Zoya Julie with PixieDusts

I got four Zoya summer PixieDusts for review from the Finnish Zoya importer and they all looked so good that I couldn't decide which one to try out first. I certainly wanted to try out the light purple PixieDust called Stevie, but I decided to use Liberty and Miranda too (and also Zoya Julie). Here's what I came up with:

I used two coats of Zoya Stevie for my index and pinky fingers (and also thumb), I have no top coat over Stevie (of course), but I did use base coat. Then I did my middle and ring fingers with Zoya Julie, topped it of with base coat and waited it to be completely dry. After that I did the dots using dotting tool and the three PixieDust polishes Stevie, Liberty and Miranda. I didn't apply any topcoat over the dots as I wanted them to have the texture effect.
I've been waiting for someone to make a textured polish with the color of Stevie, so I'm sooo glad that Zoya did it! It's totally my kind of color and I love it! Also Miranda and Liberty looked really nice, I can't wait to try them out properly. However, I've heard that Liberty stains really badly, so I have to try to remember to do at least two coats of base coat under it.

I think these three colors went really well together and I liked the finished look very much. Also it was quite fun to have those textured dots over a regular smooth polish. I think I need to use these and other textured polishes more with regular ones.

Mereneid Base Coat - Ridgefiller Rose**
Zoya Stevie* 2 coats (index and pinky)
Zoya Julie* 2 coats with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri (middle and ring)
Zoya Stevie, Liberty* and Miranda* (dots)

*Zoya Stevie, Julie, Liberty and Miranda were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Mereneid Base Coat from the goodie bag from our meeting.


  1. Toi Zoyan Stevie on aikas hyvän värinen :) Hauskat kynnet muutenki!

    1. Se on kyllä tosi herkullisen värinen. :) Kiitos! :)