Review: Online Store

Today I want to tell a little something about an online store that I just recently stumbled upon. I'm always looking for new online stores that sell nail polish and nail/hand care products, especially those in Europe and something like a month ago I heard about this German online store called kosmetik4less (not an affiliated link, it's just here for your convenience) that sells some brands that are really hard to get here in Finland. 

I contacted them and they were really kind and let me choose some products for review. I was especially interested in trying some Essence nail and hand care products, as well as the famous Peel Off Base Coat and Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat. Essence's products aren't sold here in Finland so they are pretty hard to get and before this online store, I couldn't find any place to buy that base or top coat. I also of course wanted to choose a polish to try and decided to go with a Barry M polish as they are also quite hard to get here in Finland. In addition to Essence and Barry M, they have nice range of different nail polish brands like China Glaze, Orly, MeMeMe, Pop Beauty and so on. They also, of course, have other cosmetics than just nail polishes. I was just interested about nail related products, but I noticed that they have for example make-up products from brands like Sigma and Sleek Makeup.

My order arrived really quickly, it only took a week or so after ordering the products. The order came as a registered letter in a little cardboard box like this:

Inside it had some wrapping tissue on top first, then some bubble wrap and then the products were surrounded by packaging peanuts. So there is quite a lot of padding in the package, but the products are unfortunately not surrounded by any bubble wrap or anything like that themselves, so they just sit among the packaging peanuts alone. This might cause problems, if you order a lot of polishes in one order as they might move around and collide to each other. But I had only couple polish bottles in my order, so I don't know if they pack the order differently if you have many polishes in your order. Also, there were quite much of those peanuts, so you'd really have to throw around the package in order to get the polish bottles to break.

But I'm sure you are all interested of the products that I got, so here they are:
I have another picture of the polish, top coat, base coat and cuticle remover, so more on those later, but I also got Essence 2in1 Hand & Nail Balm, hand care gloves and Studio Nails Better Than Gel NAils 3in1 nail polish remover to try. My favourite nail polish remover hasn't been available here in local stores for a while and they seem to have some supply problems, so I'm trying to find an alternative to that. The btgn remover is only 1.95€, so it's not too expensive for a heavy user like me. I'm also always interested in trying out new hand creams, so I decided to give this Essence one a try. It is only 1.15€. I have been also meaning to buy some gloves to use with hand cream for as long as I can remember, but I always forget to buy them when I go to store, so when I saw these gloves, I decided I should finally get them.

The gloves are pretty lilac shade and they are also only 1.95€, so not too expensive. However, I already had time to try these and they are a bit weirdly shaped at least for my hands. The fingers are a bit too thight in the middle and too loose around the nails, but they do fit somehow, so I can still use them.

I also already tried this Essence Studio Nails Cuticle Remover (1.75€) and based on that one time, I seemed to work really well. It was also very fast, way better than the one from Depend that I have been using before this. 

I've only heard good things about Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer (what a name!) and I have really wanted to try it for so long! It's only 2.45€, which is really cheap for a top coat. If this is really as good as people say, it might really become my go to top coat. I will do a detailed review of this after I've used it for a while.

I was also excited when I noticed they had Essence Peel Off Base Coat (2.25€) as I have wanted to try that also for so long! I already made my DIY peel off base coat, but I wasn't too fond of it. I will do a review of this one too later.

And then, like I told you, I chose one nails polish too, this one is Barry M Gelly called Greenberry. I've seen some really gorgeous swatches of this, but I've also heard that the formula isn't the best one out there, so we'll see how I manage with it. This was the most expensive item in my order, it's 5.50€.

So overall I'm really excited about this online store and I will definately use it to order at least some Essence polishes, top/base coats and nail care products as the prizes are really reasonable. We don't have too many cheap nail polishes or other products here in Finland and I really like the Essence brand, so I'm very glad that they are a bit easier to get now. I've also heard that they will be selling those Essence limited edition collections, that have been practically impossible to get here. 

*The products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Ooh nice products! :) The cuticle remover, base coat and peel off base coat from Essence are amazing! :)

    1. I'm glad to hear you like them! I really can't wait to try those, I've heard so much good about them. :)