Leticia Well #426 with Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #118

I have a quick post for you guys today with a simple and summery layering combo.

I used two coats of Leticia Well number 426 as my base color and then topped it with Golden Rose Jolly Jewels number 118. There seem to be an increasing number of different black and white glitters nowadays and I'm going to have a little comparison post about bthose really soon, I've actually already taken the pics, but just haven't posted it yet. I just have to do some more pictures too as I just today got another black and white topper (from Maybelline).

I quite liked this Jolly Jewels as it is just not black and white but it also has silver glitter in it too. So I think I'll have room for it in my stash eventhough I already have L'Oreal Confettis, but more on that subject later in the comparison post...

This Leticia Well polish is (again) one of the polishes that I got from the swap that I did with Akuma Kanji. It's quite a basic pink creme, but it had a really nice formula, so I really liked it. It also seems that I don't (surprisingly) have exactly similar color in my stash!

Leticia Well #426 two coats
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #118 one coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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