Random Spam with Essence, Essie, Gina Tricot and Golden Rose

I have another random spam post for you guys today! This time it's with Essence, Essie Gina Tricot and Golden Rose polishes.

So the first one is Essence Let's Get Lost! that I also already used as a base color for my gold foil mani. The polish itself is really pigmented and the formula was really nice too. I used two coats here with base and top coat.

I really love the color, it's so vivid and bright! And the quality of this polish was really great too, love it!

Next one is a bit Christmassy polish from Essie called Leading Lady. Well, it did came out in their winter 2012 collection, so it's no wonder it feels a bit Christmassy. Anyhow, I quite liked this one and it's different enough from my all time favourite red glitter (China Glaze Ruby Pumps of course) so I think I'm keeping it (at least for now).

I have three coats here with top coat.

Then the next one is a layered look with Dermexcellence number 32 and Gina Tricot Monaco Blue. I have two coats of Dermexcellence here with one coat of Gina Tricot and one coat of top coat. I should have probably combined Monaco Blue with some other polish as this wasn't really my favourite combo and it didn't really work for neither of the polishes.

Also, I already have quite a few of different glitter polishes and Monaco Blue didn't really live up to those (like for example Shimmer Polish glitters) so I found a new home for it.

The last one is Golden Rose Paris number 322, I have three coats here (no base or top coat). This is really a gorgeous polish, reminds a bit of some of those OPI shimmer polishes. 

So, which one was your favourite?


  1. I still have to wear Leading Lady but it indeed feels to Christmassy to wear right now lol!

    1. Yeah, it really does! Maybe you'll need to wait just a bit with that one.. :)