Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113, 119 and 121

I have three different Golden Rose Jolly Jewels polishes to show you guys today!

The first one is number 113 and this is really a quite interesting polish. It's certainly something that I've never had before. I used three coats here, no base or top coat, though a nice coat of some thick top coat would have smoothed those glitters nicely. Like I said, this is really something else and I couldn't decide if I loved it or hated it. I think it might be just a bit too much for me with the bright pink base and all the glitters...

But then again, looking at these pictures now, it looks like an really interesting and unique polish. I guess I can't really make up my mind about it.

This next one is number 119 and this one is clearly a glitter topper, so I wore one coat over China Glaze Pink-ie Promise and one coat of top coat. This one is really my favourite one of the three in this post, eventhough it was really a struggle to get this on my nails. However, it wasn't because of this Jolly Jewels polish, but because of the polish that I chose to use under it. Pink-ie Promise had pretty much the worst formula ever, it was so thick and goopy, it didn't level out and of course it also bubbled like hell. I'm not gonna use that ever again, that's for sure!

But like I said, I really liked this rainbow glitter topper, though it's not very unique as pretty much every brand out there seems to have some kind of glitter like this one. But the glitters came out from the bottle really easily and you didn't have to fish them at all. Also with just one coat you get a fair amount of glitters on your nails, but not too much, so that you can still see the polish under it too.
And this last one is number 121 and I have three coats here with top coat. If China Glaze Pink-ie Promise had a awful formula, this was probably even worse as it is one of the most thickest glitter polishes that I've ever used. I guess it would work much better over some other (red) polish, but I wanted to see how it would look alone. If you have this polish or you are thinking about buying it, I'm strongly suggesting that you wear it over some other polish. It's really horrible alone as it becomes so very thick with those three coats that you have to use to get it opaque enough and it's so bumby that even two generous coats of top coat can't smooth it out.
Also, red glitters have usually quite strong Christmassy feel to them and so does this one too. It might look less like a Christmas polish over some other color. It might even be quite cool over black if you like the combination of red and black. That's not too summery combination either and I think I won't be giving this polish another chance, so someone else has to try that out. 


  1. Those nail polishes, alone, look amazing! Despite all the trouble with some of them, I really like them. But I'm glad I didn't ask for any of those when we made our swap :) But I must confess I am in love with the colour of the red one, just beautiful! And Christmasy as you say, but so so glamorous! :) As for the ones I asked you to send me, I have no bad things to point so far ;) I'm quite happy with what I've got ;)

    1. I think the ones that I sent you were better, quality-wise and color-wise too! :) The color of the red one is quite pretty, but I think I will admire it from the bottle only, because it was impossible to use.. :D