Elevation Polishes mani with L'Oreal Matte

I couldn't resist the temptation to try my previous mani of Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave and Marmolada with matte top coat.

I used one coat of L'Oreal Matte* over the mani that I showed you in my previous post. I really liked how the mani looked matte too, it really made those glitters stand out, though I'm not sure if I prefered it shiny or matte. I think it looked really good both ways.
Again, I have to say that I'm so in love with Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave. It is just so pretty that I can't really state that enough! I just love it!

Orly Bonder
Elevation Polish Marmolada 3 coats
Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
L'Oreal Matte*

*L'Oreal Matte was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Elevation Polish Marmolada and Stay Behind, Catch a Wave

As soon as I heard about the indie brand called Elevation Polish, I knew I had to try some of their polishes, especially the ones with the round glitters. I finally ordered two Elevation Polish lacquers recently and of course I had to use them immediately.

This is Elevation Polish Marmolada and I have three coats here with base and top coat. I'm not sure what happened here, but I seem to have a version of Marmolada where the grey base is really thick and opaque. I've seen quite a few swatches of the polish where the base color looks more sheer. I think I would have prefered it to be a bit more sheer as now the next layer covers the pretty glitters in the previous coat.

I still liked the polish and the formula was quite easy to work with, though you have to do some fishing to get those big round gliters from the bottle. It's a pretty polish, but it wasn't exactly how I hoped it would be.

But like I said, I ordered two polishes from Elevation Polish, so to get something extra over Marmolada I decided to layer some of the other polish from my order over it.
Of course the other one was Stay Behind, Catch a Wave which has been in my wishlist for quite a while. It is just a perfect glitter topper with those pretty round glitters! I used one coat here over Marmolada.
Layering SBCaW over Marmolada made me really like the mani way more than how I felt about Marmolada alone. The combination of these two was soooo pretty! Well, actually, it is basically thanks to SBCaW, because it is really amazing and so gorgeous! I even love the name of the polish, though it's a bit long but it's also very suitable. I'm so happy to finally have it!

Orly Bonder
Elevation Polish Marmolada 3 coats
Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Random Spam with China Glaze, Mavala and Sally Hansen

I have another quick random spam post for you guys today, this time with polishes from China Glaze, Mavala and Sally Hansen. If you are not familiar with random spam posts, I like to use these to post about some polishes that I feel like aren't maybe interesting enough for separate posts. This doesn't necessarily mean that I don't like the polishes or that they are somehow bad, usually I just have something more interesting to post about (like manicures with nail art or some other nail design).

So first off, I have China Glaze Hello Gorgeous!, three coats, no base or top coat. The name really suits this polish as it is really a gorgous light pink glitter. The first picture is taken in shade, the two after that are in sunlight. This was really a hard one to capture and it looks way better in real life than in my pictures. It's so much more sparkly and vivid than my pics made it look like.

Next off is Mavala Roma* (why Roma and not Rome?). I have two coats here with base and top coat. I got this polish from the goodie bag from our meeting and I was really interested in trying out these Mavala polishes as I have heard mainly bad things about them. Roma was a pretty decent polish, though I'm a bit disappointed with it as it first made me think that it was just an amazing red with really awesome formula. It covered nicely with just two coats and the color is really vivid, but it bubbled like crazy. I used it as a base color for my foil manicure, so it didn't really matter, but I think this won't become my go to red as I already have other red polishes with better formula. Maybe I could use this to do some frankening though...

Then the last one is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polish called Scarab*, I have two coats here, no base or top coat. I got this one also from the goodie bag and I'd say I liked this way better than the Mavala one. It's not the color that I would be choosing first for my self, but it is still very pretty and it had really nice formula. It coveres with just two coats and it's not too brush stroke-y, at least not for me. Of course with this type of polish, there are always some visible brush strokes.

*I got two of the products in this post from the goodie bag from our meeting, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Colorful Summer Layering with Cliché and Essence

I got several polishes from Akuma Kanji in our swap that are from brands that I've never tried before. One of these brands is Cliché and I actually got two polishes from that brand and they looked pretty good next to each other so I decided to use them both in the same mani.

I used two coats of Cliché Hippie for my index, middle and pinkie fingers nails and Maldivas for my ring finger and thumb nails. These were both very summery, especially Hippie. I don't actually have anything that would be even near Hippie's color as I don't own too many green polishes, so this was a nice addition to my stash. Both Hippie and Maldivas went on pretty effortlessly, though they are both a bit on the thick side. But being thick also ment that they had pretty good coverage and I only needed two coats for full coverage. So all and all, I have to say that I really like the brand! I wish we had some affordable brands with nice quality and formula here in Finland...

I wanted to add some glitter on top of the mani and I chose Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter for this job. It wasn't too good of a choice as I wasn't too fond of the combination. Or actually, I wasn't too fond of the Essence polish. It looks really fun in the bottle, but on nail I didn't like it. I just felt that it would have needed even just a tiny amount of some glitter in some different size or shape and then I would have probably liked it more.
Also, it was really difficult to get the glitters from the bottle and place them evenly on nail. They tend to build up in one place on the nail so you really need to do some placing with them (if you can get them out from the bottle).

Cliché Hippie and Maldivas 2 coats
Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Review: kosmetik4less.de Online Store

Today I want to tell a little something about an online store that I just recently stumbled upon. I'm always looking for new online stores that sell nail polish and nail/hand care products, especially those in Europe and something like a month ago I heard about this German online store called kosmetik4less (not an affiliated link, it's just here for your convenience) that sells some brands that are really hard to get here in Finland. 

I contacted them and they were really kind and let me choose some products for review. I was especially interested in trying some Essence nail and hand care products, as well as the famous Peel Off Base Coat and Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat. Essence's products aren't sold here in Finland so they are pretty hard to get and before this online store, I couldn't find any place to buy that base or top coat. I also of course wanted to choose a polish to try and decided to go with a Barry M polish as they are also quite hard to get here in Finland. In addition to Essence and Barry M, they have nice range of different nail polish brands like China Glaze, Orly, MeMeMe, Pop Beauty and so on. They also, of course, have other cosmetics than just nail polishes. I was just interested about nail related products, but I noticed that they have for example make-up products from brands like Sigma and Sleek Makeup.

My order arrived really quickly, it only took a week or so after ordering the products. The order came as a registered letter in a little cardboard box like this:

Inside it had some wrapping tissue on top first, then some bubble wrap and then the products were surrounded by packaging peanuts. So there is quite a lot of padding in the package, but the products are unfortunately not surrounded by any bubble wrap or anything like that themselves, so they just sit among the packaging peanuts alone. This might cause problems, if you order a lot of polishes in one order as they might move around and collide to each other. But I had only couple polish bottles in my order, so I don't know if they pack the order differently if you have many polishes in your order. Also, there were quite much of those peanuts, so you'd really have to throw around the package in order to get the polish bottles to break.

But I'm sure you are all interested of the products that I got, so here they are:
I have another picture of the polish, top coat, base coat and cuticle remover, so more on those later, but I also got Essence 2in1 Hand & Nail Balm, hand care gloves and Studio Nails Better Than Gel NAils 3in1 nail polish remover to try. My favourite nail polish remover hasn't been available here in local stores for a while and they seem to have some supply problems, so I'm trying to find an alternative to that. The btgn remover is only 1.95€, so it's not too expensive for a heavy user like me. I'm also always interested in trying out new hand creams, so I decided to give this Essence one a try. It is only 1.15€. I have been also meaning to buy some gloves to use with hand cream for as long as I can remember, but I always forget to buy them when I go to store, so when I saw these gloves, I decided I should finally get them.

The gloves are pretty lilac shade and they are also only 1.95€, so not too expensive. However, I already had time to try these and they are a bit weirdly shaped at least for my hands. The fingers are a bit too thight in the middle and too loose around the nails, but they do fit somehow, so I can still use them.

I also already tried this Essence Studio Nails Cuticle Remover (1.75€) and based on that one time, I seemed to work really well. It was also very fast, way better than the one from Depend that I have been using before this. 

I've only heard good things about Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer (what a name!) and I have really wanted to try it for so long! It's only 2.45€, which is really cheap for a top coat. If this is really as good as people say, it might really become my go to top coat. I will do a detailed review of this after I've used it for a while.

I was also excited when I noticed they had Essence Peel Off Base Coat (2.25€) as I have wanted to try that also for so long! I already made my DIY peel off base coat, but I wasn't too fond of it. I will do a review of this one too later.

And then, like I told you, I chose one nails polish too, this one is Barry M Gelly called Greenberry. I've seen some really gorgeous swatches of this, but I've also heard that the formula isn't the best one out there, so we'll see how I manage with it. This was the most expensive item in my order, it's 5.50€.

So overall I'm really excited about this online store and I will definately use it to order at least some Essence polishes, top/base coats and nail care products as the prizes are really reasonable. We don't have too many cheap nail polishes or other products here in Finland and I really like the Essence brand, so I'm very glad that they are a bit easier to get now. I've also heard that they will be selling those Essence limited edition collections, that have been practically impossible to get here. 

*The products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

L'Oreal Gold Lurex over Essence Berlin Story

Everyone's posting about their bright and colorful summer manicures, which really suits the weather here better than the mani that I'm about to show you today. I love the combination of black and gold, though it's probably not the best combo for summertime, but here it comes anyhow.

I just recently got this L'Oreal Gold Lurex* top coat for review from L'Oreal Finland and their brochure suggested that it would look amazing over black. I thought I'd try it over some other colors too, but I wanted to try the combination they suggested first and like I said, I do love the combination of black and gold. First I used two coats of Essence Berlin Story and then I added just one coat of the Gold Lurex on top and finished the mani with one coat of top coat. 
For me black and gold is quite a festive combo and I've used it several times for my New Year's eve manis. I think it's really the perfect combo for winter time celebrations, but I guess it doens't look too bad either when the weather is warmer and the sun is shining.
I didn't have gold glitter topper that has only so small glitter particles in it, so this was a nice addition to my stash and I think I'll find it use with some other color combinations too. The polish was quite packed with glitter, so with just one coat you get really nice amount of it on your nails.

Essence Berlin Story 2 coats
L'Oreal Gold Lurex*
Dermosil Top Coat**

*L'Oreal Gold Lurex was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Dermosil Top Coat from the goodie bag from our meeting.

Essence Let's Get Lost with Gold Foil, Studs and Striping Tape

I have a gold and turquoise manicure to show you guys today! Actually, I have two different manis, but let's get to that a bit later... I got another great nail art product from Born Pretty Store, 12 pieces set of gold and silver foils and I used the gold foil for this mani with some round studs (that are also from BPS and I've already revied the stud set here) and some gold striping tape that I bought from another nail decorator. And of course I also needed to use some nail polish, so I chose Essence Let's Get Lost as my base color.

So first I used two coats of Essence Let's Get Lost and I let that dry completely. Then I cut some triangles from the gold foil and placed them on each nail with top coat. After that I did the outlines of the triangles with the gold striping tape and then I placed some nail studs to complete the design. 
It was actually quite easy to work with the gold foil, though it is really thin and light weighted so it breaks and also floats away quite easily (like if you breath too heavily...), so it took a bit of patience, but nothing too major. I used a fan brush to smooth it over the nails and it did the job perfectly without breaking the foil. I thought it might be difficult to cut pieces from the foil, but that was really easy to do.

The BPS foil set has 12 pieces, six gold ones and six silver ones and they come in these little cans that I'm holding here. I did these nails and my other hand (with that another design) and it I managed to only use tiny bit of one foil sheet. So I have really plenty left to do many more designs with these.

It took a bit of work to do that design to my left hand, so I decided not to do it to my other hand. I also wanted to try the gold leaf top coat look with these foils and I thought that was easy enough to do to my other hand.
So I tore some tiny pieces from the gold foil with the help of tweezer and then I just placed the pieces over a wet coat of top coat and then finished the look with another coat of top coat. I think these two designs went quite well together and they still had same elements in them, so it wasn't too weird of having two different manicures.

So, did you guys like these two looks that I did with the gold foil?

Don't forget to use my code MBL91 to get 10% off from everything at Born Pretty Store!

*The gold foil and the nail studs were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113, 119 and 121

I have three different Golden Rose Jolly Jewels polishes to show you guys today!

The first one is number 113 and this is really a quite interesting polish. It's certainly something that I've never had before. I used three coats here, no base or top coat, though a nice coat of some thick top coat would have smoothed those glitters nicely. Like I said, this is really something else and I couldn't decide if I loved it or hated it. I think it might be just a bit too much for me with the bright pink base and all the glitters...

But then again, looking at these pictures now, it looks like an really interesting and unique polish. I guess I can't really make up my mind about it.

This next one is number 119 and this one is clearly a glitter topper, so I wore one coat over China Glaze Pink-ie Promise and one coat of top coat. This one is really my favourite one of the three in this post, eventhough it was really a struggle to get this on my nails. However, it wasn't because of this Jolly Jewels polish, but because of the polish that I chose to use under it. Pink-ie Promise had pretty much the worst formula ever, it was so thick and goopy, it didn't level out and of course it also bubbled like hell. I'm not gonna use that ever again, that's for sure!

But like I said, I really liked this rainbow glitter topper, though it's not very unique as pretty much every brand out there seems to have some kind of glitter like this one. But the glitters came out from the bottle really easily and you didn't have to fish them at all. Also with just one coat you get a fair amount of glitters on your nails, but not too much, so that you can still see the polish under it too.
And this last one is number 121 and I have three coats here with top coat. If China Glaze Pink-ie Promise had a awful formula, this was probably even worse as it is one of the most thickest glitter polishes that I've ever used. I guess it would work much better over some other (red) polish, but I wanted to see how it would look alone. If you have this polish or you are thinking about buying it, I'm strongly suggesting that you wear it over some other polish. It's really horrible alone as it becomes so very thick with those three coats that you have to use to get it opaque enough and it's so bumby that even two generous coats of top coat can't smooth it out.
Also, red glitters have usually quite strong Christmassy feel to them and so does this one too. It might look less like a Christmas polish over some other color. It might even be quite cool over black if you like the combination of red and black. That's not too summery combination either and I think I won't be giving this polish another chance, so someone else has to try that out. 

Carlos Santos #623 with L'Oreal Confettis

I have just a quick post for you today with a mani where I used one of my all time favourite topper glitters, L'Oreal Confettis* and a lovely light blue polish that I got in the swap with the sweet Akuma Kanji.

So I used two coats of Carlos Santos number 623 as my base color and then I did just one generous coat of L'Oreal Confettis on top of that. Before the Carlos Santos polish I didn't really have a light blue creme polish in my stash, so I'm really happy to have added that amongst my polishes! It was also the first time for me trying out that brand and I quite liked the polish. The formula was pretty nice and I got nicely opaque and even results with just two coats, but I was a bit too fast with my second coat and I got few bubbles, but thankfully the glitter covers that up nicely.

Also, it's really great that I got two L'Oreal Confettis polishes now (I bought one myself couple months ago and just recently got one to try from L'Oreal Finland), so I can really use the polish as much as I want and I don't have to be worried it will run out too quickly.

Dermosil Smoothing Nail Foundation**
Carlos Santos #623 2 coats
L'Oreal Confettis* 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

*L'Oreal Confettis was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Dermosil Smoothing Nail Foundation from the goodie bag from our meeting.

Tutorial: How to order from beautycosmetic.biz

Lately I've had people emailing and asking in the blog and in Facebook about how to order from the online store Beautycosmetic. The site can be a bit confusing, so I thought I would make a little tutorial to show you the basic steps how to do an order. But first off, I'd like to state that I'm doing this only because I know people are having some difficulties with the site. I have gotten one time few polishes to try from the site and they also sponsored our meeting, but I'm not gaining anything for doing this tutorial. I just thought it would help you guys!

I also want to state first that I've ordered several times nail polishes and also other cosmetics from the site and I havent had any problems like not receiving my order or anything like that BUT I have heard that some people have had some problems with theirs, so you should keep this in mind. However, for me, the customer service has always worked really well and they respond quickly so if you have any concerns, I'm sure you will get your answer by emailing them. Keep in mind though that they are not native English speakers, so sometimes the answers aren't the most clearest ones out there, but I have always figured out what they are trying to say and we have sorted trough all things. 

If you are not familiar with the site, they sell quite a lot of different cosmetics and they have wide range of nail polishes too, mainly some European brands that at least here in Finland are difficult to get. For example they have Essence and Catrice products, those Catherine Arley (holographic) polishes and those Perfect holo polishes that I blogged about here and much more.

So the site looks pretty much like this and the first thing you should do, is select the language and currency from the top right, like this:
I chose euros here as, but there's also the option of dollars, if you prefer them.

Then, if you are after nail polishes like I would be, you can click Nail Polishes and harderer from the left side menu under Makeup. 

Or if you are after some particular product or brand you can use the search to find them. It's located in the header like shown here.
But I went to the Nail Polishes and hardener category and now the easiest way to go through these is to select the brand you'd like from the dropdown menu.

I chose the brand Perfect and then the Perfect holographic polishes. You can currently also find these from the bestseller list from the right side menu as they have been so popular.
So, then you end up to the site for the chosen polishes. You can click the text that says Click to enlarge to see a bigger picture of the polishes and the numbers of the colors. Then you choose the one you want from the Available Options by choosing the number that was marked as the color in the bigger picture. After that you just press add.

Here's how the enlarged picture of those Perfect holographic polishes look like: 
So there you can see the color and the numbers. Sometimes it is quite hard to see from these pics how the colors really look, so you probably will need to find some swatches to get a better idea of the colors. 

So then, as I said, you choose the number from the dropdown menu and press add to but in your shopping cart.
I chose randomly few of those Perfect polishes to show you how your shopping cart would look and how to go from here. So I have three polishes in my shopping cart with the total of 3.16€ (not including shipping). Then I decide that I've already got all the things I want, so I pressed checkout to finish the order.
I have already registered to the site, so I logged in to my account, but if you have not registered yet, you can do that at this point. Then when you are logged in, you can see the delivery information in the first site. Check that the shipping address in the right side of the page is right (I blurred mine here) and then just press continue.
Then in the next step you can see the payment information, which is something people seem to struggle with. So again, check that the billing address is right, then choose the Cash on Delivery option and I always write to the comment section that I'd like to pay with Paypal (or something similar). This way they will sent you the Paypal invoice. And as far as I know, Paypal is pretty much the only option to pay for us who aren't Bulgarian or at least I've always just used that.

Then once again, you press continue and you get your order confirmation. Of course I didn't do that here as I was just showing the process to you and not really going to order anything.

After this they sent you order confirmation via email and also an email that states how much the shipping cost would be and if that's ok with you. So you don't get to see the shipping costs beforehand, but you can always cancel the order or change it, if you are not happy with the shipping costs. Also, if you want to have an idea how much they will be, you can surely ask that via email beforehand. For my orders, the shipping costs have varied between 10-15 euros (or something like that) depending on how many polishes I've ordered, but this is of course to here to Finland, so I can't really say how much they are to other places. It has usually taken a week or two for my order to arrive.

Hope this helps you guys, if you have any questions, please ask and I'll try to answer!