Tutorial: How to order from beautycosmetic.biz

Lately I've had people emailing and asking in the blog and in Facebook about how to order from the online store Beautycosmetic. The site can be a bit confusing, so I thought I would make a little tutorial to show you the basic steps how to do an order. But first off, I'd like to state that I'm doing this only because I know people are having some difficulties with the site. I have gotten one time few polishes to try from the site and they also sponsored our meeting, but I'm not gaining anything for doing this tutorial. I just thought it would help you guys!

I also want to state first that I've ordered several times nail polishes and also other cosmetics from the site and I havent had any problems like not receiving my order or anything like that BUT I have heard that some people have had some problems with theirs, so you should keep this in mind. However, for me, the customer service has always worked really well and they respond quickly so if you have any concerns, I'm sure you will get your answer by emailing them. Keep in mind though that they are not native English speakers, so sometimes the answers aren't the most clearest ones out there, but I have always figured out what they are trying to say and we have sorted trough all things. 

If you are not familiar with the site, they sell quite a lot of different cosmetics and they have wide range of nail polishes too, mainly some European brands that at least here in Finland are difficult to get. For example they have Essence and Catrice products, those Catherine Arley (holographic) polishes and those Perfect holo polishes that I blogged about here and much more.

So the site looks pretty much like this and the first thing you should do, is select the language and currency from the top right, like this:
I chose euros here as, but there's also the option of dollars, if you prefer them.

Then, if you are after nail polishes like I would be, you can click Nail Polishes and harderer from the left side menu under Makeup. 

Or if you are after some particular product or brand you can use the search to find them. It's located in the header like shown here.
But I went to the Nail Polishes and hardener category and now the easiest way to go through these is to select the brand you'd like from the dropdown menu.

I chose the brand Perfect and then the Perfect holographic polishes. You can currently also find these from the bestseller list from the right side menu as they have been so popular.
So, then you end up to the site for the chosen polishes. You can click the text that says Click to enlarge to see a bigger picture of the polishes and the numbers of the colors. Then you choose the one you want from the Available Options by choosing the number that was marked as the color in the bigger picture. After that you just press add.

Here's how the enlarged picture of those Perfect holographic polishes look like: 
So there you can see the color and the numbers. Sometimes it is quite hard to see from these pics how the colors really look, so you probably will need to find some swatches to get a better idea of the colors. 

So then, as I said, you choose the number from the dropdown menu and press add to but in your shopping cart.
I chose randomly few of those Perfect polishes to show you how your shopping cart would look and how to go from here. So I have three polishes in my shopping cart with the total of 3.16€ (not including shipping). Then I decide that I've already got all the things I want, so I pressed checkout to finish the order.
I have already registered to the site, so I logged in to my account, but if you have not registered yet, you can do that at this point. Then when you are logged in, you can see the delivery information in the first site. Check that the shipping address in the right side of the page is right (I blurred mine here) and then just press continue.
Then in the next step you can see the payment information, which is something people seem to struggle with. So again, check that the billing address is right, then choose the Cash on Delivery option and I always write to the comment section that I'd like to pay with Paypal (or something similar). This way they will sent you the Paypal invoice. And as far as I know, Paypal is pretty much the only option to pay for us who aren't Bulgarian or at least I've always just used that.

Then once again, you press continue and you get your order confirmation. Of course I didn't do that here as I was just showing the process to you and not really going to order anything.

After this they sent you order confirmation via email and also an email that states how much the shipping cost would be and if that's ok with you. So you don't get to see the shipping costs beforehand, but you can always cancel the order or change it, if you are not happy with the shipping costs. Also, if you want to have an idea how much they will be, you can surely ask that via email beforehand. For my orders, the shipping costs have varied between 10-15 euros (or something like that) depending on how many polishes I've ordered, but this is of course to here to Finland, so I can't really say how much they are to other places. It has usually taken a week or two for my order to arrive.

Hope this helps you guys, if you have any questions, please ask and I'll try to answer! 


  1. wonderful tutorial! Do your packages from this shop seem to arrive fairly quick, like say ten days or less?
    I'm always curious how fast I can get my item, if I go in with an expectation it will be easier for me to wait! lol thanks you for the instructions!

    1. I'm really glad to hear you liked this! :)

      My packages here to Finland (in Northern Europe) have arrived within week or two from ordering, so fairly quickly I'd say. But I can't really say how long the shipping will take to somewhere else. If you're wondering about it, you can always email them and I think they can give you some details on how long it might take.

    2. Thank you!! I sent a message and have my fingers crossed!