Zoya Tiffany

I have one Zoya polish for you guys today that is a bit older and it's actually from their winter/holiday 2010 collection, but I think the color is so pretty that it can be worn all year round.

So this is Zoya Tiffany and I have three coats here with base and top coat and some nail studs (that I have gotten from BPS). Tiffany is peachy and coppery foil with gorgeous gold shimmer.  This polish was a bit weird one for me, as when I first applied it on my nails I wasn't too sure if I liked it. Usually I know pretty much instantly if I like some polish or not.. But with this, I just kept looking at it and liking it more every time. And finally after a while I decided that I loved it. It is really interesting color and I certainly have nothing like it!
Also the formula was as amazing as I'm used to with Zoya, the polish went on really easily and there wasn't really anything to complain. Of course as it is this type of color, you need three coats for it to be opaque, but it dries quite fast too and you can use three thin coats, so it's no problem for me. Maybe colorwise it would suit fall/winter better than spring, but I still wore it for few days straight.

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Zoya Tiffany 3 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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