Zoya Godiva

I have another Zoya PixieDust polish to show you guys, this time it's the gorgeous nude one called Godiva*!

I used two coats here with base coat but no top coat. I could have probably needed third coat to some of my nails, but those PixieDust polishes that I've tried already (Nyx and Vespa) took quite a while to dry, so I thought I would save some time by doing only two coats. And it wasn't really a big deal that the polish wasn't entirely opaque in all the nails as it is nude, so it doesn't really show in real life.

I really wanted to have this polish for quite a while as I love the texture polishes and I thought this one would be quite a fun one as the color is so muted, but it still has some edge with that texture look and with the tiny silver glitters.
I'm not entirely sure if the color is completely right for me, it's probably a bit too yellow for my skin tone, but I still liked this polish very much! I always love those neutral polishes with something extra! This is the kind of polish that you could even wear to work because of the color and still you can have something more than just some plain and boring nude! (Of course those can be pretty too, but you get what I mean, right?!)
This applied really nicely, but like the other ones, this too takes quite a while to dry, so you need to be a little bit careful with that.

Mereneid Base Coat - Ridgefiller Rose**
Zoya Godiva 2 coats*

*Zoya Godiv was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Mereneid Base coat from goodie bag from our meeting.


  1. oih <3. Tästä jos joskus luovut (jos sulla enää edes on tätä?), niin mulle kiitti :).

    1. Oho, tää sun kommentti oli menny multa ihan ohi! :O Kyllä tää vielä kokoelmasta löytyy ja luulen, että se tulee siellä myös pysymään. :)