misa polish here too. Misa is really a great brand though I only have few of these in my stash. They have done couple of really great colors that have gone directly to my favourite polishes list, but somehow I just haven't bought more polishes from Misa. This one I got in 2011, the two before that were bought in 2010.

Last but not least I wanted to include also an a-england polish here as I do have quite a few of these in my stash. Tristam and Lady of the Lake were the first a-england polishes in my stash and I do have both of them still. I have worn Tristam twice and Lady of the Lake too, but I still haven't posted about LotL... Shame on me! a-england is definitely one of my favourite brands too, the quality is always soooo great and the colors are really awesome! I bought my first a-englands in the summer of 2011.

So tell me guys, which ones were your very first ones?

Something Old, Something New...

I already posted a manicure earlier today, but I thought it was about time to do a haul post as it's been over a month since I posted my last haul post. So there's going to be quite a few polishes in this one... I have done couple group orders, I have gotten little something to try and review and I've also bought quite a few polishes from blog sales and from a Facebook group, so there's quite a few of those second hand polishes in this post too. That's where the not-so-witty tittle came from, though in this haul there isn't anything borrowed or anything that would be strictly blue... but something old and something new anyhow! Let's take a closer look, shall we... Oh, and it's also probably worth to take a look at the end of this post too as I played around a bit with the polishes and took some close-ups of some of the bottles!

So first off is the products that I chose for a review from Adenina. I really wanted to try out those studs that have those cool colors and patterns in them as they are really something new for me and I haven't seen them around in blogs too much! I also wanted to try out a textured polish from Depend and I chose the color Jade Vine. I also added couple water decals to my order, which I technically paid my self as I got to choose product(s) worth of 10€ for review and I already exceeded the sum with the polish and the studs. But those decals were on sale, so I wanted to include them too and I didn't really mind paying a little of the polish and the studs too as I really wanted them both!

There are 12 different types of studs in the wheel and I really can't wait to try these! They look so awesome!

I had a discount code to I Love Nail Polish Boutique and I of course had to use it so we did a little group order and I got these four polishes. Angel Burp and All Gold Everything were already 40% off as they were those end of life polishes and Glass Slipper and A Gold Orchid looked so pretty that I had to have them... I really love the subtle colors in both Glass Slipper and Angel Burp and I'm sure they will look good layered over some nice base color. All Gold Everything will probably fill the void in my stash as I haven't had a great gold topper (and it has some round glitters in it!). A Gold Orchid has also some round glitters and the mix of colors is really interesting, can't wait to see how it looks on nail!

I also took part to a second group order, this time to Kosmetik4Less and I got some make-up stuff, but also three Essence polishes. These are all pretty basic colors, I'll have to see how I like them on nail and how they behave. A really sweet friend of mine was in Spain earlier this summer and she picked up Kiko Sugar Mat Hot Pink for me as I still wanted to include that to my Sugar Mat collection. It's really bright and pink, so I'm not sure if I will like to wear it alone, but combined with some other textured polish it will probably be awesome as it looks so pretty in the bottle!

Yet another group order was made to Harlow&Co. as they had KBShimmer polishes on sale. I tried to be reasonable and I only ordered two nail polishes that I have been lemming quite a while and I also wanted to try out the base coat. I would have wanted to try out KBShimmer top coat too, but unfortunately it was ut of stock before I made to the end of the order... I have also wanted for a long time to try out Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food as I do have quite a few of glitters in my stash, so when it was finally back in stock at Llarowe I had to order it. Of course there no point of ordering just one polish so included Darling Diva Holiday in my order and what a fun polish it is! It's really a round-glitter-lovers heaven! Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat is also something that I've been wanting to try out and incidentally another nail polish blogger had one extra so she sold it to me.
Then these last two pics are all those 2nd hand polishes that I talked about at the beginning of this post. Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em has always been that polish that I've been slightly interested in, but never bought anywhere, so I finally decided to try it out. I don't particularly like the brand of Flormar or at least I don't like the bottles, but they do have some pretty looking polishes and as a orange lover I just had to get this one. It's supposedly quite similar to China Glaze Riveting that I do already own, so will see if I think it's worth of having both.

All the rest of the polishes here (and actually the first two too) I pretty much bought as they were sold in reasonable prize. I like to try out lots of polishes to see which ones I like and which ones I don't and if I'm not too fond of something, I will try to sell it or swap it. The OPI one and the Zoya one are both pretty colors, but I do have quite similar polishes already, but we'll see what happens to them when I try them out. Serum No. 5 has been a brand that I've also wanted to try out, so I'm quite interested how Fame will look on nail. I've only had one Nicole by OPI polish before this and I prefer to have two or more polishes from the same brand in my stash instead of just one (silly me) and this is a really pretty glitter.
All these I also bought pretty much so that I can try them out and see how they are. China Glaze Glittering Garland is really a polish that I have somehow missed totally before, but it looks really awesome in the bottle, I hope it does look as good on nail too! Orly Rococo A-Go-Go is also a really pretty one in the bottle. I had already four polishes from Essie's this summer collection, but I still wanted to have Sunday Funday as the color is so fun and bright. I'm a little worried that it might not look that good on me, but we'll see. Lovie Dovie and Trophy Wife are both pretty colors, but nothing too unique... Actually Trophy Wife seems to be pretty close to Zoya Akyra, so I think I might not need both of them.
Here's some close-ups of the bottle's like I promised:
So was this a good haul? Anything you'd like to see on nail?

*The products from Adenina were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Zoya Reagan and a-england Elaine with BPS Diamond Rhinestones

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you guys, this time about geometric shape rhinestones. I chose the design number 4# which is these really small diamond shaped rhinestones in different colors. I had this great idea in my head how to use them, but my execution wasn't really too good... But here's the mani:

I used two coats of Zoya Reagan for my pinky and middle nails and two coats of a-england Elaine for my ring and index nails. Like I said, I had a plan in my head how to do this nails, but then I just started to place the rhinestones quite randomly and it didn't really turn out how I had planned...
But the rhinestones were really great though! I love the fact that they are quite small as I do prefer smaller decorations. They are also a great alternative choice if you don't always want to use those regular shaped rhinestones. I didn't have any problems with these and they stayed on really nice as I sealed them with top coat. The only downside of these was the fact that there isn't really too many rhinestones of the same color in the wheel as the wheel is quite small. After doing these nails I pretty much used all those pink and purple rhinestones. On the other hand, there are 12 different colors in the wheel, so I have plenty of rhinestones still left.

They have a good variety of these, there are actually 20 different shapes and sizes to choose from and one box costs only $3.40. Don't forget that you can get 10% off with my code MBL91 and BPS offers worldwide free shipping!

*The rhinestones used in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

New Banner and Layout!

This is just a quick post as if you guys haven't noticed yet I have a brand new banner and layout here in my blog! I wanted something really simple and clean, hope you guys like it!

I'm not too good of making any kind of banners, so I asked Katjamaria to make one for me and for the first time, I really looooove my banner! Thanks once again Katja!

And just a reminder, here's how the blog looked before:

I tried to tweak everything about right, but if notice any major issues please let me know! There are some little things here and there that I will still have to fix, but the overall look is going to be like this: white and clean! I know it's not probably everyone's favourite look and some people prefer more colorful layouts, but I wanted to keep things really simple this time. Let me know what you think!

PS. Don't forget to check out my earlier post: part 1 of holographic polishes comparisons!

Huge Holo Comparison part 1: Blues and Greens

You all probably know already that I love holo polishes. I love them pretty much in every shape and color, though I seem to have quite a few of purple and pink holographics. I have also tried to find the perfect red and blue holo polish... So I have ended up with a huge pile of holographic polishes from different brands. I thought I should use this as an advance and do some comparisons that might also help my readers! Also all this comparing helped me a lot and I managed to eliminate few polishes from my stash...

This ended up being quite a huge comparison, so I devided the post in three parts and I have the first part for you today and the other two I will post later.

In this first part I have all my blue and green holographics to compare. Blues and greens haven't really been my favourite ones until recently, so I don't have a terrible amount of polishes to compare, but I still have quite a few...

But let's start with the blue ones:
I have total of 12 blue holographics and none are really dupes. Well, not really 12 as there's one teal (China Glaze Techno Teal) as it seemed to belong in the group of blues as well as in the group of greens, so I put in both. Also, Kleancolor Holo Chrome is maybe more blurple than straight blue, but it somehow seemed to fit more here... 

I used two or three coats of each without base or top coat. Some look a bit wrinkly and that's because I had a bad patch of sticks, so just ignore that, it's not the fault of the polishes. The first two pictures (the one above and the one below with close-ups) are taken in direct sunlight and the last two are in shade.

Here's how they look in shade:
The only ones that are pretty close are Color Club Blue Heaven, Up Colors Azul Arco Iris and Milani Cyberspace. Blue Heaven has really nice quality as do all Color Club Halo Hues and Milani Cyberspace is a bit different as it's quite sheer (so it's suitable to use as a topper too with one thin coat) and the particles in it are bigger. So from those three Azul Arco Iris was the one that got to go. I'm not also the biggest fan of China Glaze Hologlam collection polishes and how they look on nail, but the color of Don't Be a Luna-tic is quite pretty, so for now it will stay in my stash. Teeez! Smooth has a special place in my stash as do the other two Teeez! holographics that I have as I only have them because a kind person decided to help me. The color of Smooth is also really nice. China Glaze 2NITE is also a bit special as it's from OMG collection and so it's a HTF. The holographic effect in it is also a bit different from all the others that I have. Techno Teal is a really gorgeous teal and it's the only real teal holographic that I have, so it has a secure spot in my stash.

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots isn't too special colorwise, so it has already gone to a new home. Kleancolor Holo Chrome is quite different from all the others, but Kleancolor isn't really my favourite brand and I only have this one polish left in my stash and I wouldn't really miss it if I didn't have it, so it gets to go too. ILNP Blue Steel has quite unique hue in it, Hits Apolo is a really gorgeous blue as is a-england Tristam, so those three are definately worth to keep! They are also all different enough from each other. So from 12 blues I went to 9, that's a tolerable amount, right..?!

Then I have the greens:
I have only eight green(ish) holographics and like I said, I have Techno Teal here as well. Also, ILNP A Touch Of Mint isn't really true holographic as it only has a really weak holographic effect in it that isn't really too visible, but I still added it here. 

Again, the picture above and the one below are in direct sunlight, the last two are in shade.

All three a-england polishes (Princess Sabram Dragon and Saint George) have really amazing formula and they are all really gorgeous too (Saint George is one of my all time favourite polishes), so they all are going to stay in my stash. Also Color Club Angel Kiss has the same awesome quality and the color is unique compared to others, so it's going to stay to. Milani Hi-Tech is close to Princess Sabra, but they are definately not dupes and like all the other Milani holographics, this one is quite sheer and has that different look in it, so it's staying. Nubar Reclaim has a unique color too compared to others here, but it didn't look as good on nail as I thought it would and I have had it quite a long time and I've only used it once, so I think I'm not going to really need it...

So tell me, was this helpful at all?
Which ones do you like the most?

Nail Polish Battle: Black and White Glitter Toppers

Today I'm continuing the Nail Polish Battle series with black and white glitter topper polishes. I have total of four different polishes to compare: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 118 and 123, L'Oreal Confettis* and Maybelline ColorShow Polka Dots Chalk Dust*. You can read my first post of the series here (there's also more details about the posts there) and remember that in future you can find all the battle post under the Nail Polish Battle label.

I had already done the comparison pictures of the two Golden Roses and L'oreal Confettis before I got the Maybelline one, so this time the battle is in two parts. But let's start the fight!

So first off it's Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 118 versus L'Oreal Confettis versus Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123. All of them have black and white glitters in them, but they all also have something extra too.
I have one generous coat of each polish here over Leticia Well number 426 (index and pinky: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 118, middle: L'Oreal Confettis, ring: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123).  

As you can see GR JJ 118 bigger and smaller black hexes, bigger white hexes and smaller silver hexes. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels has only bigger white and black hexes with a lot of tiny silver glitter. L'Oreal Confettis has bigger and smaller white and black hexes with some tiny shimmer (that isn't really too visible on nail). So they all have some variety but they still look quite similar and I'm not sure if I'll need them all. I do like the combination of glitters in Confettis and I prefer the bigger silver glitters in GR JJ 118 over the smaller ones in GR JJ 123. For me the small silver glitters in the latter one make it look a bit messy.

Then in the second part I have Maybelline Chalk Dust with L'Oreal Confettis and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 118. Chalk Dust looks actually quite close to Confettis at least in the bottle, except that Confettis has that shimmer in it.
Again I have one generous coat of each polish this time over Essie Avenue Maintain* (index and ring: Maybelline Chalk Dust, middle: L'Oreal Confettis, pinky: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 118).

As you can see, Chalk Dust has way more glitter in it than L'Oreal Confettis and it also has three different sizes of those black and white hexes. It's also the only one of all these four that doesn't have anything else than black and white glitters in it. Here it becomes a bit tricky as I do love all these three and to me they are different enough, so I feel like I should keep all three, at least for now.

Here's close-up bottle shots of all four polishes:

Final verdict: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123 leaves and the other three can stay.
(Actually, I already got rid of GR JJ 123 before I even got Chalk Dust, so that's why I had to have this battle in two parts... :))

Which one did you prefer?

*I have gotten L'Oreal Confettis, Maybelline Chalk Dust and Essie Avenue Maintain originally for review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Misa Fountain of Youth and a fail manicure

Today I have a bit of a fail manicure for you guys... I thought that I wouldn't even post this, but then again I thought that I had gone through the trouble of making this, I should at least post it. So here it is...

This might not look like a total failure, but I didn't enjoy this mani at all! I think it went wrong from the beginning to the end... First off, Misa Fountain of Youth is a really gorgeous polish, but it's totally not suitable to my skintone. Also, I thought that adding I Love Nail Polish So Ghoul would make me like this mani more and hide a bit the fact that the Misa didn't suit me, but I didn't like the combo of the two polishes. And even though I have loved all other ILNP glitter toppers that I've tried, So Ghoul wasn't really my thing. Adding those dragon water decals didn't help either as they are not also my type of thing at all, but I thought since this wasn't really my type of manicure from the beginning, I might as well add them too. Oh well, it can't go right every time, right?!

I also took some pictures of Fountain of Youth alone as it is really soooo pretty and so that you can see the awesome shimmer it has!
I bought Fountain of Youth because I have Genie In This Bottle from the same collection and it's one of my favourite polishes of all time, so I thought I should try another polish from the same collection as all the polishes have the same type of shimmer in them. But like I said, I didn't like how this looked on me and it didn't really suit my skin tone, at least in real life it just looked wrong... I guess I will just cherish my Genie In This Bottle and leave the rest of the polishes from the same collection alone.

 Misa BACKbone
Misa Fountain of Youth 3 coats
I Love Nail Polish So Ghoul
water decals
Sally Hansen Insta Dri

Emily De Molly Copper Field over Essie Go Ginza

I have just a quick post for you guys with a layering mani that I did quite a while ago. I just haven't gotten around posting this and I decided it was about time to get this out so here it comes.

So this is two coats of Essie Go Ginza and one coat of Emily de Molly Copper Field. I really like the glitter combination of Copper Field, the colors and the sizes of the glitters are just right! Though I kinda hope there would have been just some round glitters in the mix too, but I guess it's not really possible to but those round ones in every single polish... Also this is a bit older one from Emily de Molly and the round glitters weren't probably in yet...

I have said it before but I'll say it again, I just love this Essie polish! I got it from L'Oreal Finland for a review and I've already used it alone but also under couple different manis. It's just perfect light color and the quality is so nice. If I need something quick under some glitter polishes I usually go and find it from Essie's Sping 2013 collection polishes, they are all so nice and easy to use and the color are great!

So all in all, this wasn't probably the most exciting mani out there, but I really liked this combo!

BPS Water Decals with Essie Bachelorette Bash

Today I have another Born Pretty Store product review for you guys, this time for these little bit different water decals.

I chose to try out these water decals that you can use for whole nail as it comes in a sheet where you can cut of the part you want. These probably mainly ment to be used to cover the whole nail (or some part of it) so I used the decals to cover my middle and ring finger nails. For my index and pinky nail I used Essie Bachelorette Bash (two coats) as it was quite close colorwise to the water decal's base color and then I cut some little pieces of the desing to use on those nails. I also used one coat of Bachelorette Bash as base color for my middle and ring fingers, though I could have probably used any other polish too as the decals covered really well.

These were quite easy to use, easier than some nail stickers as you can cut the pieces your self to fit your nails and you don't have to be so careful, because if you end up with any excess decal you can just wipe it of with nail polish remover. However, my nails are quite curved and it's quite difficult to get anything big to lay flat on the nails, it tends to wrinkle what ever I do. With these I got just couple wrinkles that you can probably see in these pictures, but in real life they weren't so visible. Compared to stickers you can use time to place and correct your self with these water decals as they don't stick immediately, so if you get any wrinkles you can still try to fix them.

I really liked how these looked and as they were so easy to use, I'm sure I'm going to use these for accent nails and things like that in the future too!

The sheet that I got for review had these 11 different designs. So it's a quite big sheet and you get some variety, but those individual designs aren't too big, so you can maybe get one whole mani with one spesific design if you used it for every nail and that's about it. The sheet only costs $4.73 so it's not too expensive if you consider that you get 11 different styles and if you use them for accent nails and things like that, this will last quite a long time.

Don't forget that you can get 10% off with my code MBL91 and BPS offers free worldwide shipping! I don't gain anything if you use my code, but BPS has promised that they will sponsor a giveaway here in my blog if ten people use the code.

*BPS water decals were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Essie Naughty Nautical French Mani

You could see a sneak peek of my nails for our meeting in my yesterday's post, but I wanted to dedicate a separate post for the nails, so here it is!

I've already done drag marble nails and gradient nails for our meetings, so this time I wanted to do (again) something different. I rarely do french manis anyhow and I've been wanting to do them for a while, so I decided to do a french mani using Essie Naughty Nautical and Lumene Losing You. First I applied two coat of Lumene Losing You, then I did the french tips with Essie Naughty Nautical using only the brush of the polish and free hand. After that I used a make-up sponge to apply the smaller glitters. Actually I used two different polishes for the glitters: Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe and a-england Merlin. On top of those glitters I also placed some round glitters that I got from Born Pretty Store (you can read my full review on those here). And then I finished the mani with some water decals.

I really liked this mani and how it turned out, I just wish I had remembered to take the picture before all the cleaning and washing and all because it isn't the most fresh one here anymore... But at least now I realized that I should really do more french manis!

I also loved the bright color of Essie Naughty Nautical, I should really wear it as a full mani too, it is a really pretty color! However, I have bought this one from Ebay and it has the smaller brush and I do not like to paint my whole nails with that... But this seemed to behave quite nicely, so maybe I can manage the brush... (If you don't know what I'm talking about with these brushes, you can read about it at the end of this post).