Neon Gradient with Water Decals

I got some water decals to try out from Adenina and I wanted to finally do a super summery neon manicure where I could also use one of the decals that I got. So here's how the finished mani looks like:

You can't really see the gradient here too much as my camera didn't really want to pick it up as the colors are so bright, but I did it diagonally with two Andreia polishes numbers 106 and 101. That's also the reason I placed the water decals little differently than the original and so gorgeous Tartofraises design (check it out here) as I wanted the decals to go with the gradient.

As for the decals themselves, these were really easy to use and they weren't too thin or didn't wrinkle or anything like that. Also they didn't stick immediately, so you have a little time to place them on your nails. Though, I trusted that I could move them a bit on nail, but when I did my middle finger the decal stayed exactly where I put it and didn't move even a tiny bit, so it was a bit too far from the tip of the nail. But with other's the placing worked better.

I also wanted to show you better the mani I did under the water decals, so here it is alone:
Like I said, I used Andreia (Pocket) polishes numbers 101 and 106 for the gradient. I also wanted to add some sparkle, so I topped the gradient off with Color Club Starry Temptress Topcoat. I wish my camera would have picked up the gradient a bit better, because I thought it was really pretty! Actually, I got quite a few compliments about these nails (with and without the water decals).
I don't own too many neon polishes as I always feel like they don't suit me that well, but I didn't have that problem with these Andreia polishes. It's maybe due the fact that I've gotten a bit tanned, so my skin doesn't look out of place next to neons. Overall I really liked these two polishes and I'm so happy that I got the chance to try them because of the swap that I made with Akuma Kanji!

Finally, I wanted to show you also all the six different water decals that I got from Adenina:
I got to choose the ones that I wanted, which was quite difficult as they have some really nice designs! I can't wait to try out the other designs too, I have already some manicure ideas, so you'll probably be seeing at least some of these in the near future.

*The water dacals were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Great orange color. I like it..

  2. I love this color and it looks great with the pattern on.