Colorful Summer Layering with Cliché and Essence

I got several polishes from Akuma Kanji in our swap that are from brands that I've never tried before. One of these brands is Cliché and I actually got two polishes from that brand and they looked pretty good next to each other so I decided to use them both in the same mani.

I used two coats of Cliché Hippie for my index, middle and pinkie fingers nails and Maldivas for my ring finger and thumb nails. These were both very summery, especially Hippie. I don't actually have anything that would be even near Hippie's color as I don't own too many green polishes, so this was a nice addition to my stash. Both Hippie and Maldivas went on pretty effortlessly, though they are both a bit on the thick side. But being thick also ment that they had pretty good coverage and I only needed two coats for full coverage. So all and all, I have to say that I really like the brand! I wish we had some affordable brands with nice quality and formula here in Finland...

I wanted to add some glitter on top of the mani and I chose Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter for this job. It wasn't too good of a choice as I wasn't too fond of the combination. Or actually, I wasn't too fond of the Essence polish. It looks really fun in the bottle, but on nail I didn't like it. I just felt that it would have needed even just a tiny amount of some glitter in some different size or shape and then I would have probably liked it more.
Also, it was really difficult to get the glitters from the bottle and place them evenly on nail. They tend to build up in one place on the nail so you really need to do some placing with them (if you can get them out from the bottle).

Cliché Hippie and Maldivas 2 coats
Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri


  1. Ihanan värinen tuo vihreä. Juuri tuon sävyinen vaaleanvihreä mun pitäisi jostain hommata.