L'Oreal Gold Lurex over Essence Berlin Story

Everyone's posting about their bright and colorful summer manicures, which really suits the weather here better than the mani that I'm about to show you today. I love the combination of black and gold, though it's probably not the best combo for summertime, but here it comes anyhow.

I just recently got this L'Oreal Gold Lurex* top coat for review from L'Oreal Finland and their brochure suggested that it would look amazing over black. I thought I'd try it over some other colors too, but I wanted to try the combination they suggested first and like I said, I do love the combination of black and gold. First I used two coats of Essence Berlin Story and then I added just one coat of the Gold Lurex on top and finished the mani with one coat of top coat. 
For me black and gold is quite a festive combo and I've used it several times for my New Year's eve manis. I think it's really the perfect combo for winter time celebrations, but I guess it doens't look too bad either when the weather is warmer and the sun is shining.
I didn't have gold glitter topper that has only so small glitter particles in it, so this was a nice addition to my stash and I think I'll find it use with some other color combinations too. The polish was quite packed with glitter, so with just one coat you get really nice amount of it on your nails.

Essence Berlin Story 2 coats
L'Oreal Gold Lurex*
Dermosil Top Coat**

*L'Oreal Gold Lurex was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Dermosil Top Coat from the goodie bag from our meeting.

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